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July 9, 2017


RimWorld: A Deeper Look at Gameplay

RimWorld is one of those games with a gameplay which stands out due to a lot of reasons, primarily because of its gameplay. This could be attributed to the fact that the over-all objective of the game is one which is different, and the plot is one which is not linear at all. While the game itself is already unique, there also are several Mods for RimWorld which you could avail of in order for you to make this experience playing the game one which is even greater. While the storyteller and gamplayer aspect is already familiar to you, let’s have a look at some of the other aspects of the game.

Animals  190-0-1498061808

With every release of a new iteration comes a variety of new features which could either be major or minor. For the Alpha version 12, RimWorld was able to introduce taming, trading, reproduction, and training of Animals, which helped to add a whole new dimension to gaming. These pets would also allow the characters to improve in terms of characters. There were 11 animals added to the mix, with some of these being cows, chickens, and dogs, with a reproductive feature which allows for more freedom when it comes to the management of the populations of the animals.

Change in Map 188-2-1498036401

The launching of the Alpha version 16 also allowed for a variety of feature to the 2D map world, with it becoming a spherical 3-Dimensional one, instead of a 2-Dimensional, hexagonal. The version 16 also allowed for caravan making, allowing you to travel from one location to another, and hence the ability to have a broader colony as well as conditions for victory. Rivers and roads were also eventually added, through the Alpha 17 version, thus having a faster speed for travelling.