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April 1, 2017

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Travelling from Singapore to Johor Bahru

If you want to travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru, you can expect a 30 minute to 45 minute travel time. Johor Bahru is also one of the most popular destinations of people who want to engage in a cross border travel. Johor Bahru is a state which is usually visited Singaporeans, as well as other nationalities, mostly coming from its Southeast Asian neighbors. You can ride a train to JB sentral. 7AAKaev

The most common places where tourists want to go to in Johor Bahru are its shopping districts. Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Hello Kitty World, Legoland, Danga Bay, and Nusajaya are some of the many shopping districts and entertainment parks that are some of these places. There are also a lot of golf course resorts that you can go to when you’re in Johor Bahru. Golf resorts sch as Pulai Springs and Horizon Hills will surely make you feel like you’re in Europe or in the U.S., because of the place’s surroundings.

Perfect Place for Nature LoversxrUYK0K

If you are a nature lover, you’ll also find Johor Bahru as a very good place to go to because it has a lot of green parks. You can go to the Gunang Pulai rainforest, if you are in search of the freshness and healthy feeling of breathing fresh air. You can also visit Danga Bay recreational park and Desaru Beach if you want to have a taste of the beach life.

Planning is Vital

When you are planning to go to Johor, you should also see to it that you planned your accommodations and transportations ahead of time. This is to minimize the likelihood of any unnecessary emergencies. In order for you to refrain from experiencing queues, remember to always book your transportation tickets and hotel arrangements a few weeks or if possible a few months before your vacation. This way, you’ll surely have a very good vacation in Johor Bahru.