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AsianBookie is a website that offers all the best bookies around and all you have to do is basically choose. There are so many sports offered in Asian Bookie alongside scores, live streaming a whole lot of relevant information. But for all of you who are wondering ‘why do I need a bookie?’, ‘what is a bookie anyway?’, ‘what do bookies do?’ That’s why we’re here, to give you a short overview on bookies and a introduction on the Asian Bookie Website, you may never know that’s this is just what you need to have a strong betting game, so read on ahead.



So basically, bookie is a slang term for the word bookmarker. Those who are bookers don’t usually make their money on personal bets, they charge transaction fees for the bets of their clients; these bets are known as ‘vigorish’ or ‘the vig.’  Keep in mind that not all each and every type of gambling enabled by bookies is rightfully legal; on the other hand, the legality is heavily based on the state where it takes place. In certain places where gambling is considered legal, the bookies are regulated by the government thus they are required to pay certain fees.

Bookies are typically people who are experts in the specific fields of which they offer bets. For all the potential bookies out there, you crucially need to be knowledgeable or otherwise you won’t earn any money. Their main aim is to set out a specific goal and arrange a point spread, this allows the said bookie to profit no matter the result of the event. Just a gentle reminder, this is not as simple as it may seem due to the fact that you need to make regular adjustments of the overall odds and even purchase bets from another bookie; purchasing bets will create a better spread.


Asian Bookie

Asian Bookie is quite a simple website that’s easy to navigate, sure there are a lot of advertisements here and there but otherwise they’re free of charge. On their home page, you should be able to see the headlines concerning scores, news, streaming and the result of the tipsters championship.

For those of you who have inquiries concerning sports, bets or the website itself then you can always go to their forum. The forum is quite big and it features various topics; don’t worry, you won’t get lost thanks to their threads and choices. Before you go on asking, we highly suggest that you see if someone else has had the same concern as you and if the said inquiry has been answered. As far as the scored are concerned, you can immediately view them on the front page, they’re arranged in a table format. In the said table is the rank of the team alongside their name, overall, home and away scores and points. On the header of the table, the flags and names of the countries involved in the teams should be displayed.

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