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Signs of a Controlling Relationship

When you first start dating someone, their true colors rarely show within the first few dates. Most everyone puts on a little bit of an “act” to try and win over the other person. Once you get past the “new” phase in a relationship, you will start to get to know the good qualities, the bad qualities, and the ugly qualities. If you are lucky, the bad and ugly aren’t terrible and you can deal with them. For the others, it is not so simple. Men who are controlling often hide it in the early stages of the relationship and some even hide it all the way through until marriage. There are some warnings signs to signal a possible controlling relationship, but most often you won’t notice until you are living it. It is important to discuss how things will be handled before marriage in regards to things such as money, children, and other things of that nature. These are some of the warning signs you should be aware of.

You Have No Say Over Expenses

This is where the control usually begins. Even if you aren’t working (for whatever reason) or if you are making less than your partner, you should still be entitled to have your say on what needs to paid, spent, and done regarding the relationship. Money equals power for a lot of people and this is where things start heading downhill. If your partner insists on a joint banking account, make sure you have a debit card as well. If he/she insists on having separate accounts, make sure you have enough money in your account before giving him/her anything. The ones who are the “controller” use this tactic as a way of keeping you around. If you have no money, how can you leave?

You Are Talked Down To

Breaking a person’s self esteem is never something that is okay to do. The “controllers” will try and belittle you and make it so you are almost broken inside. This is another tactic to make sure you won’t be going anywhere. You will start to question your beauty and your self worth. This is not only a control issue, but an emotional abuse issue. If you start noticing you are being chastised you need to speak up for yourself. If it becomes habitual, it is time to find a new relationship or marriage. This is probably the warning sign you yourself have the most control over.

You should never be reduced to playing second fiddle or a doormat to your partner, be it male or female as self-respect is the most important thing for anyone to possess. If the other person is stubborn and insists on having things his/her way, then take it as a sign and end the relationship right then and there before things fall apart in any case and become a Cialis kaufen of sorts. 

You Become Isolated

Isolation is a scary thing. Sometimes when you get married or start a new relationship, friends seem to come around less and less. At some point in your life, all (or the majority) of your friends will be married an attached. It is important to at least make contact with your friends weekly, even if only by email. Allowing yourself to only have socialization while your partner is around or only with your partner can be a control tactic as well.

Keep in mind that when you are in a controlling relationship, you may not always see these warning signs. If you feel that you are stuck in a situation or feel alone, reaching out to someone is always the best way to go. Remember you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.


Ten Super Facts About Coffee

First thing in the morning, most Americans grab the first cup of coffee, drink it up, and then have another. Some folks drink coffee all through the day, oblivious to the effects of all the caffeine. Throughout the world, coffee is the morning beverage enjoyed by many, replacing tea as the number one beverage.

Here are ten super facts you should know about coffee.

  1. Coffee was first discovered on the continent of Africa. Wild coffee berries were found in Ethiopia and later planted in the Middle East, to be enjoyed by Muslims. These wild coffee berries are also known as Traditional coffee beans as they were first introduced by the continent of Africa and was later on accepted globally. 

  1. The recent top coffee producing countries of the world are Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia, and Ethiopia. Brazil produces twice as much coffee as Vietnam. Vietnam is a large producer of robusta beans. Robusta beans produce a less than ideal taste but are now used in most American manufactured coffees because it is inexpensive.
  1. Coffee beans are the second most traded product in the world, lagging just behind petroleum. Coffee prices often fluctuate depending on crop output and commodity prices in international markets.
  1. Coffee has been shown to have many health benefits for the heart, mind, liver, and other life-sustaining organs. Coffee is also been known to relieve headaches when mixed with pain medications like ibuprofen.
  1. Coffee’s popularity rose in America mostly because of the British. During America’s revolution, tea became scarce in the New World, and coffee consumption increased.
  1. Starbucks started roasting and selling burnt and overpriced coffee drinks in 1971 and is now a world leader in specialty coffee drinks.
  1. September 29 is National Coffee Day in the United States but is not celebrated with parades of giant Arabica beans, giant balloons of coffee cups, or marching bands singing the praise of this fine morning beverage.
  1. Unless decaffeinated, coffee contains the stimulant caffeine. The average cup of coffee has 130 milligrams of caffeine. Tea has variable amounts of caffeine, but usually has half the caffeine of coffee.

Coca-cola has 35 milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounces serving, while a chocolate bar has about 12 to 15 mg.

  1. Ironically, a high executive of the popular beverage chain, Starbucks, is also the chairman of the National Coffee Association. No small wonder there is a Starbucks store on every corner block of every American city.

  1. A P; was the originator of Eight O’Clock Coffee, a favorite coffee of most Americans. Many say Eight O’Clock coffee has a great taste rivaling Dunkin Donuts and Folgers for best-tasting coffee.

Time for a cup of coffee? Head over to any local coffee shop, diner, or gas station to get your favorite coffee beverage. Better yet, brew a couple of cups at home, open up the newspaper, and finish that crossword puzzle you didn’t finish from Sunday morning.

Gaming Guide

Final Fantasy XIII Chaining Guide

Final Fantasy XIII has come up with a new unique form of combat with the paradigm system. In this new style, the main way to deal damage to an opponent is to build a chain bonus. Proper guide will be provided about the catching of the pokemon at Pokemon go account. The bonus and rewards should be available to the beginners for becoming an expert at video game.

Building a chain is simple to begin with but as your enemies become tougher, it is vital to balance out your paradigms to keep the chain alive. Here are some tips and guidelines to make sure you reach your chaining goals.

I) Use a Commando to start a chain.

Attacks from Commandos don’t add much to your chain bonus but are a vital part of chaining. The benefit of these attacks is that it slows down the rate at which the chain bar decreases, giving you more time between attacks.

II) Use a Ravager to build a chain.

Magic attacks from Ravagers build large amounts of chain bonus but also increase the speed at which the chain bar decreases. Remember this when deciding to use a Ravager, Ravager, Ravager paradigm.

III) Saboteurs help too.

Don’t be afraid to replace a Ravager with a Saboteur in longer battles. They build a decent amount of chain bonus while debuffing your enemies. This will allow you to benefit more from your chain bonus.

Paradigm Systems for Chaining

This section will guide you through what order to use your paradigms in to build a high Final Fantasy XIII chain bonus.

1-1) Commando, Ravager, Ravager

For your average fight, start with this set. This is a great balance between adding a chain bonus and slowing the chain decrease. If you are not satisfied with your rate of chaining, use 2-3 sets of attacks from your Commando before swapping to a Ravager, Ravager, Ravager.

1-2) Commando, Ravager, Medic

1-3) Commando, Sentinel, Ravager

Use whichever of these you feel more comfortable with to build chains against mobs that have a high damage output against your party.

2) Commando, Medic, Medic

If you took a lot of damage while chaining, switch to this paradigm to heal quickly before your enemy hits stagger. Once healed, switch to your optimal damage paradigm.

3) Ravager, Ravager, Ravager

This is recommended only if you need to increase your stagger chain quickly. If you feel you don’t need it, swap to number 4. If you use this, after about 2 sets of attacks, swap to a your damage paradigm.

Note: Do not use this paradigm before using 1-1 or it may be difficult to build a chain bonus, though not impossible.

4) Commando, Commando, Ravager

Finish the fight. The Commandos will keep the enemies in the air while the Ravager supports with magic.

This is in no way an absolute guide to win every fight in Final Fantasy XIII, but rather a general guide to building a quick chaining bonus, which will be needed. Change and adapt the tactics according to your playing style and enemy.

Guide Health Medical

First-Person: Vytorin Enhance Study And Its Implications

The ENHANCE trial for the cholesterol lowering drug Vytorin was completed in 2006, yet the release of the results was delayed by nearly one and a half years, with the results only being shown to the medical establishment and the public yesterday, January 14, 2008. Why the delay? The heart disease moderator at About.Com believes that it is possible that the delay gave the manufacturer time to manipulate the study results to make them appear more positive.

Vytorin is a combination of two expensive and high selling drugs made by Merck/Schering Plough, a large pharmaceuticals company, these drugs being Zetia and Zocor. Significantly, Zocor’s patent protection ended in 2006, just around the time the new combination drug Vytorin hit the market. Pharmaceutical makers are well known for repackaging no longer patented drugs in an attempt to continue to make large sums of money from them.

The study is disturbing, in that the results showed that while Vytorin does significantly lower LDL (or BAD) cholesterol, it appears that patients taking the drug had more heart attacks and other problems related to high cholesterol, and that the patients in the study also had MORE plaque in their arteries after the study was concluded than at its onset. In fact, one doctor states unequivocally that Vytorin should be used only as a therapy of last resort when nothing else appears to be working. These results are frightening to those of us taking Vytorin.

Forbes.Com states that perhaps it is time for the outside researchers doing these drug studies to have the control over the databases created for the analysis of study results. I could not agree more, as this will help to prevent the future manipulation and delay of data reaching the health consumers whose very lives depend on the medications being studied.

I have been taking Vytorin for approximately one year now. Up until these test results were released, I considered it to be a miracle drug, as shortly after I began Vytorin therapy my LDL cholesterol lowered significantly, right into the “normal” ranges, albeit at the high end of that. Now that I have read the results of this study, I find myself wondering what my arteries are looking like, and imagining that I can hear them hardening with every bite of food and every dose of Vytorin that I take. I wonder if I would be safer taking no medications whatsoever rather than taking drugs that turn out to be not only potentially useless, but potentially life threatening as well.

Having in the past found that many of the over fifteen medications that I need to take on a daily basis in order to sustain my life have wound up showing that not only are they not all that beneficial, but in many cases dangerous (Phen-fen among others), I find that this study is the final straw for me and that I will no longer accept any medication that has not had a very long and positive track record of at least ten years on the market. It seems to me that the pharmaceutical companies are using the people who rely on their medicines as guinea pigs, and I for one am unwilling to participate in this any longer. I value my life too much, and it is my hope that other patients out there feel the same way.

Big Pharmaceutical needs to stop taking gambles with the lives of those of us who need medication in order to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. It is not acceptable for these huge corporations to be getting rich off of selling what, in the final outcome, is just more snake oil. More intensive regulation of these companies, their studies, and their medicines are called for. The bacillus subtilis supplement will result in good and excellent immune system. The immune system will work appropriately for lessen the infections in the lungs and other body parts. Experts are prescribing the dosage of the medicines to the body.

It is time for the FDA to do stop dillydallying and do something about the companies that are using the American people as guinea pigs without their consent.

Arts and Entertainment

Junk Brothers: The Recycle Guys

The Junk Brothers, HGTV television show, take items that people are throwing away. As Junk Brother partner with philadelphia pa junk jumoval they get unique items that are really great items that they restore and sell for profit. This partnership decreases their workload as they can invest more time with the restoration and sale of the items that find rather than looking for them. 

Steve and Jim Kelley comprise the hosts of the Junk Brothers. Each of the brothers chooses one item each to refurbish each show. The items that the Junk Brothers have found at the curbsides have included a kitchen stove, a rowing machine, an old trunk, and dining room chairs.

The kitchen stove was torn apart and gutted. Upon the finish of the refurbishing of the stove, it was transformed into an outdoor barbeque grill on wheels. The outer finish of the refurbished stove was black with yellow flames accompanied by two red extensions with two burners each.

The rowing machine that was refurbished became a chair with arms and a moving ottoman. The tore the rowing machine apart and had the two rowing arms plated. They built the chair out of plywood. They then padded and covered the chair with red and geometric shaped material. The chair was reattached at the opposite end of the rowing machine. The rowing arms were reversed with two red fabric arms attached to the chair and the rowing arms. The rowing seat was recovered in the same material.

The old trunk was updated to a shelving unit. The shelves were attached to the inside base of the trunk bottom and hooks attached to the lid of the trunk. They added an extension that had a clock and phone attached to the extension. The shelves and the attachment were stained to match the trunk.

The six dining room chairs had the cushions taken off to start the project. Steve and Jim attached three of the chairs together side-by-side to form the ends and part of the base of a daybed. They created the back and rest of the bottom base for the daybed from plywood. Steve and Jim add a cushion to the back of the daybed. They cover the back of the daybed in red fabric and embellish with buttons pulled through the back of the daybed. They also create the sleeping section in the same manner. A brace is added for extra support.

Once each of their refurbished pieces of furniture is finished, Steve and Jim return the furniture to the original owners. The brother that chose the project to make takes a picture of the finished piece of furniture on-site while the other knocks on the door. The Junk Brothers race back to their truck, move up the street to view the reactions of the owners. They have been busted by the owners of the furniture as well at least once.

Finance Guide

Is Greece Funding Its Economy By Hacking Us Banking Clearinghouses?

A Recent Catalyst – City of Portland TN Bank Account Hacked – Unauthorized Withdrawal

The report that the City of Portland, TN had its bank account hacked reminded me of a similar personal victimization.

In November 2008, a small, unauthorized withdrawal was made from my credit union account. It was only $29.99; but my credit union never should have allowed the withdrawal. so how did it happen? How did they get access to my bank account?

Bank Account Compromised (at the Bank and Federal Level; no Passwords required!)

This was a very serious situation that led me to think that if my bank account can be hacked, you can imagine what the situation could be for others, not to mention the subsidiary banks that are underneath it. As of now its only 29.99, tomorrow it might be ten times more and the consequences would be disastrous if that were to happen. I thought of going for an rfp consulting immediately after it happened so as to prevent something worse from taking place.

December 6 th is when I noticed an odd withdrawal by “MB Moon Park,” a company I had never heard of and certainly did not do business with. I contacted my credit union and they agreed to reimburse the unauthorized withdrawal. My account had been compromised, but not in the traditional sense – not via phishing or virus. Per the credit union, they weren’t sure of the details but later showed me that they had changed to newer account numbers, yet leaving old account numbers in place. They failed to notify customers of the change, and of the fact that the old account numbers still were active.

They explained that, due to laws requiring “fast EFT ACH electronic check cashing” between businesses and Automated Clearing Houses (ACH) , and from bank-to-bank, the banks immediately honor electronic check headers (EFT requests), without additional verification. They said that since, at one time, the account number had been valid; and I had authorized EFTs on that account, the requests were honored. I never authorized “MB Moon Park” specifically to present checks against my account!

New York Check Cashing Companies – in League with Greece and Russia?

Searching Internet “scam and complaint sites,” I found that the scam was a more wide-ranging scam than I first realized. Talking with Pitt County NC Detective David Flynn , who was investigating local victims, it turns out the culprits may be “check-cashing stores” in New York, who ultimately transfer the money to accounts in Greece and Russia

Under-the-Radar Small Withdrawals with Custom-Crafted EFT headers and Hardcopy Checks

By November 2009, some 300 people had been identified as having been victimized. The scope was expected to be much larger – later confirmed to be upwards of 1,000. The problem with getting the feds to take action was two-fold: first, the amount of damages needed to be $100,000 or more; second, the amounts stolen were spread out over the U.S. and were small amounts that usually don’t flag FBI or consumer attention.

Some victims had been involved in selling Mary Kay cosmetics (my wife was a Mary Kay distributor), so there may be a connection. The EFT header and canceled check the credit union showed me had very old information, crafted with only my wife’s name and an old house address – yet we never had our checks created that way. Clearly, criminals obtained old account information and found a way to present electronic checks against virtually any valid account, without requiring prior authorization. At the height of their activity, the criminals reportedly had been withdrawing as much as two million dollars per month from their “holding account.” At last check, after about 4 years, the FBI finally had taken the case, had frozen what assets it knew about, yet had made no arrests.

Bottom Line – Always be Vigilant with Financial Matters!

Arm yourself and fight thieves – check your credit card and bank statements on a regular basis and shred (or burn) old account information!


Why Bigger Breasts Are Not Always Better

It astounds me when a woman declares that she wants bigger breasts. I’ve lived in the larger chested side of the world since I was a teen, and let me tell you, it is no walk in the park to be carrying around those extra pounds. Moreover, I also came across men that suffer from that same problem due to their eating habits or abnormal hormonal growth. Such men were always looking for how to hide man breast since all this challenged their masculinity in society. Although there are various supplements and natural ways that can help men with their problems, there was none for women. 

I don’t remember gradually going up in cup size. I remember the days when I was a blessed size A. From my perspective looking back, it seems that one night when I was fourteen, I went to sleep and woke up the next morning with these huge things on my chest that began to resemble carrying bowling balls around in sacks. I was humiliated in high school. There was more than one rumor floating around that I was pregnant because of it and when those whispers subsided, I was simply made fun of. There were those that thought it was their right to poke me in the chest just to gauge the sheer size of them. I spent my life since then trying to hide them, being extremely self-conscious and feeling as if everything I did was centered around the size of my breasts. I even lost weight, thinking that would be the cure. It wasn’t. No matter how thin I was, my cup size did not falter. I remained a size H. 

Emotional trauma aside, there are also physical downfalls to having large breasts. Below, I will explain those physical effects. It could certainly be something worth considering before you decide to increase the size of your chest.

  1. My posture is horrible. I am acutely aware that I walk around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. To straighten my back and keep it straightened so that I resemble something more like an evolutionist Human being is a feat that causes excruciating pain, which leads me to the next point.
  1. Pain. Lots and lots of pain. When I first started aching, I attributed my pain to simple aging. When my doctor suggested my pain was because of my large chest, I was shocked. My neck and shoulders hurt almost constantly, not to mention the intense digging of my bra straps into my shoulders. My entire back aches most of the time, even when laying down. However, this is only the tip of the ice burg. Performing day to day activities is more often unbearable. The ache becomes stabbing muscle cramps, back spasms, my doctor calls them. After a day of work, I’m even more hunched over than before, sometimes barely able to walk, having to carry a heating pad up to bed with me like someone much older than me. I find myself unable to get through most days without some form of prescription-strength ibuprofen or some other equally strong drug. For a person with an aversion to taking pills, this is very hard for me to do.
  1. I can’t be as physical as I want to be. I would love to spend hours in my garden, run around outside with my kids, be able to jump on the trampoline with them without my chest bouncing up and down so hard that my breasts feel like they’ll fall off my chest. Again, this goes back to the pain. Getting as physical as I want leads to me being unable to walk.
  1. It also has an impact on your wallet. I can’t just go into any store and buy any bra. I have to special order them. They run anywhere from $55 to over $100 depending on the style and brand.
  1. Pretty bras? Forget it! I would love to buy a sexy number to entice my dear hubby but again, to special order something big enough for me, it would cost a pretty penny. I just can’t afford it. I am envious of the women who can go into a department store and buy a pretty pink lace thing off the rack. I’m stuck with the plain extra support bras that I have to sit by my mailbox and wait up to two weeks to receive after I’ve ordered them.
  1. Clothes just don’t fit right. A medium-sized shirt isn’t made for size H breasts. Any shirt I wear has to be one to two sizes too big, leaving extra room around my midsection making me look bigger then I am. Most often, I am mistaken for pregnant like I was in high school. Button-down shirts are also off-limits. I put one of those on and the thing is stretched to the limit around my breasts, threatening to pop a button.

I’ve learned to make fun of myself over the years to offset what other people are thinking. I’ve used it to cope with my ordeal for years. However, the reality is, that I’m unhappy with my chest for both emotional and physical reasons. It’s ridiculous to have to live this way. I’m ready for a change and am calling a plastic surgeon within the week. Stayed tuned for my reduction story.

Sports and Recreation

Summer Swimming in Summit County, Ohio


Located on Munroe Falls Blvd, Water Works Family Aquatics Center draws large crowd with its kid-friendly variety of swimming pools. This is the first swimming pool I went to as a child, and it was just a large standard pool with wading area for kids, a shallow end and a deep end. As kids grew up, they just moved toward the deep end.

Ten years ago, the city of Cuyahoga Falls completely refurbished the place. There is no deep end of the pool: it’s all for kids. Babies can splash in the zero-depth area, while toddlers and older kids can play in water that goes up to three or four feet deep.

Instead of a deep end with a diving board, Water Works now has a trio of inner tube slides and a pair of speed racing slides. Topic on swimming will be provided in the notice of the swimmers for proper knowledge. The diving can be done in the deep water through the adults. 

The middle of Water Works has a large sand play area and place for parents to sunbathe and park all of their stuff.

On the other end of the park is the Lazy River, which is my favorite. I love to lounge in the inner tube as the current takes me around. If you’ve been chasing your kids around the park for a while, it’s the perfect way to relax.

One word of warning: you really need to keep your eye on your children in this place. It gets very crowded, and kids can pop in and out of the pool with ease since they don’t have to climb over a wall to get out of the pool.


This indoor facility is also run by the city of Cuyahoga Falls, and it also has undergone a recent extreme makeover. The Natatorium pool is divided into three sections: a kids area, a lap pool, a waterslide and a hot tub.

The kids area has lots of splashy fountains, and a simple froggy slide for the toddlers. In a separate section is a waterslide with a small lazy river under it. Adults can relax in the hot tub and take a dive in the lap pool.

The design of the pool is very smart, and it’s easier to keep track of your children. The whole place is indoors, and the sections are all separate. You only need to watch one section at a time, not the whole building.

Speaking of the building, it has an outstanding all-purpose fitness facility. The Nat has free weights, exercise bikes, an indoor track, basketball courts, racquetball courts. The kids have an enormous three-story tree house to crawl around in, as well as a smaller version for tiny tots.


For a relatively low price, you can swim in the lakes of Munroe Falls and Silver Creek. Adults can get in for $4, and kids for $3. They are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


One nice thing about the suburb of Cuyahoga Falls is that many of the neighborhood parks have wading pools. They are ideal on a hot day when you have kids under the age of five. One of my fondest memories of our time there was when we would load our daughter into her wagon with all of her swim toys and take her down to Oak Park. She had such a great time. The wading pools are free, and they are worth a trip if you live anywhere near Cuyahoga Falls.


You can find even more free splashing in Cuyahoga Falls at the downtown amphitheatre at Falls River Square. Kids love to run though the fountain jets that shoot up out of the ground. On a 90-degree day, this is where you want to be. Sunday evenings are a good time to come downtown. The kids can splash in the fountains while you listen to live music at the amphitheatre. That’s a good way to spend a Sunday night, and it’s all free.

Home Improvement

Which Factors Are Affecting The Price Of Tree Removal?

Property owners want to remove trees due to numerous reasons that you also need to check out at least once. Well, there are many other reasons that are influencing the cost of tree removal. It is important to remove old, damaged, and dead trees to enhance the safety and appeal of a property. If there are some trees around your property that need to be removed, then you should think about the cost. With the help of AAA Tree Removal Services or other professionals, you can get a free estimate. 

These companies can also give you the best advice with the help of their great experience in the same field. While giving you an estimate, these companies keep some factors in mind which you can read in the below post. 

Size of the tree 

Most of the companies look at the size of the tree that you want to remove while giving an estimate. Well, this factor also makes a great impact on the overall cost of the tree removal process. If the tree is large, then you will have to pay more than the cost of removing a tiny and skinny tree. It takes more time and labor to remove large trees, whereas the small trees can be removed quickly. 


Never forget about this factor because it plays a vital role while estimating the cost of the tree removal project. If the tree can be accessed easily, then you don’t need to pay more. The degree of danger also makes an impact on the tree removal cost. 

Health of trees 

It requires more time and labor to remove the dead and infested trees as compared to the healthy trees. And that’s why this factor may also influence the tree removal cost.

Coffee Food and Drinks Guide Product Review

Product Review: Cafe Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker

The Cafe Milano Espresso Maker is a great stovetop Moka pot that brews fresh espresso coffee easily for great tasting espresso drinks without all the expense of an espresso machine.

Ease of Use/Performance: 20/25

Convenience/Storage 20/25

Appearance/Design 22/25

How much I enjoy 24/25

Total: 86/100

The Cafe Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker from Bonjour is a great espresso Moka pot that is inexpensive and comes in three different sizes. The Cafe Milano comes in 3, 6 and 9 cup sizes and is a two part stove top espresso maker that uses percolation to brew the ground coffee.

The Cafe Milano has several integral parts including the main filter that is funnel shaped and the upper filter that keeps most of the grounds out of the coffee after its brewed. The Cafe Milano works like many other Moka pots with the lower part of the pot for the water that has a pressure release valve on the side.

The hot water that creates steam rises through the filters with the lower main filter holding your ground beans then up through the upper filter and through the tower part in the container. The coffee is brewed easily and quickly for fresh espresso in minutes, usually as quick as water can boil.

I have been using the Cafe Milano for over a month and almost exclusively for the past three weeks for my daily coffee brewing. The Cafe Milano is a quick way to brew espresso, as quick or faster than brewing using a conventional drip coffee maker or can be even using the best single serve coffee maker no pods. Café Milano is one of the best espresso makers in the market.

I have a routine with the Cafe Milano starting with the parts of the Moka pot sitting by my dish strainer cleaned and ready for use. I simply start the grind of my coffee beans in one of my grinders and get the lower part filled with water up to the pressure relief valve.

Once my grinder stops its work I fill the main filter, now in the lower part of the pot, with grounds and assemble the rest of the pot by screwing on the top container. The Moka pot goes on my new gas stove for a quick boil using either the medium or high capacity burners and after two or three minutes my brewing is done.

I try to watch the pot carefully by sticking near the kitchen but at least once I have kind of forgotten the pot brewing on the stove. Needless to say this is one downside to the Cafe Milano, you do have to keep an eye on things and take the pot off when the brewing is almost done.

I use the sound of the steam almost being gone from the bottom of the pot and the higher pitched noise coming from the pot to take the pot off the burner and allow it to finish brewing. I pour my first cup into one of my favorite coffee cups and pour the rest into a smaller thermos container to use later on in another coffee drink.

I usually have frothed milk and some sugar or other flavoring in my drink or just plop a dollop of whipped cream and a bit of sugar in my coffee. The Cafe Milano makes an easy to use espresso maker and cleanup is very easy with a quick rinse of all parts for my usual cleaning.

Once in a while, at least two times a week, I do wash the pot parts and take the rubber gasket and the upper filter out to get all the parts clean and looking like new. The Moka pot does come apart easily without any tools except maybe a butter knife to get the rubber gasket out.

I did have a small problem with the first 6 cup Cafe Milano I did receive, the plating on the first Moka pots main filter had peeled off in one spot but I was able to clean it off and prevent more plating from coming off. I asked the company about this and they sent me another Cafe Milano instead of replacing the part itself.

I now have two Cafe Milano pots, the 6 cup and the 9 cup sizes that both work very well and without any other problems. The plating problem is one that is not a big deal and I have seen this on other metal items in the past from other companies.

Plating is a process that involves many steps to ensure things are done right and having previous manufacturing experience in quality control at a manufacturing plant and having seen plating being done I do understand it. It is easy to have a part here and there that gets plated unevenly and these parts do slip through quality control from time to time so it was not surprising to find this.

Bonjour customer support quickly answered my query and when they found they did not have any 6 cup Cafe Milano Espresso makers in stock they simply asked if I wanted another size and sent it that day. I received the Cafe Milano in a few days and was enjoying the larger pot quickly making my favorite espresso based drinks.

I still can use the smaller 6 cup version as I simply sanded down the peeling plating and it works fine, I just have to make sure I dry out the filter after cleaning. The Cafe Milano makes great coffee and espresso based drinks without the expense of those professional machines.

I find that even though I can receive products like this and more expensive espresso makers I have not been able to receive one of those Barista quality machines. Until I get the chance to check out these better quality machines I am quite happy to use these more affordable and still great espresso makers like the Cafe Milano.

The Cafe Milano 6 cup size costs about $17 and the 9 cup size costs about $20 for a very affordable stovetop espresso maker. I found both online retailers and stores like Creative Kitchen, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond that carry the Bonjour products for easy shopping.

The Cafe Milano makes great espresso coffee and with some good beans in your favorite roast and a good grinder you can make coffee house quality drinks yourself. I highly recommend the Bonjour Cafe Milano for a very affordable and easy to use stovetop espresso maker.