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April 16, 2017


Guide To Buying The Right Civilian MRE

If you are a fun of MRE after tasting a sample from your military friend, don’t worry, there are several places where you can get cheap meals ready to eat for sale.  MREs are sold all over in different stores, but it is important to have a guide on what to look for before going out to purchase one for yourself. The civilian MREs are readily available on the internet and it is important that you know the good ones to spend your money on.IMG_3437

Here are some of the best civilian MRE to purchase


It is one of the best-tasting entrees which has six unique in each 12 pack. When you consume a pack, you will be as good as consuming 13,800 calories with an average of 1,150 calories per meal. The only downside with this MRE is that at times they don’t come packaged with a heater. The inclusion in the pack is apple sauce, entrée, oatmeal cookie, nut raisin, orange drink mix, wet wipe, wide mouth spoon, napkin, sugar, instant coffee, salt, and pepper.maxresdefault

A-Packs MREs

They are more cost effective if you make the purchase from the manufacturer, the Ameriqual. You can also get them from the Ready stores and other places like the premium; they are available in six unique entrees in a box of 12 with each box carrying 14,660 calories per meal. Each pack comprises of heaters, wide mouth spoons, salt water packs, crackers, and beverages which are calorie free. A meal of A-packs comprise of toaster pastry, entrée, peanut butter, crackers, raisins, beverage base, heaters, salt water, spoon, pepper, and towelette.

The above two are just examples of the many civilian MREs available in the market for you to choose from. They are among the best, so don’t hesitate to purchase them as they have been proven to be the best.