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If you’re African-American, people have high expectations with regards to your hair and while you try hard to keep your hair looking good it’s really important for you to make sure you do the right things to keep your hair healthy, black and natural looking. People often wonder how to grow african american hair and if you’re trying then you need to understand that you need to put in a lot of effort in order for your hair to look good. african-american-hair-growth-tips-kids-pin

Firstly, you need to make sure that you keep your hair healthy and in order to do so you should get rid of all the split ends. African American hair is prone to breakage and if you avoid split ends you will start to experience hair fall. Cut off ½ and inch of hair every 3 to 4 months to make sure you don’t have and split ends. Also make sure you regularly condition your hair to keep it moist and prevent breakage due to dry hair.108ab560bbbc198ab0a139343c2a1daf

Maintaining black and thick hair is extremely difficult but not impossible. There are a number of people that rely on various shampoos and medicines to take care of their hair. However maintaining the health of your hair is not that complicated. All you need to do is ensure that you eat a diet that is rich in proteins. If you follow a healthy diet you will be able to maintain a healthy scalp and healthy hair as well. Another thing that you should ensure is to not abuse your hair. This means that you should stay away from coloring your hair and even ironing it or straightening it. This causes a lot of damage to the hair and in no time you will lose the shine off your hair.

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