Log Splitter- Choosing the Best for the Job

Whenever there is a new product out in the market, we all are excited to try it out but at the same time, there is the apprehension on whether it will turn out to be as good as the previous one alongwith the fact that most of the products today are inferior copies of the big time brands.

However, what if the products are the ones that you’ve never seen or heard of before? Would you still go and buy it? There are certain machines or devices that won’t ring a bell in the memory like for example log splitter because only a few have seen and heard of it.

Log splitters are basically objects of machinery that can cut firewood, hardwood and softwood within a matter of minutes and comprises of two types- electrical and gas log splitter while given below are the top 10 gas log splitters on the market enhancing your knowledge.


  • Champion 7
  • Yardmax
  • Champion Power 37
  • Frictionless Dirty Hand
  • Northstar
  • Swisher
  • Swisher Gas Power
  • Champion Ton
  • Champion Power 27
  • Powerhouse Dual

If you want to buy the right log splitter, you should be able to differentiate electrical and gas log splinters easily alongwith the density of the wood, its size and whether it is fresh or seasoned.

Make sure that you buy log splitters that are large in size as it requires pressure to cut through the wood and the thickness would mean that more amount of wood can be cut through with ease through the splitter.

Fresh wood would have more moisture in it which makes it difficult cut through in time while seasoned wood has aged enough for the moisture to evaporate, thereby making it more brittle and splits easily which takes a period of 6 months and if you are working on fresh wood, you need a lot of strength and patience to split it apart.

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