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Kik allows you to connect with groups and friends through chat. One of the best things about the app is that you can look for Kik friends and send them messages for free. You are also notified when your message is sent. The app allows you to customize the color and notification sound of your chat bubble.9a443ffb30efb550aef1c6d85d981a1c

Search for Kik Friends           

You can also search for Kik friends by using a Kik code that you can get from your settings. If you want to add new contacts through a Kik code, you only need to click on the search icon then tap “Find People” and then click on “Scan a Kik Code.” You need to give the app permission to use your camera before you can scan the Kik code of another person to add them. Kik can also invite people to become your friend through social media sites like Twitter, by SMS text or by email.

Getting started with Kik is actually easy. You only need to download the app. If you are using a Windows phone, you can download it from the Windows Phone Marketplace, from Google Play if you have an Android device or iTunes if you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After installing the app, it will automatically tell you to make an account. If you already have an account, you just need to sign-in. To create an account, just provide some information, an email address, your username and password. You can also provide a profile picture or your phone number if you want.

Kik uses your Wi-Fi connection or data plan to connect you with your friends. Your friends also need to have a Kik account in order for you to interact with them through the app. However, Kik is still a great messaging app that has become very popular today.

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