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February 8, 2020


“Somewhere in Time” the Greatest Movie of 1980, Watch it and You Be the Judge

Great movies of 1980 were hard to find in retrospect; perhaps it is because the movies of today are so advanced in the technology. One movie that comes to mind as a fantastic Drama and romance movie combined is “Somewhere in Time” starring Christopher Reeve.

Made for the silver screen Somewhere in Time was taken from a written by Richard Matheson, who is also the screenplay writer of this wonderful heart-stirring movie. Nominated for an Oscar for “Best Costume Design (Jean-Pierre Dorleac) it was quite a movie in its day.

While new movies may be ahead of old ones in terms of technology and special effects with the help of cgi, the latter always have a timeless appeal that makes them popular even today and anything that unleashes a wave of nostalgia through old world charm, is something that will be remembered for eternity and ‘somewhere in time’ falls in the category of such films and cyberflix tv is still beseeched with requests by the film’s loyalists to make it available on their site.

Somewhere in Times, Costar – Jan Seymour as Elise McKenna who is an actress under the care of William Fawcett Robinson played by Christopher Plumber. Elise is young and beautiful but the movie begins in a theater, where Richard Collier (Christopher Reeve) is feeling the glory of his first play. Enter Elise McKenna who places something in his had and says a few short words, “Come back to me”.

Those words lead Collier on a quest to seek a means to travel back in time. He has found that Elise McKenna passed away on the night of her first appearance in his life. Saddened and curious he starts his quest. Eventually finding a way to travel back to the early 1900’s and actually meets the young and beautiful Elise McKenna at the height of her career and her play at the Grand Hotel. Since Collier had to travel to the modern day Grand Hotel in order to travel back in time he discovers that yes he was truly in the Hotel in the time he believes he met this beautiful actress. The plot continues to move forward with Elise’s instructor and manager William Fawcett Robinson appears to love this young woman and hold tightly to the chains of control. Robinson tries many ways to keep the two young lovers apart even going so far as to have Collier removed from the picture by force. But love prevails and Collier actually wins the heart of McKenna, only to be thrown back to the future because of a mistaken penny found in his suit pocket. I shall not give you the end of this movie as you may wish to purchase or rent it for your own pleasure.

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Take a moment and travel back in time while watching Somewhere in Time, but please be prepared to loose your heart to this movie as it takes you to one of the most romantic places in the world. Gives you both love and pain all in one.