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June 2020

Guide Money Online Journalism

The Purpose Of Creative Online Journalism

Whatever your goals as a journalist, it’s easy to get sidelined by the point and focus more on pay. After all, this is a capitalist world where we’re all judged by how much we make. For artists, however, there is a different game, FKC Concept reviews will help you in improving your skills when it comes to Journalism. That of recognition, of publishing, of sharing the same view as a reader or holding a completely opposite view, and communicating something the reader never thought of.

This guide explains in detail the purpose of online creative journalism. Not everyone is built for this field, but many who practice online journalism don’t even know how powerful they are. I hope to shine a light on that and more.

What is Creative Online Journalism?

Basically, you’re writing feature articles, essays, columns, and posts as a journalist in this field. All that sounds familiar until you see “posts,” because many don’t believe blogging itself is a form of journalism at all. True, you can’t call all blogging online journalism, but most of it fits the bill. If you are informing, if you are creating a thesis or idea, and if you are doing these things by writing, you’re a classifiable online journalist.

So what do you write? What exact topics for articles, essays, columns, and posts do you report on? This is true freedom: you write mainly what you want, or what you are most experienced in. Newspaper writers often get assignments, and so do you. But your purpose is more in sharing experience, ideas, and interests to readers. It’s easier to get excited by someone writing on a topic close to their heart, and easy to get bored when a journalist is forcing the “Top 10 Business Sites” into their writing.

Sharing Experience:

Personal experience is still strong in all forms-magazines, newspapers, television. But even more so online. This is because personal experience pieces are easier to find homes online. Start a blog, share your tale of surviving a car crash. Find an essay market, share your nightmare of drug addiction. It’s not all 1st person, and the more profitable fields only use the experience as proof of what you are saying; if you say you’re a business expert, you need to have some experience with it.

Ideas from Start to Finish:

Ideas control most writing, if not all writing. The purpose of online journalism combines experience with ideas. Typically, people online enjoy how-tos in certain fields more than personal experience. For example, you can write an article on how your computer died or an article on how to build a computer, or how to repair a computer. You’re ideas often come from personal experience, but just as often from careful research.

Sharing Interests:

Lastly, this is where the true fun for creative online journalism. More than experience and sharing wisdom, more than ideas, and selling how-tos, sharing interests catapults the online journalist into a select field. Have a wine collection going back centuries? Have the first edition of every Hemingway novel? Or do you simply enjoy watching movies whenever you get out of work? Your purpose is to share that, to show others more than your experience but in things you know and love.


Buying Car Accessories Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Accessories for Protection

When buying accessories, you need to choose items that will help to protect your car. You certainly need to be careful with your precious vehicle because it is your hard-earned money. Hence, when buying carpet, it is not advisable to settle on something that can easily be damaged and worn. So always go for set of car mats. These items are ideal for protecting your carpet from tare and general ware most especially if you have pets or kids. Other accessories that you may also want to consider for your car’s protection include seat covers, boot liners, mud flaps and many more.

Accessories for Value

Apart from protection, you should also consider accessories that can add value to your car. These items will help to improve not only the appearance of your vehicle but also the comfort that you can get from it. Some of the items that add resale value to your car include tires, brakes, cruise control, power mirrors, power seats, sunroof and others. These things also add desirability and comfort to your car so you can have an amazing driving experience. You can check some of the best tires in this website: 

Accessories for appearance

Lastly, there are also budget friendly car accessories that can enhance the appearance of your car both in the interior and exterior parts. Some of these include seat covers, DVD screen, alloy wheels, stereo system, interior lights, HID Headlamps and so many more. You don’t have to break the bank just to buy these items. You just have to choose the right merchant that offers quality products with spectacular designs and at the same time, very affordable. You have a lot of options available so make sure to make the right choice.

Health and Fitness

How to Overcome Weight Obsession

Are you constantly obsessed about your weight? Are you unsure of how to stop this weight obsession? Are you looking online about how to lose weight in your face? To help understand where weight obsession stems from and how you can overcome your obsession with weight, I have interviewed psychologist, Dr. Victoria Boccanfuso.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“I am a licensed clinical psychologist working in Tracy California. I have specialized in behavior modification for children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental retardation. I also work with clients of all ages in individual and couples therapy, focusing on mood and anxiety disorders as well as body image disorders. A small part of my practice includes child custody evaluations and co-parenting support.

What stems from weight obsession?

“It is more appropriate to look at this question in the opposite direction. Rather, what does weight obsession stem from? Beneath weight obsession is usually a problem with self-worth, self-confidence, abandonment, and/or depression. Weight obsession is often how an interpersonal struggle or another unresolved issue in these other areas would manifest.”

What type of impact does weight obsession have on someone’s overall life?

“The impact of weight obsession is seen in several areas of an individual’s life such as social, occupational, medical and psychological health, and mood (among others). Weight obsession can alienate a person from friends and family by inhibiting social interactions, such as dining out. Weight obsession may lead to corrective or compensatory eating behavior such as binging and purging or restricting. Obsession is an anxiety condition that often is not restricted to one focus (i.e. eating or food) and this anxious or obsessive behavior is witnessed in other areas to the point that it interrupts one’s ability to focus on necessary tasks at work or school. This may lead to distraction or over-focus and an inability to ‘˜let things go’.”

How can someone overcome weight obsession?

“In order to overcome weight obsession, it is crucial to explore the source of depression or anxiety. Psychodynamic psychotherapy can assist in exploring problems or struggles in the subconscious while behavioral therapy can provide healthy lifestyle changing behavior. The reason many diets and self-help programs are unsuccessful is that people do not typically learn to understand why unhealthy behavior began in the first place.”

What type of professional help is available for someone who is obsessed with their weight?

“Individual and group therapy is available through a therapist or through many health-focused programs at your local health center or hospital. Many hospitals have a resource center that can provide groups or referrals to private therapists. Many diet programs these days are beginning to employ psychologists to provide a behavior modification component to their programs. Not every person who is over or underweight has a weight obsession. It is important to not pathologize behavior without understanding its cause. Finally, it is important to remember that nothing “just happened” but to believe that we all have the power to choose how we behave and to choose to change our behavior.”