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Guide to a Perfect Bikini Body

Kayla Itsines has earned her reputation as one of the foremost fitness trainers across the world. Her bikini body training program, Sweat with Kayla has become synonymous with helping millions of women worldwide with their fitness, and the success story is laid out for everyone to see and appreciate. Millions of women have been a part of this success story, and the reviews which they have given speak volumes about the kind of effectiveness her workout plan has on people performing them properly with utmost discipline and regularity.


Apart from the app and her website, she has also come up with several eBooks. All of her guides are digital books so that people can access them anytime, anywhere through their mobile devices. Her Bikini Body Guide PDF is a comprehensive guide, filled with tips and information about how you can go about your training to achieve that perfect beach-ready bikini body.

The training course is spread out over a period of 12 weeks in total. Each and every workout that you need to perform during these 12 weeks are explained and outlined in detail in the eBook. The course starts with easier and smaller exercises so that your body is given enough time to adjust itself to this new routine. As the days pass by, the regime starts getting more and more intense. Your body will not have any problem whatsoever in adjusting itself to the workout. Each exercise is explained properly so that you won’t have any problem in figuring how to perform it every day.


She has also authored an eating plan which outlines everything about the need to consume a balanced diet on a regular basis. According to your body type, you are advised as to which foods you should consume, and which you should avoid. A 14-day diet plan is also provided along with recipes so that you can get started with it.

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