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May 30, 2020


Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags – the Evolution of a Handbag

In the last few years the Harvey’s handbag line has really taken off. They are expanding into new locations and their bags are popping up in specialty boutiques from coast to coast, as well as in many other countries. The Harvey’s (husband and wife) created a bag made out of woven seatbelts back in 1997. From that they made more and now offer a wide selection of styles and colors. Their accessory line includes wallets, key chains, a portfolio, and even stuffed animals made out of the signature Harvey’s handbag lining to go with their diaper bag line.

The company started out offering only a handful of colors like black, red, navy, and champagne, and has grown now to include many every changing custom colors and designs for their bags. The many different designs range from teaming up with Disney for their Disney Couture line featuring Mickey Mouse, to custom designed patterns from tattoo artists and well known artists from across the country. As for the styles of the bags, it seems to be a never-ending design flow. Just when you thought that they couldn’t possibly make a different shape or design they surprise you with something new. Recently they released an article where they designed luggage to match a concept car for Hyundai. This showed that there really is no end to what can be made out of seatbelts, or the creativity of the people working there.

Once you own your first Harvey’s item it’s easy to see how the company has gotten to where it is. It’s all about the quality. Everything that they sell is made with the best care and materials. You can tell this buy the heavy zipper pulls and even the feet on the bottom of the bags. They are made in the USA and built tough to withstand just about anything. And if that weren’t enough, they stand behind their product and offer a repair and cleaning service. Some bags come with seat belt so that the person can sit comfortably in the car for the trip. A catalog can be offered to the person to see this and check the quality of the handbags available. The charges can be compared with other sites to get the best one. 

Also, it should be mentioned, that dealing with the people that work there is a dream come true. The owner’s are very hands on and speak to their customers through a blog on their website which is a rare thing these days. Anyone that has answered the phone in their California based headquarters has been more than helpful and courteous. You get the feeling that everyone that works for the company loves the product as well as the company’s concept, and will do whatever it takes to please the customers.

All in all, these are great bags, and the Harvey’s brand has a very bright future ahead of them. Their customers remain loyal, and are always being asked….”I love your bag …where did you get it?” To which they say…. “Thanks, it’s made out of seatbelts! You can find them at www.seatbeltbags.com”