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What Are The Odds Of A Bunk Bed Breaking?

Everyone once in their life has slept in bunk beds, whether it was the time of summer camps or college dorms. However, if you are not aware of the odds of bunk bed breaking, then there are chances that you are not getting better sleep at night. Here you will find the reasons that increase the chances of bunk beds’ breaking.

Playing On The Bed

One of the main reasons for bunk bed breaking is that kids play a lot on the bunk bed, causing loose joints in the mattress and can lead to breakage. Though, steel or wooden bunk beds of Lastevoodi will offer you excellent quality bunk beds.

Not Using Guardrails

One of the most common mistakes made by parents is that they do not use guardrails, and it will protect your kids from unintentionally falls and injuries.

Do Not Have A Proper Mattress Foundation

Before using the bunk bed, you need to ensure that all the mattress foundations are fixed and tighten properly to ensure more excellent safety for your kids. The mattress can get loose when kids play at the bunk beds a lot.

Age Factor

One of the main factors of breakage of top bunk bed is that children over 6 six years are not allowed to sleep at the top of the bunk beds because they cannot handle that much weight due to a weak foundation.

One Person Space In The Top Bunk

Whether your child wants to hang around, read books, take a nap, or any other things with their companion, then it is advisable to let them stick with the bottom bed to avoid the chances of breakage of bunk beds.

The above mentioned are the reasons behind breaking bunk beds and making sure you analyze each situation to prevent your bunk bed from falling.

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