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June 29, 2017


How To Treat An Ex

This is a pretty controversial issue owing to the carnage that occurs before and after break ups. A lot of people are of the school of thought that ex’s are all bad news, a memory that should fade into the abyss and be lost forever. This may be true in some extreme cases where there’s demeaning mannerisms involved, such as violence, physical and mental abuse, also in the case of drug abuse. Yes… those are dead end relationships. However, those which occur due to slight misunderstandings, personal space, career differences, family background, racial or nationality differences, and a whole lot of others can be salvaged and possibly used to your advantage sometime in the future. I bet some of you would like to know how to get your ex back, but that is a conversation for another time.


Your relationship with your ex should be platonic, warm, kind, and considerate. This is because you have shared something special with them. It probably didn’t work out because you both were meant for someone else and you can’t change that but the fact that you once shared emotions is enough. This would build great friendship with lots of favors to be gained. For some people, being in the same room with their ex’s is like a death trap! While for some, it’s like being around family… trustworthy people who have grown with you through thick and thin with the promise of always being there to catch you when you fall. That’s who you want to be, trust me.

So, how should you treat your ex? It’s simple, be the best friend they ever had. Treat them with kindness, love, respect, and always be there to show your support. This will not only keep the both of you happy and satisfied, it would open doors to great opportunities in the future.

Computers and Technology

An Interesting Fact About External Hard Drives

Here’s nothing as frustrating as a computer virus, have you ever had that recurring computer virus that breaks the defense of your meek, free version antivirus you downloaded because you couldn’t afford to pay for the original one full year antivirus software? Your hopes may not be completely dashed, the fact is that nothing makes an external harddrive so special from the internal hard drive except its ability to be isolated and kept someplace safe rather than just being stuck inside the system, allowing a palpable virus to feed away at your files, with an external hard drive that could only be your least option.


Here’s why an external hard drive totally beats the regular internal hard drive – first is the power of isolation, another is its portability. Let’s say your workshop is at a different location, for Christ sake you will look like an over-energized geek carrying your computer’s internal hard drive all the way up to the workshop or even using your small flash drive with minimal storage space to transfer all that is in your computer to another storage device bits by bits – that’s pretty much close to filling your glass cup with little spoons of water. The external hard drive has got an impeccable portability that compares with nothing when it comes to physical size in respect to its storage capacities.

You needn’t worry about physical damage that might occur due to its easy mobility, (it’s not like our workshops are right in the centre of a battlefield) but whatever be the case, all technology tools like our mobile phones are instinctively kept off from harm’s way,but in case you happen to be uncertain, there are external hard drives that are specifically built for extremely rigorous activities, it all depends on what you desire.