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3 Benefits Of Silk Crib Bedding

There is nothing that excites the new parents other than preparing for the arrival of your new baby. They always prepare the best for their precious ones. When it comes to choosing a crib sheet, then you must always choose 100% pure silk, hypoallergenic, and all-natural crib so that your baby gets overall comfort. 

Here are various benefits of choosing silk crib sheets for your newly born from Bonuses.

Keep baby’s skin hydrated

Nothing is as smooth as a baby’s skin in touch. The skin of a newborn is rich in moisture and soft like cotton. But as the baby comes in touch with the outside world, the skin becomes vulnerable to many ailments and problems like cradle cap, dryness, eczema, etc. But silk fabric can help with all these problems. When a baby sweats on a silk crib, the moisture gets wicked away for yeast growth. This helps in keeping the baby dry and comfortable for an extended period of time. 

Silk crib regulate baby’s temperature

Silk crib bedding is not only soft and comfortable, but it also helps to regulate body temperature. Cotton is a good absorbent and helps to retain moisture in the baby’s skin; on the other hand, silk wicks away moisture from the baby’s skin and keeps it dry and comfortable. This also helps to regulate temperature by keeping the baby’s body warm in winter and cool in winter. When your baby is comfortable, he can get a great sleep at night.

Silk crib fresh sheet environment friendly and safe

Silk crib uses environment-friendly dies, and each product is free of chemicals. The product is certified by OEKO-TEX standard 100, a global test that successfully sets the standards for screening if any harmful chemical or substance is used in the production textile. This test guarantees that the Bonuses product is free from all substances such as irritants and toxin chemicals. 

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