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The Uniqueness of the Marina One

It is one of the best architectural works in Singapore. It incorporates the four land parcels into one identity of one building instead of four separate buildings on four different parcels of land. The green heart, which is the inner part of the Marina One, binds the tower together while the outer part defines the city grid. The Marina One comprises of Prime Grade-A office space, unit retail offerings which are set around awesome greenery, and a Marina One Residences, which is a luxury residence which many tenants will fall in love with. It is indeed a city in the Garden. It is surrounded by two parks – the Central Linear Park and Marina Station Square. That means that there will be easy accessibility the 4 MRT via the underground pedestrian networks. It has super green features which are sustainable and have the Green Mark Platinum and LEED Platinum ratings.  m1-flyer

The Concept

The concept of the multiple stepped gardens is an inspiration from the Asian Rice terraces which truly improves the micro-climate and it provides Singapore CBD with the largest green urban sanctuary for the benefits of Marina One community and occupants.  Due to the ingenious design of a central garden which was designed by ICN Design and Gustafson Porter, this great architectural work of Marina One boasts of a great oasis in the central business district of the city. It will be able to give one a sense of tranquility amid the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is proper to refer to it as the city in the garden. The landscaping of the place was drawn from the flora which is found at various altitudes in tropical. On level 4 and 15, the cloud forest scheme depicts the transition through a tropical cloud; levels 1,2 and 3 green valley scheme creates a sense of intimacy and enclosure of the rainforest; the mountain top scheme portrays  a montane .picture12-1921x1921

What To Expect From The Marina One

Definitely, there will be security as marinas are best known for having tight security. Marina One will have tight security for its tenants. This will give you peace of mind which you automatically need in order to enjoy your time when staying at the Marina One Residences. Socializing within the Marina One will also be a must, just the way it is with other residential areas. This will, in turn, make your stay fun as you joke with people you are most likely in the same social class rating whom you will have get-togethers, watch games and enjoy other group activities.

Whether you will come to the Marina One Residences as a full-time tenant  or an occupant on holiday, you will definitely enjoy your stay. You will have so much to share as a family and with friends too. You will be in a place which is securely guarded thus no fear of being attacked while having your fun. Starting making plans to reside or spent a holiday at the Marina One Residence

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