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‘Guardians Of The Galaxy:’ Meet The Characters From The New Marvel Franchise

Marvel remains hard at work casting their upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie. The film, directed by “Slither’s” James Gunn, features a team of intergalactic superheroes tasked with safeguarding the entire galaxy. While similar to the dynamic of “The Avengers,” this team is very unique and like nothing, fans have seen before in Marvel’s movies. Being a Marvel fan you should definitely watch this amazing movie on 123movies.  Here is a look at who has been cast, who is in talks, and what other roles need to be filled for the upcoming movie.


The leader of the Guardians is Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord. The actor hired to take on this role, and the man who will be the main star of the movie is Chris Pratt. This is a surprising choice for anyone who knows him from the comedy television series “Parks and Recreation,” but anyone who saw his performance in “Zero Dark Thirty” knows what he brings to the table. As a leader, Star-Lord is more Iron Man than Captain America, the son of an earth woman and alien who rebels when rejected from his chance to serve as the Star-Lord, finding a way to take on the role anyway. He formed the group when he learned how unstable the universe was.


Drax the Destroyer

The second role that has been cast is that of Drax the Destroyer, and to fill the role, Marvel hired the man who played Conan the Barbarian, Jason Momoa. While “Conan” was not a success, Momoa has the look and will undergo some intensive makeup work to play the green-skinned Drax. Drax was a human named Arthur who was murdered, along with his wife and daughter, by the evil alien Thanos. When Thanos’ father realized that his son had to be stopped, he created a superhuman creature and infused it with Arthur’s spirit.

With Thanos being the creature who caused all the problems in “The Avengers,” this is the perfect tie-in for the two franchises.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Two names in talks with Marvel to take part in the movie are comedians Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey. While neither name makes much sense, there are two characters they could be perfect to play. In both cases, the actors would only be needed for their voices, unless motion-capture filmmaking is used. The first is Rocket Raccoon, a raccoon soldier with a really big gun. The second is Groot, a plant creature from high royalty who is highly intelligent, but when he speaks, people can only hear the words “I am Groot,” no matter what he says.


Gamora and Bug

There has been no word yet on the casting of the final two members of the “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The first is the female Gamora, considered the most dangerous female assassin in the world, raised by none other than Thanos himself. The second is Bug, a green-skinned, insect looking master thief.


DIY skin cream recipe – How to choose a perfect one?

There are plenty of homemade skins creams are out there that will surely able to take care of your face and body. If possible then a person should make the use of natural homemade skin that can eradicate the wrinkles and acne from the face. If you don’t want to buy the cream from the market then it is your responsibility to opt for a best skin crème that will help you in achieving the desired complexion. Skin is considered one of the biggest organs of the body that will able to absorb that you put on the skin.

Make sure that you are investing money in the genuine product that should contain natural ingredients. There are some creams are out there that is associated with toxic chemicals that can be dangerous for the health. Following are some consideration that you need to take into account while selecting the skin care recipe.

  • Natural products

If you are searching for the natural crème then BEC5 Curaderm is the answer for skin bcc. You will find a lot of people are making the use of orange flower that will help you in achieving the brighter skin. All you need to make the use of additional ingredients that will help you in making perfect products. Make sure that you are using the plastic containers for the DIY skin care products that are fairly important.

  • Facial scrub

In order to exfoliate the skin properly then one should invest money in the DIY facial scrub that will able to eradicate acne from the skin.

In addition, DIY is continually offering the best facial mask, toner  and eye cream that will surley eradicate the wrinkles and lines from the face. 

Arts and Entertainment Tips

Water Balloon Games for Your Children’s Birthday Parties

So you’ve finally decided to have your child’s birthday party at home and in your backyard. All of the planning is over and the birthday party is here. It’s hot outside, the birthday girl/boy has already opened their presents, and the children are getting restless. Now is the time to let the children go crazy, cool off, and have fun with one or more of these top three backyard water balloon games. In this case, you might need to find someone other than a premier casino-themed party planner in Denver to help you with the planning. All of these backyard activities require water balloons, a whistle, a referee, a backyard and adult supervision.

How to play Water Balloon War: Children are divided up by a referee into random teams with team captains. The teams should all have the same number of players. The teams are given one water balloon per person, but captains are given two. A battleground in the center of the yard is marked off using whatever the players would like. Teams then have to claim a section or corner of the yard. When the game begins the team captain of each team chooses one person from their team to go first. A referee blows a whistle and the chosen person from each team has to run into the battleground in the center of the yard and hit an opposing team member with a water balloon. Team players can not throw water balloons until they cross over into the designated battleground. Any team member that is left dry at the end of the first round can return to their team and get another water balloon. The wet players have to sit down in the middle of the battleground. The team captains can then decide to run into battle on the second round or choose someone else to run into battle. If a team captain runs into the battleground on a round and is left dry, he/she can choose any one of the sitting players to go back to his/her team. If a team captain is hit by a balloon during a round and is left wet, he/she forfeits their position to whoever is left on their team; the team must vote to decide who will take over the position of team captain. The game continues round after round until one team is left standing. The last team standing wins.

How to play Water Balloon Toss: Children should be divided up by the referee into teams of two. Each team is given one water balloon. Line up all of the teams in the middle of your backyard with each team member facing their other teammate. The team members should begin by standing only a couple of feet apart. The referee should blow the whistle and the team member holding the water balloon should lightly toss it to their teammate. If the balloon breaks or is dropped that team is eliminated. After the first round, each team member should take two steps back and away from their teammate. The referee should blow their whistle again and the teams should toss their balloons again. Repeat these steps of tossing the water balloons and then taking two steps back over and over again until only one team is left. The last team with an unbroken water balloon wins.

How to play Hot Potato with a water balloon: All of the children at the party should form a circle in the middle of the yard. They need to be standing for this game and the referee needs to be standing away from the circle with his/her back facing the circle, so that the referee cannot see the children. Only one water balloon is needed to start this game, and it should start out with the birthday girl/boy. When the referee blows the whistle the child holding the water balloon needs to pass the balloon quickly to their left. The next person passes the balloon quickly to the left, and the players keep passing the balloon until the referee randomly decides to blow the whistle again. The child that is holding the balloon when the whistle is blown needs to stop passing the balloon, and move to the center of the circle where they should sit down. The balloon should be given back to the birthday girl/boy or to the person that was standing to the left of the child who moved to the center. Everyone who remains in the circle needs to take a step back and start the game again when the referee blows the whistle. If at any point the balloon is dropped, then the person who was passing the balloon and the person who the balloon was being passed to must move to the center of the circle. The two children left at the end of the game have won their chance to get one water balloon each and throw them into the center of the circle to drench the children that are sitting.

A child’s birthday party can be fun and exciting with any of these top three backyard water balloon activities. Water balloon games are a simple way to help entertain and cool off the kids!

Guide Tips

Last Minute Teen Halloween Party Planning

As a teen parent you’ve probably experienced last minute changes in plans from your teen. Halloween is no different and there is a chance at some point in your teen’s life they will have a last minute change of heart about trick or treating, or attending whatever event was planned. This guide will help you put together a last minute Halloween party for teens. Halloween parties are fun but they don’t have to be complicated, especially when they are last minute. Run some plan ideas past your teen so that you can plan the Teen Halloween party they will never forget. Here are a few ideas to consider so you no longer have to go to reviews of where usual activities are quite expensive and not ideal if you have a limited budget.

Invitations for the Last minute Halloween party: Since your teen’s change of plans has put you in last minute party planning mode, put them in charge of invitations. Be sure they know how many attendees you are allowing and what length of time they are allowed to have the guests stay. Allow your teen to spread the word however works best for them, email, text, or phone work best with last minute party planning. Make sure the teen tells the guests to each bring a couple of bags of candy to the party.

Food for your Teen Halloween party: Since you don’t have a lot of time to spend planning food for the last minute party, plan a Monster Nacho Bar for your Teen Halloween Party. A Monster Nacho bar is simple to put together. For your shopping list you will need the following:

Plenty of nacho or tostado type chips

Ground Beef, plan ¼ lb per teen attending

Taco seasoning mix

2 large blocks Velveeta cheese, one regular one Mexican style

Chopped tomatoes

Chopped onions

Chopped green chilies

Halloween plates

The afternoon of the party, place the Velveeta cheeses in a crock pot together. Set the crock on low for several hours so they melt before the party. Brown the ground beef, season with the taco mix and place in another crock pot to keep it warm until the party. Just before the teens are ready to eat, heat up the chips. Place the chips in a large bowl, so teens can build their own monster nacho plates with the toppings of their choice.

Make sure to have a selection of drinks available to include something for any teen which may be diabetic. Water bottles are good to have on hand also.

Halloween Party Decorations: While you are planning food and favors, have your teen make some Halloween music CDs and choose a few scary movies to play during the party. You may have music of a movie playing in different rooms of the house. If you have some pumpkin scented candles, burn them in the house to add a fall fragrance. Use whatever decorations you have in the house, and possible add a few stuffed costumes hanging around the house.

Last Minute Halloween party activities:

The party activities can make or break your teen’s Halloween party. Even though it is last minute, try to plan activities which will entertain the teens. Here are a few to get you thinking of games your teen may enjoy for the Halloween party.

Have a Mixed up Holiday Hunt: Hide plastic Easter eggs in the house. Inside each Easter Egg put a portion of the Lyrics to the song Monster Mash. If you have a large number of teens you want to be sure you have multiple sets of the lyrics in eggs and enough eggs for everyone to find some. Teams of Teens try to find as many eggs as they can, and then try to piece together the lyrics. The first time to get the song together and sing it/do the dance wins.

Party Favors for the Teens:

Using the candy that the teens brought with them, make up goodie bags for each teen to take home. Plan on having a prize for the monster mash holiday hunt. Something simple like extra snacks, or a creepy decoration will work fine.

Even with the planning having to take place at the last minute, you can pull off a fun teen Halloween party for all involved. Just keep your teen in the loop and get their opinion and help on the things that need to be done.


CBD in products – A guide

CBD or Cannabidiol is an extract that is taken from a fiber called hemp. This extract has been known to solve certain medical issues like neurodegenerative diseases, Epilepsy, anxiety & stress, inflammation or pain. It is extracted from the plant called Cannabis Sativa 

Where is CBD being used? 

CBD is being used in various products to help people going through different issues. CBD extracts have been added to oils, tinctures, balms, creams, cigarettes, gummies & capsules and vape juices. How are they used in each form?  

  • Oils and tinctures: CBD oil/CBD tincture is also known by the name of hemp oil. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. CBD tincture is even known to help with insomnia. You have to place a few drops of the oil under your tongue before you swallow it.
  • Balms: You might have taken a fall or have hit against the wall. This will cause mild to extreme inflammation and pain in your muscles. CBD balms and CBD salves are used for external application to numb the pain for some time.
  • Creams: These products are very similar to balms. However, unlike balms, the cream can be used even when there has been no immediate accident or pain. The CBD helps in attaining good muscle and joint health. It can even help your skin as its basic quality is relaxation. It will help reduce the continuous activity under the skin and relax the skin.
  • Gummies and capsules: Oral and edible method of consuming CBD is the best way to ensure getting the daily dose of CBD which is essential for the body and helps keeps the body relaxed and in good condition. 
  • Vape juices: Vape or vapers are used as inhalers when you have a cold. Similarly, there are CBD vapes that help ingest CBD easily and directly through the lungs.

For more information on the various products containing CBD and how to procure them please visit 

CBD is an extremely useful product which when used in the right amounts will help you relax reduce any pain in the body. 

Guide Sports

Tiger Woods at the US Open: Undeniable Greatness

Tiger Woods is an amazing golfer. That is an extreme understatement, I know, but it was so clear from yesterday’s fourth round of the US Open in which Tiger drove home a 12 foot putt on the 18th green at Torrey Pines Golf Club in La Jolla, California to enter into a playoff Monday with Rocco Mediate. Who? Meaning no disrespect, none at all, because when you finish the course ahead of Tiger Woods, you certainly must be somebody.

I don’t watch golf, not at all, ever, until last night. Watching golf would usually be right up there with sitting through a bowling tournament: pure torture. What I know about the sport I’ve gained through non-intentional exposure to the sports segment of the evening news if I haven’t tuned to Seinfeld reruns or something more entertaining. The usual Sunday evening offerings on TV last night were sub-par (sorry, couldn’t help it), and somehow, when we came upon the US Open, seeing it was Tiger in a three-way tie for the lead at the time, my husband and I settled for that simply because even as non-golf fans, we are Tiger fans.

Well, the tie did not last long, in fact the leader position kept changing with the birdies and the bogeys made by Woods, Mediate and Westwood. Hey, pretty interesting! Believe me, I am not a trained observer of the game, but even I could see Tiger had some trouble on the last few holes, trouble in the form of keeping the ball on the fairway. He seemed disgusted with himself. I had heard that Woods’ fairway play was often lacking and it was his putting that often saved him. The end of this round was to become a good case in point.

Westwood dropped back and Mediate surged forward. Mediate finished in the lead, and Woods, still on the course, struggled to get things under control. As Mediate paced, waiting for the conclusion of the showdown, he seemed very much resigned to the fact that even with his lead, a win at the US Open was beyond his grasp with Tiger still out on the course. Mediate in fact, seemed very much astonished at his first place position and seemed to be expecting the dream to end at any moment. He didn’t have long to wait. Tiger’s efforts on the course finally took shape and produced the incredible birdie putt on the 18th green, securing his place in the playoff with Mediate on Monday.

Sunday was Father’s Day. I have seen the stories about Tiger and how his father was everything to him and how his father’s passing was devastating. I thought how hard it must be for Tiger to play in a major tournament knowing that his Dad, his number one mentor, adviser and teacher was not there to support and encourage him, and all on Father’s Day. Tiger must keep all his Dad taught him near to his heart, that’s true, but it is not the same as having his dad at his side, it can’t be. That is a difficult reality to deal with and yet the kind of mental toughness necessary to achieve the sinking of a must-do 12 foot putt on the 18th green under such enormous pressure must somehow be learned and practiced and mastered, like the game itself. Thus came my observation, as unoriginal as it may be, that Tiger Woods is an amazing golfer.

Mark Twain described golf as a good walk, ruined; I think Woods and Mediate would argue with that assessment. I think they would both say more like a good walk made better: a pathway leading to fame and fortune paved with the legacy of a father to a son and given the unexpected twists and turns of a relative unknown finishing at the top of the heap. A good walk ruined? Nah, I’d say at least a good walk worth watching.

Tiger Woods is a living legend in the field of sports and the first name that comes to mind when we talk about golf but that is only so because he does his work with sincerity and the golf course is more like a 안전놀이터 to him which he treats with elan.

Guide Real Estate

Conducting a Businesslike Approach to Reap Huge Profits from Your Property

The very first thing that you must do is to start thinking like a developer. It is vital to always remind yourself that you are running a business, not buying a home for yourself.

Don’t ever think of the property as ‘yours’. It’s not.

It is a business proposition and, as with any business, if you do not make a profit then there will be no money to develop another property and therefore you have no business. This is the number one pitfall of all investors just starting out as property developers. They get emotionally attached to the property and personalise it rather than remain detached from the property.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t get enjoyment from the project. If you don’t actually enjoy the process of buying, developing and selling, you are unlikely to succeed. As with any business you must get each part of that process right if you want to stand any chance of making a profit.

Always remember that your property is simply a product. Develop it for a particular market and be objective- its not going to be yours in the long run. Keep in mind your end product.

Create a realistic budget and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to make expensive, unnecessary changes that won’t add to its final value. You will be amazed at how many new property developers lose a huge chunk of their profits adding features that do not increase the value of the property. Property management companies Naples FL suggest that only conduct minimum improvement. Hence, you should focus more on developing the necessary areas of the property so you won’t spend huge amount of money.

Be Organized

Organisation is essential and it is so easy to do. I recommend that you buy a filing system. I use a concertina pocket system or you could use box files.

Keep records of absolutely everything. This would include what you have researched, everyone you have contacted and their quotes. These records can be invaluable to refer to for future developments. Make sure you keep a clear set of accounts for yourself and your accountant. Believe me, it will save you many headaches in the future.

Do Your Math

It is imperative that you do your research and find out whether the property you are interested in can actually make you money. Be realistic about the costs of all the work involved and also set aside a contingency sum. Property development has a nasty of habit of catching you by surprise taking you over budget. Modernising an older building is an uncertain business and problems will arise along the way. Do not delude yourself into thinking that just because a property requires modernisation there is profit in modernising it.

Seek Professional Advice

Don’t be afraid to ask the experts. They have training and experience and their advice can prevent you from making expensive and time-consuming mistakes. From the initial purchase to the planning and developing, professional advise can be invaluable. I have saved myself thousands just by seeking professional advice.

Be Realistic

Unless you are very experienced in general building work, it may end up being more expensive to try and do the work yourself than to pay an experienced workforce to do it for you. I have seen many projects go way over budget and over schedule because the developers thought that they could do the work cheaper themselves. It is false economy and it can delay you from getting on with your next project.

Thinking It Through

Property development is a huge investment, not just financially but also on your time and effort.

Before you commit yourself have you thought about why you are considering such an undertaking? Think long and hard before you make the final decision to go ahead and buy a property for development. Check that you are doing this for the right reasons. It is imperative that you think it through to make sure you can cope with the financial, organisational, design and labour aspects before you begin.

Taking on the first property project can be a high-risk business and it may even be stressful, time-consuming and a catalogue of crises. However, if you do your homework and are realistic about the project you are undertaking it can also be one of the most rewarding and profitable things that you will ever do.

Guide Health

What can be the Beneficial Elements of Bacteria

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about bacteria in certain foods that is supposedly good for your over all health. These bacteria are called probiotics, and as the prefix ‘pro’ hints at, they are indeed, very much good for you. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are only found in certain foods or supplements that promote good health and well being. There are trillions of bacteria that already live in your stomach. Don’t let that fact alarm you, says dietician Amy Campbell, the majority of these organisms are good for us. However when the balancing act between those that are good for us and those that doctors consider bad for our systems are thrown off, our health can suffer. Usually getting your system off balance occurs when we take antibiotics, as these kill off those probiotics that are good for us as well as those that can harm our health. This is often shown by signs like diarrhea, gas, bloating and constipation. Chronic conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis may also be associated with having fewer beneficial bacteria in our system. However, if you eat plenty of foods which contain the friendly bacteria it will replace those that were lost through antibiotics or other reasons.

Probiotics can also help to treat chronic diarrhea. When your system is under attack it will show signs in several ways, probiotics can actually help in easing and stopping those bothersome symptoms like cramps and bloating. Probiotics also help to support a healthy immune system, which means far fewer intestinal problems. You can buy priobotic supplements at any pharmacy or health food store. However, the best way to get yours may be through the foods you eat. Getting them through the foods we eat ,means that we have the added benefit of also getting additional vitamins and minerals our bodies require. Foods containing probiotics have a distinct, tangy taste due to the bacteria they contain. Some foods that are known to contain live bacteria that are beneficial to your system is yogurt ( but only if there is a live culture seal on the label). Buttermilk is also an excellent source of beneficial bacteria. Some people can’t tolerate the strong taste and if you are one of those try using it in cooking as much as you can. Or an old fashioned idea my mom loves, is to combine buttermilk with cornbread just from the oven and eat it. Sour cream is also a good source. Add it to your baked potatoes, nachos or just about anything you cook. Personally I could eat sour cream with anything and everything. Sauerkraut is another excellent choice. As well as sour dough bread and blue cheese or any other strong smelling cheeses. You can make the healthy effects on your body even stronger when eating probiotics, by consuming ingestible carbohydrates that stay in the intestine and nourish friendly bacteria. These are found in oatmeal, flax, greens, berries and legumes. A few simple and easy ways to get the probiotics your system needs everyday would be to add a dollop of yogurt to your cereal or oatmeal every morning. Sprinkle bleu cheese on your spinach salad, which gives you a double dose of probiotics. Have a cup of barley or bean soup every day for lunch. Include ground flax meal in your daily smoothies. There are so many way to get this very much needed element into your system daily. For information on probiotics and getting the amount you need every day. From regular consumption of the fungal balance supplement, the body will remain fit and healthy. The meal at the lunch and dinner should be appropriates for the person. 

Gaming Guide

League of Legends Or Dota 2- How To Choose

When it comes to entertainment, movies are the first thing that come to mind as they are considered to be entertainment at its peak form and there is little that can match it in terms of popularity and unerring appeal among the masses and classes, if you don’t count a regular dose of baseball, basketball, soccer and other sports so as to level the competition. 

However, all said and done, there is a serious competitor in the field when it comes to entertainment and one that many youngsters swear by even today. I am talking about video games as they also have a tremendous fan following among youngsters, especially the 90s generation who continue to firmly stand by it even in this era of digital medium and social media being a rampant force since the past few years. 

There are two games that are fighting it out for the top spot to secure a place in the hearts of everyone and they are league of legends and dota 2. It has been seen that these two are the most popular games in the current times. 

While everyone will have their own preference, dota 2 has been found to be far more mind boggling than league of legends (read lol). 

Elo Boost 

A popular service in this regard is the elo boost which has the tendency to improve the players’ performance by exceeding ranks through boosting them. The second player or boostee helps the booster to access his account for boosting the game level of performance. 

The fastest elo boost can be found at and people can select it based on their preferences. 

Two Sides Of Coin 

Regarding the problem of which one to choose between lol and dota 2, it is best that you begin with the former as it is easier with its levels but when it comes to choosing one of them as the best, it is not easy to do so as both are two sides of the same coin. 

Guide Movies

The Two Minute Master — How to Make a Great Micro-budget Movie

Any way you cut it, making a film is difficult. It’s even more difficult when you have no money. Yet every year, while Hollywood churns out blockbusters with budgets larger than the GNP’s of some Third World countries, filmmakers with no money find a way to get their movies made. If you’re passionate enough and lucky enough, you can too.

Understand that there’s a huge difference between low budget and micro-budget movies. Low budget films can range anywhere from $150,000 up to a few million. That’s great if your brother-in-law just won the lottery, but for the rest of us, we’re dealing with films scrounged out for a few thousand dollars and credit cards. One similarity between the two is that both start with a script.

The Screenplay

Make sure your script has a limited number of locations and characters. Look around for settings you know you can use for free. Ask friends or relatives if you can shoot on their property. Be creative. Your script should avoid special effects and extreme weather conditions integral to the story. Set your story in the present day and try to limit stunts. List things you know you have access to, and keep them in mind as you write your story. Try to limit your story to 90 pages maximum rather than the standard two-hour, 120 page script.


Shoot in 16mm and emphasize visuals so you can shoot as much as possible without syn ch sound. You can find great deals on wind-up cameras such as the Krasnogorsk K 3. Not only will you save money, but you’ll wind up with a more cinematic film. Limit crew to just the essentials. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will need to pull double and triple duty. Shoot long days – 18 hours or more. Be creative with your camera, but avoid complex set ups and long takes as much as possible. Use a student ID, yours or someone else’s, to buy film stock at student rates.


Beg, borrow, call in favors. If possible, shoot days to avoid having to use a lot of lights. Bounce cards can be made from poster board or foam-core that you can find at office supply stores. Car sunshades make great reflectors. Once again, you must be creative. If you’re shooting car interiors at night, mount a piece of cardboard loaded with Christmas lights in the ceiling of the car. Use car headlights, or worklights easily found at building supply stores to light your sets. I once used a Frisbee as a light filter because it gave lush, warm skin tones. Try not to skimp on sound, people will forgive grainy images but tend to balk at poor sound.


No one will get paid upfront on a micro-budget film, but you can use deferments. Be aware that volunteers are often unreliable, and be prepared for no-shows. Some props and wardrobe can be bought and returned, or sold in a production “yard sale” to cast and crew. But in reality, you should avoid spending money on anything except film and equipment. Film shoot usually provide food, and feeding a large crew can get expensive. Try to find a family member who can cook and make simple meals. Spaghetti and other homemade foods will save money in the long run.

Post- production

You will most likely edit on video, but if you’re cutting film, edit during off hours. Find friends or local bands who will work for free to provide a musical score. Put up flyers at local colleges that have music programs to find a composer for your film.


Go to for a thorough list of film festivals to showcase your film. You will want to screen your film for investors to attain the money necessary to blow up the film to 35mm and do your final sound mixing. Call up small theater chains and “four wall” your picture. Chances are you’ll need to find heaters with digital projection. Pack the place with family and friends and bring in investors.

DV vs. Film

Whenever possible, shoot on film. It gives legitimacy to your production, and tells distributors and festivals that you are a real filmmaker.

Lastly, with unlockmytv  you get an ultimate app that you can use in order to make a great micro-budget movie on your own. This app will help in with every step of the movie making process so that you get a hassle free and seamless experience.