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July 9, 2020

Social Media

How Places like MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook Can Ruin Relationships

In the 2000 Social Networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, and just in the recent years Twitter have become a popular way to meet new people, talk to old friends, and even keep up with family, but could these sites really ruin a relationship? With all the good that these social networking sites can do if they used incorrectly they cause a relationship to end.

Spouse Or Significant Other Cheating On These Social Networking Sites

It used to be that when a man and women wanted to cheat they would have to go and met with the person that they were cheating with at places like bars, clubs, restaurants, and motels. Now with the inventions of these social networking sites it has become that much easier to meet people and if you are in a relationship that believes that talking with women or men other than your partner other cheating is that much easier. This can be something that would ruin a relationship and especially if there is not trust in your relationship. Trust is key to making a relationship work, but when someone has cheated on you in the past then do not expect your partner to just let it go, it will never end just there. Keep in mind if you decide to cheat on these sites, you may not be caught right away but just like any other forms of cheating in time they will get found out.

Spouse Or Significant Other Having A MySpace, Facebook, Or Twitter Page

When it comes to social networking this makes it easier for a partner or spouse to keep track of you and everything that you are doing on these sites. All they would have to do if they wanted to keep track of you is create their own profiles on these social networking sites and they could see everything that is being said to you, and even if you set your profile invisible to the public to be seen only by friends this could cause fights in the relationship if you refuse to add them as a friend. When you set it as invisible to the public, but you are not allowing your spouse or partner to see what is going on that only helps them think that you are doing something wrong or you would not have anything to hide. You have to be aware that these sites are not a way for you to cheat because of course like any other form of cheating, you may not be caught that minute, but as time goes on you will get caught. If you do not have your Profiles set to invisible then anyone can browse through your comments and see what is being said to you. These comments can be sometimes taken out of context and they can even be added by someone that you do not even know unless you set your profile accordingly so that you can weed out some of these comments before they are posted publicly for everyone to see. If you decided to answer back to these comments you better be careful what you say to the other person because if they are set to public your spouse or partner can also read these comments and it could take a very bad turn for you

Furthermore,  with the help of modern tools like https://instaprivateviewer.com, it is now possible for people to easily go to the profiles of the person they like to check even if the profiles are on the private mode. This kind of tool has been highly useful nowadays.

Spouse Or significant Other Knowing Your Password

This can be something that will ruin your relationship. We are always told not to tell our passwords to anyone, but sometimes it cannot be helped. If your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse lives with you good chances they always know that password that you use. You might not think that they do, but this is where keeping easy passwords like the name of your kids, relatives, or important dates can back fire on you. These social networking websites will let almost anyone log into your account. They do not ask questions when they see a different IP address being used and even at that if you live in the same house then there is easy access to your computer. So if you save your passwords to your computer then all they would have to know your screen name and the password is provided for them. Then they have all access to see whatever they want and this includes the private messages that are sent to you.

If you are in a relationship with someone is jealous these social networking sites can be a nightmare. Constantly being checked to see what is being said to someone else and what is being said to you. The best way to keep these sites from ruining a relationship is to talk to only people that your Spouse or significant other know, instead of random people that will post their comments on your pages. Be an open book and let them view your profile with you, do not block them because this only tells your spouse or significant other that there is a reason that you are not letting them gain access. Do not give them a reason to be suspicious.