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September 27, 2016


Let Us Explore The Various Types Of Record Players That Are Available In The Market!

With the time the record players have been created, there have been made some tremendous changes in its types. Most of the changes that take place are related to the turntable options. Previously there was a basic wheel drive which consisted of a rubber wheel.

But with the changing times, the wheel drive was replaced with a belt drive. Such changes were made to the record player because of the fact that a belt drive produces a better sound quality than a normal wheel drive. A belt drive exhibits properties like, elasticity and anti-vibrations which was reason behind a better sound quality.

The belt driven record players was further replaced with a direct drive with modified digital controls. The direct drive turntables were directly connected to the motor, which produced a finer sound quality.



Two of the most basic components of a record player are the turntable and a cartridge. The three basic components of a record player is described as follows,

  • In order to read the groves of the record for converting them into sound, a needle is used in a record player.
  • The second component of a record player is the turntable which is used to turn the record.
  • The third component of a record player is the sound system which is responsible for the sound that comes out of the sound system. The sound produced is either through the conventional analogue system or the digital system. One of the major differences between the numerous types of record players available is the operation of turntable of every individual record player.

Which one to choose?


Vinyl record players have been by far the best in its kind because of the super amazing sound quality it has. But, if you are confused among the different types of record players available in the market, then you should go through the following points to select one of the best.

  • The variety of sounds you will play from the record player is responsible for the selecting the type. The better the record player, more soothing sound quality is will exhibit.
  • There are various new features that come with a record player, like USB connectivity, motor functioning, carbon fibre and more which acts as a deciding factor among the various types of record players available in the market.
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Get Your Mechanical Keyboard Today

If you’re thinking about investing in a mechanical keyboard, make sure you visit mechanicalkeyboardhub.com for some of the best keyboards for gaming. These keyboards come with some amazing features that not only enable you to play the game better, but also help to enhance your entire gaming experience. While people spend a lot of money to upgrade their systems in order to ensure it becomes a great gaming system, one of the most common errors most gamers make is using a traditional keyboard. This often disrupts the entire gaming experience and causes a lot of problems during the game. A traditional keyboard can even cause the game to lag and this means you might end up losing.


Mechanical keyboards on the other hand are advanced and come with features that enable you to play your games fast and in an uninterrupted manner. It also helps you to enjoy the game and ensures that you have no problems. These keyboards are super easy to operate, and are also very durable. Since they are designed for gaming, they manage to handle a lot of wear and tear which is why they are the best keyboards to pick when it comes to gaming.


There are a number of advantages of owning a mechanical keyboard over a standard keyboard. Most standard keyboards look similar to each other. However mechanical keyboards are versatile and there are many variants to the keyboard. Each of the variants affect the way the keyboard looks and feels. The mechanical switches that are found in mechanical keyboards vary in color depending on their functionality. Some of the colors are blue, green, white, red and black. Keeping in mind the constant changes in technology, it is better to move ahead with the times and embrace this revolution in the world of gaming.


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Fifa is one of the most popular games that people all over the world play. This game was initially available only for gaming consoles, however after checking the popularity; it is also available on various platforms including Windows, Android and iOS. While the game is free to download people often wonder how to get free fut coins which is one of the most essential tools in the game. You will get a certain amount of fut coins when you download the game, however these coins soon run out and you find yourself losing all the matches you play. In order for you to play the game efficiently, you need to have the right players and a strong team.


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