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How to Increase Facebook Fans to Over 1,000 in About One Week

In order to succeed in marketing your Facebook business page, you need to have a strong fan base. The good news is that it is possible to increase your Facebook fans or “Likes” to 1,000+ in a relatively short time period. For that, you can click here if you Want to buy Instagram views Facebook likes.

Here are key Facebook strategies that if done correctly can get you 1,000+ Facebook fans in less than a week.

Advertising on Facebook gives you an opportunity to tell people why they should like you. The easiest way to do this is by using short, friendly copy as opposed to long copy and capitalizing the word “LIKE” within your ad.

Don’t forget to use interesting images and try out different target demographics. The ultimate goal is with Facebook Ads is to achieve a high click-through rate. Facebook will reward you by reducing your cost per click (CPC). So make sure to test out different variations of ads until you find a few that work really well.

One of the main challenges of advertising on Facebook is that ads fizzle out very quickly. In fact, for most ads, the click to fan ratio falls by 50% within the first 24-36 hours. This is why you must keep an eye on the click-through rate at all times. Rotating in new ads will have a positive impact on your click-through rate and decrease the cost of your Facebook ads.

Keep Them on Facebook

If you send users to your website, it will generate fewer Likes than if you sent them to your Facebook business page.

Sending any Facebook users that click on your ads to your page’s wall is almost like sending the people who click on your Google ads to your home page. The wall is basically a collection of comments by people who have “Liked” your page and updates posted by your company. A better approach is to create a landing page with a clear call to action and value proposition to get people to “Like” the page.

One of the many perks of marketing on Facebook is that you have a lot of options to customize your Facebook page. Creating a landing page that communicates the value of “Liking” your page is a great way to improve the rate you convert visitors to “Likes”. As far as incentives in Facebook advertising are concerned, the possibilities are virtually endless. Just ask yourself, “What incentive would motivate people to click the Like button?”. By just adding an incentivized landing page you can increase your visitor to “like” conversion by 200-400%.

Once you have come up with at least a couple variations of ads for Facebook campaigns you’ll need to separate them into two categories; test campaigns and production campaigns. Test campaigns are low budget marketing campaigns that are still in the testing phase while production campaigns are high budget campaigns that have already shown a high click to “Like” ratio.

Just because an ad has a high click-through rate doesn’t mean it is going to have a high “Like” rate. Some of the people who are clicking on your ad could be very different from your target demographic. It’s important to create and test different ad variations and landing pages to find ones with a high click to “like” ratio.

Updating your Facebook business page to include interesting news, links, quizzes, and surveys is a great way to keep fans engaged. If they find your update really interesting they might share it with their friends.

With the right approach and a little planning, your business can get 1,000+ targeted Facebook “Likes” in about a week. Just remember it’s not only about the quantity of “Likes” but the quality.

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