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The Basics Of Puppy Potty Training

Who can resist the adorable gaze of an eight-week-old Shiba inu rescue? They can give you such a cute stare with their little neck tilted to the side and tiny eyebrows looking at you with an excited gaze. But they also use your house as a huge permanent bathroom.

Training your puppy increases your joy of having a dog, and makes the relationship with your dog much stronger. An untrained dog is an invitation for disaster. It doesn’t matter if its a four-pound Toy Poodle or a 100 pound German Shepard, a dog who doesn’t listen is always in danger.

Here is what to expect each day:

  • 6 to 14 weeks old: 8 to 10 bathroom breaks
  • 14 to 20 weeks old:6 to 8 bathroom breaks
  • 20 to 30 weeks old: 4 to 6 bathroom breaks
  • 30 weeks to a year: 3 to 4 bathroom breaks


Crate training works on the principle that puppies are instinctively clean animals. I recommend a crate large enough to shelter your full-size dog, and simply partition it off, moving the divider as the pup grows. At all times, the crate should be just large enough to allow the puppy to stand comfortably, turn around. and lie down. Otherwise, he just might go to the rear of the crate and do his business there.


You must make a schedule and stick to it. It doesn’t matter what your schedule is, your puppy will adapt to it as long as it is the same time EVERY day. For example, 9 to 9:30 A.M. take the puppy from the crate and immediately outside, always to the same spot. Bring him in and feed him. Twenty to thirty minutes later, take him back outside.

Make sure to give your puppy both quality time and crate time before you rush off to work. By noon you will want to repeat this routine of food, outside time, and crate time, then again at 5 or 6 P.M.

And of course, let your little friend outside before 11 P.M. and you retire for the evening. And don’t forget to get up at 3:00 A.M., that’s right – three o’clock. This is important only for the first few weeks due to a tiny blatter.


Each time you take your puppy out of the crate, repeat a catchphrase such as “Want to go poddy?” Use the same door every time you take your puppy outside. After just a few weeks stop carrying your little dog and say “Want to go poddy?” He will make the connection, and run out the door.


  • Outside toilet time is no fun. Keep this very serious business (distinguish playing time with toilet time).
  • Don’t blame your dog. Remember they are only animals.
  • Use only one command. Then reinforce. (NO! SIT?)
  • A training collar will help you guide your dog and “check” your dog if needed.
  • Teach “STAY” ( for his protection)
  • Understanding your puppy and knowing what he needs both physically and emotionally will help a great deal.

If you’ve been hoping to finally discover exactly what it takes to get your puppy to be completely potty trained, then I recommend Jonathan Bass’s Potty train your dog In Seven Days that is easy to follow. You’ll have dozens of specific ideas and strategies to finally house train your puppy. Click here to learn how to train your puppy in 7 days now.


Halloween Safety Tips For The Little Trick And Treats!

We all know that children love Halloween because they will wear multiple costumes and get unlimited treats. But during the holiday, it also brings safety risk as the kids are more likely to hit by a car during the Halloween special during the night. 

Moreover, the burns and cuts are the common things that children get during Halloween. Still, it is your responsibility to be a parent to enable your child to enjoy Halloween while being at the safer side. But the thing is, how will you do it? What are the things that you need to prefer? 

It will be helpful for you to take a look at the following points. These points will enable you to acquire more information regarding the supervision you need to take along with the precautions that you can prefer during Halloween. Let’s have a look at them:-

Safety precautions that you can take during Halloween:-

  • Perfect selection:- 

The Halloween quote movie will enable you to elevate your excitement for the respective festival. But still, there are certain things that you need to keep in your notice while being a parent first you need to have the alternative to carving. It will be helpful for you to decorate the things with the glitter glue or paint or draw the faces on your pumpkin space with the help of art supplies. There will be no damage to your child’s skin, and they can enjoy this festival.

  • Get the perfect sized costume:-

Every single parent must get the costume for the children of the perfect size and the required accessories. There will be the least chances of any hazardous or toxic makeup as the painted art, and craft accessories will be enough. Getting the perfect size costume to reduce the risk of falling and your child can roam easily.


Social Media

How to Increase Facebook Fans to Over 1,000 in About One Week

In order to succeed in marketing your Facebook business page, you need to have a strong fan base. The good news is that it is possible to increase your Facebook fans or “Likes” to 1,000+ in a relatively short time period. For that, you can click here if you Want to buy Instagram views Facebook likes.

Here are key Facebook strategies that if done correctly can get you 1,000+ Facebook fans in less than a week.

Advertising on Facebook gives you an opportunity to tell people why they should like you. The easiest way to do this is by using short, friendly copy as opposed to long copy and capitalizing the word “LIKE” within your ad.

Don’t forget to use interesting images and try out different target demographics. The ultimate goal is with Facebook Ads is to achieve a high click-through rate. Facebook will reward you by reducing your cost per click (CPC). So make sure to test out different variations of ads until you find a few that work really well.

One of the main challenges of advertising on Facebook is that ads fizzle out very quickly. In fact, for most ads, the click to fan ratio falls by 50% within the first 24-36 hours. This is why you must keep an eye on the click-through rate at all times. Rotating in new ads will have a positive impact on your click-through rate and decrease the cost of your Facebook ads.

Keep Them on Facebook

If you send users to your website, it will generate fewer Likes than if you sent them to your Facebook business page.

Sending any Facebook users that click on your ads to your page’s wall is almost like sending the people who click on your Google ads to your home page. The wall is basically a collection of comments by people who have “Liked” your page and updates posted by your company. A better approach is to create a landing page with a clear call to action and value proposition to get people to “Like” the page.

One of the many perks of marketing on Facebook is that you have a lot of options to customize your Facebook page. Creating a landing page that communicates the value of “Liking” your page is a great way to improve the rate you convert visitors to “Likes”. As far as incentives in Facebook advertising are concerned, the possibilities are virtually endless. Just ask yourself, “What incentive would motivate people to click the Like button?”. By just adding an incentivized landing page you can increase your visitor to “like” conversion by 200-400%.

Once you have come up with at least a couple variations of ads for Facebook campaigns you’ll need to separate them into two categories; test campaigns and production campaigns. Test campaigns are low budget marketing campaigns that are still in the testing phase while production campaigns are high budget campaigns that have already shown a high click to “Like” ratio.

Just because an ad has a high click-through rate doesn’t mean it is going to have a high “Like” rate. Some of the people who are clicking on your ad could be very different from your target demographic. It’s important to create and test different ad variations and landing pages to find ones with a high click to “like” ratio.

Updating your Facebook business page to include interesting news, links, quizzes, and surveys is a great way to keep fans engaged. If they find your update really interesting they might share it with their friends.

With the right approach and a little planning, your business can get 1,000+ targeted Facebook “Likes” in about a week. Just remember it’s not only about the quantity of “Likes” but the quality.


The Difference Between Social Marketing And Social Promotion

This article is going to be an eye opener for social media experts and fans as they can learn about the virtual world in broader detail because The trend of buying cheap Youtube views has become a norm in the past few years and one way to go through the basics is to understand the concept of social marketing and its promotion.

What exactly is the difference between social marketing and social promotion? Well, I didn’t know about this at the time I came up with the domain name for my site Professional Social Promotion, but social promotion is actually a term used to describe something to do with education, something that teachers talk about, and it means promoting a student to the next grade.I’m actually still coming second to that Wikipedia page in a Google search on social promotion, not that that’s a really big keyword anyway.I made a bit of a poor choice when choosing the domain name for my site, because some of the traffic that that keyword phrase gets is for people searching for things to do with education, but there are still a good amount of people who think of it as the same thing as social media marketing.Anyway, I’ve since changed the actual title of my site’s home page to affordable social media marketing services, and I sell likes, followers, You Tube views, and things like that.You can find a direct link to the site in the sidebar, but the reason why I’m writing this blog post today is to make a back link to an article I wrote on Go Articles about a year ago.

It’s not particularly good, or entertaining, but I thought that it would be a good idea to make back links to all of the back links leading to my site, from another site or blog such as this, to help the link juice flowing through that link.Here is the article, it’s called social promotion for beginners , and it just talks about some really basic things that you can do to get some traffic from social media without laying down any money, although if you want me to the work for you, I can do it a very good price, that’s why my site is called affordable social media marketing services.While I’m making a link to that page, I might as well make another link to an Info Barrel article I also wrote years ago called social media optimization tips It has a link in the signature to the home page of the site, but it mainly has a link to a page called Facebook welcome page, which I’m not really concentrating on much anymore.I can still make custom tabs for Facebook pages, but since the timeline thing came into effect, it’s not actually called a welcome page anymore, as the default landing page is the timeline, for any page.Anyway, if you’re interested in that, I can put Pay Pal buttons, or You Tube videos, or anything that I can write out easily in HTML on a custom tab for you, and I know a fair bit about good apps to add to make it look nice.I’m kind of reaching the point where I’ve written 400 words about the subject now, but before I go, I should probably link out to a high authority page related to the subject of this post.I don’t want to link out to the Wikipedia page on social promotion, as I’m still competing against that in a way, so I will instead link out to the Wikipedia page on social media marketing , as nobody’s beating that anyway.

Social Media

Why You Need Reputation Management Service For Your Business

Effective data management for your business operation and customers feedbacks helps you to improve your business prospective and authority in the market. If you can communicate with your customers on a real time basis then you will get a good positive response and increased sales of your business. The online reputation management service offers you some benefits and other necessary functionalities. You can easily come to know what your company is based on the online data separate throughout the web.

The following tip will assist you to find a genuine service provider online. You just require easy management for your business to control your business service and customer demand in an organized way. This task is impossible without organized automation and enquiry based reporting features. You can find systematic data management and productivity web based application. You should draw the opportunity of providing your business with online reputation management services for the easy purpose to manage customer feedback and the reports. The main function of this system is to manage your online presence and brand image in the way you want. However you can combine other functional modules to this system for additional features.

You can anticipate strengthen business efficiency and increased productivity with the web based reputation solution. With its business oriented integration and end point support a reputation management will never drop in providing you highly efficient productivity and data management features. You must choose to take service from the professional service provider for a well maintained and well planned solution that will regulate itself to your existing online presence. If your company provides customer support then you not be able to give separate time to drive new system. In that case you need to go for a well maintained and well planned application deployment and real time technical support. A company management functions will be integrated into application database, you can also monitor and assign specific command on a real time basis without requirement of other software module. The Reputation management service provider give you many functionalities for your business as separate modules that can be added to the system anytime. You can easily remove and add any module to the main system. This is the business computing getting popular nowadays. This is the main feature that is available with reputation management system with great facility; you can easily access online data for your company from anywhere and from any system environment.

The main objective of a reputation management system facility is that they should concern for your customer rather than spending time learning the system. You should ask the service provider that has good client record. They will guide you best suitable suggestion according to your budget and company requirement, now you can easily build your reputation from the scratch and you can also improve your business reputation to a targeted level. The management of the money is done with excellence to Buy YouTube Subscribers Safe and Easy. The selection of the right and reputed website is important to get large number of followers on the channel. The reputation of the sellers need to be great to get the right number of subscribers. 

Social Network

Social Network Marketing for MLM Business

Social networks marketing ideas was the thing to do if you preferred cost-free methods in order to market your own online business.

However in case you might be like many online network marketers that accept the social media marketing test…no doubt you’ve strike a large rock wall.

Take a look around on the web. Go to your preferred social media website and see all of those other marketers like everyone else who are trying to get a foothold into this kind of marketing as well.

Certain number of them are succeeding…but many aren’t.

How to Buy Instagram Likes? The process is simple and do not include major complexities. The aim of the person is to get more like and comments on the post. The working  at the platform is done with the skills and expertise of the  people. 

And i’ll tell you why…

They, just like you, bought into social media network marketing without being instructed the crucial knowledge to really make it work.

And unless you know what you are doing, you are going to find yourself losing more time than you ever care to admit to.

So what’s got a lot of people up in arms not knowing what to do?

You can point a rigid finger at attraction marketing. This is the buzz word so many people throw around, still handful of people actually know exactly what it is and the way to do it right.

You see, the main problem you will have is knowing how to proceed on these websites. Do you want to attract prospects to you or do you need to use these sites to help spread your articles and videos? Or both?

Many people dilly-dally on these sites not knowing what direction to go and end up wasting a lot of time. These people complain that social marketing is a big total waste of time. Which is for individuals who don’t have a plan or don’t know what they’re doing.

That is not you because you are going into this wiser and savvier than many other network marketers. And here i will discuss why…

If you are going to these websites to network, then you will need to be someone people want to network with. You’re either the leader people are searching for or you’re a little lost lamb that doesn’t follow simple proven steps. One of these methods will have people browsing your website and examining your content online…and the other will repel people from you. Which one do you want to do?

It’s practically the significant difference between day and night. And the bottom line is, that’s what attraction marketing is about. Being someone people wish to know more about and ultimately might like to do business with. It takes just a couple of procedures to turn around and begin becoming the person who attracts prospects.

Here’s what you want to avoid…

You want to keep away from looking desperate…which is what lots of network marketers end up doing. You want to stay away from “messing” around on web sites without having a clear plan of action of what you’re going to do.

The more definite you are regarding your goal, the more likely you’ll have good results accomplishing your objectives on these web sites.

Social networking marketing strategy can help you enormously in your business as long as you know what you’re doing and follow an advance strategy to attract prospects to you and or syndicate your content.

Internet and Businesses Online

Facebook Ads (Advertising) Optimization & Creative Services

Facebook is one of the leading social networking sites in the world. People can upload images and videos on Facebook. They can also create an album for their photos and videos. People can also look for a certain person on Facebook. Most people use Facebook to connect with friends, relatives, family and other people by using the chat box. Facebook has lots of feature that can be use on developing a business. You can create a business page, create post and share information on Facebook. The administrator of the Facebook page can also invite people who are added on its personal account.

Most business owners that have a Facebook page post some engaging contents in order to attract customers. Facebook also have a feature wherein you can schedule your post on a designated time. It is useful for business owners or admin that are busy. Another feature of Facebook is people can create an event wherein they can see if people are joining the event or not. Facebook is very useful if you want to develop your business. There is also one feature of Facebook that can help on developing business aside from posting event, engaging contents, images or videos.

If you are using Facebook, you are definitely aware of the Facebook Ads. If you don’t know what to do to develop your business on Facebook, don’t lose hope. North Social Media can definitely provide solutions on your problem. Our team specializes on developing a business using social media and Facebook. We will ensure to give everything we got just to give what you desire for your business.

Advantages of Facebook Ads for your business

More Likes

 If you started creating a Facebook Page for your business you definitely having a problem on how to gain popularity or how to make users know your page. You can do Facebook Ads in order to gain likes. Facebook Ads appear on the right side of the screen or on the Newsfeed of any Facebook user. If your Facebook page gain likes, that means users already know about your Facebook Page. The more the likes you have the more chance of gaining potential costumers and sales. What about buying Instagram followers? Yes, that one is also an effective way to get more likes. Instagram is now considered as one of the most popular platforms that businesses use to promote their products. Thus, you might want to consider using it as well.

Time Saving

 Do you have lots of work to do aside from managing your Facebook page? Are you tired of waiting or posting lots of contents on your wall but your likes count is still increasing slowly? Facebook Ads can help you with your problem. You can definitely save time by using Facebook Ads. It is also use to increase likes without doing lots of things. When your Ads are already set, you just leave it, do your other work and wait for your likes to increase. Most business owners are having a problem increasing their likes or popularity due to lack of time in management and advertising.

Target Potential Costumers

 If you want to target a certain costumers for your business, Facebook Ads has a feature on targeting certain costumers interest and demographics. In that way, you will be sure that the persons that liked your page are definitely the ones who are interested on your business. People who are not interested on your business will definitely will not follow your page and brand.

Guide Perfume Scent

What Is The Best Designer Perfume?

If you’re into designer perfumes and have your own, preferred scent style, then you’re definitely already a connoisseur of scent. Even if you’re a beginner to the world of designer scents, you undoubtedly already have a preferred style. Designer perfumes come in a number of brands and each brand has a unique scent for its offerings. Knowing your target scent style and your budget for the purchase, you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

Let’s have a look at what to look for when shopping for your designer scent while we look at some of the top sellers today. Most of these perfumes are available just about everywhere that sells designer perfumes, including the more reputable department stores and beauty shops. Most are also available online if you’d prefer to purchase that way.

Burberry London

Recently introduced, Burberry London is a new, hot scent on the market and is very unique to this line of perfumes. It as moderate strength, so it is not overwhelming, and the scent lasts for hours. Reviewers have also noted that the scent is so cool and refreshing that it stands out from the rest. This is a highly recommended casual wear designer perfume.

Calvin Klein Obsession

This is one of the offerings that target a growing, but the limited market of designer perfume wearers: men. It’s definitely the top of this market and reviewers tend to agree that the scent embodies the pure nature of masculinity. It is a strong and powerful fragrance, which most women find very provocative. It includes such mundane and exotic items as spices, botanicals, rare woods, lemon, sage, amber, and more. It’s very recommended for romantic wear.

Chanel Chance

A top seller in the Chanel line, this perfume was designed in 2002 specifically for women. It’s a flowery, feminine scent with a citrus and jasmine blend. Chanel recommends this perfume for regular, daytime wear. It’s definitely light and airy enough for this and is popular among women who normally wear little perfume or prefer very subtle scents.

Christian Dior Dolce Vita

Obviously designed for women, bearing the Christian Dior name, this perfume is what started the company in 1996. It remains one of the most popular sellers in the Christian Dior line and is very popular amongst women who prefer a more notable daytime scent. It has a sharp, woody, and oriental blended scent that comes off very feminine. It includes a lot of traditional and fruity ingredients to make this mix, including rose, magnolia, apricot, peach, sandalwood, and cinnamon (to name a few). It’s recommended for daytime use.

Those are today, the top sellers on the market, and the most commonly sought-after scents for designer perfume shoppers. They cover the bases and will get you started down the road of designer perfume purchasing and wearing. Of course, the popular brand names they carry usually ad a premium to the price, but for most shoppers, it’s worth it.

Sports Sports and Recreation

Some of The Best Cricketers of Cricket History

Cricket is the second most popular sport after football. The history of this sport started back in 16thg Century, and the sport has offered some of the greatest cricketers. Below is the list of top great cricketers of all time. Before starting CPL Live Stream, know the greatest cricketers in the history of cricket.  

Sir Donald Bradman Australia

Sir Bradman is the iconic batsman of Australia, and he was widely regarded as the greatest sportsman in the history of cricket. He has an unparalleled record and batting average. 

Sachin Tendulkar India

He is the modern legend of cricket, and he is regarded as India’s very own God of Cricket with many centuries in his record. He is a world-class batsman with decent bowling ability. 

Sir Garfield Sobers West Indies

The West Indies all-rounder, Sir Garfield, can do everything on the field, from spin bowling to fast bowling and making centuries like a professional sportsperson. He has many centuries and wickets in his record.

Wasim Akram Pakistan

The greatest and faster bowler of all time, Wasim Akram from Pakistan team holds much world record for most wickets. He has the special talent to move the ball in both the ways in one delivery, and it is termed as double swing.

Brain Lara West Indies 

Considered as the supreme batsman of his era, Lara is the best left-handed batsman of all time. He has several records in his name and known best for the highest individual score in first-class cricket with 501 runs no out. 

Shane Warne Australia

The god of spin bowling, Shane Warne is the greatest bowler of all time. He is also referred to as the five Wisden Cricketers of the Century by the panel of cricket experts. 

So, these were some of the greatest cricketers of all time and ensure to catch the live action in CPL Live Stream in 2020.        

Shopping and Product Reviews

Custom stickers: Uses and its types

Everyone loves different styles of stickers to post on their windows room’s notebooks and that many more places. There is thousands type of labels which are available in the market, and we can also design our stickers. There are many places where we can paste stickers for the customer’s attention. Kleebised klaasile gives a fantastic look and appears attractive. Pasting such stickers on moving objects like cars helps in getting more viewers.

Some familiar places where we can apply stickers

Applying stickers on useful areas plays an important role, especially. The decals are made so that every person makes a look and tries to read them. Placing stickers are quite better than posting hoardings and posters. Today we see that every company has its customized labels which they use on their products and services.

Car windows

 Cars are movable, so if the sticker is placed on such things, more and more customers will read the label’s information. Even car manufacturing companies also paste their brand stickers, which includes the features of that automobile. The names are removable and do not cause any harm to the place where it is stuck. The trend of using custom stickers is increasing day by day.

Glass stickers:

The stickers placed on glass are quite big, and they promote the best marketing of the product. Glass stickers can only be placed on a glass surface either. It’s a glass door or a window. It does not cause any harm to the class when it is removed. Placing 3-D stickers on the glass surface gives a fantastic and attractive look. People usually prefer personalized labels as they also help in advertising their company’s products and services.

The above mentioned points highlights the areas where posting custom stickers provides the best results.