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Tips on Efficiently Marketing Yourself for Jobs Globally

The นำเข้าแรงงาน industry is now a seen as a promising career opportunity for many. In a global economy, people no longer find competition for jobs just in their own city, they are competing for jobs globally as well. A call center in Des Moines may very well be recruiting in Pakistan or even China, and the opposite is just as true. 

For those who have already jumped on the Internet bandwagon and learned how to turn their skills into a marketable commodity online, they now need to jump out of the box even further and learn which tools to use to gain the attention they need to compete effectively. 

Everything is changing. Job hunting is now considered an ever changing live arena where just about anything goes. At least, anything that might work. It’s up to you the job hunter to figure out, and figure out quickly, what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Resumes have changed dramatically. Although there are many reasons to keep and use what we might consider an old fashioned version of a resume with a formal objective statement, career highlights, education and jobs, resumes now need to be 100% search engine compatible – especially for those who are indeed focusing on job hunting outside their geographic area. 

Resumes now need to consist of strong keyword phrases, short blurbs that describe skills, and job titles and duties rather than companies and locations. For many, something similar to a functional resume works better than a chronological resume. 

With many companies recruiting from virtually the entire free world, they need to find workable ways to read resumes and applications in a short period of time. The job hunter, in the same amount of time, needs to find a way to maximize his strengths and abilities to capture a recruiter’s undivided attention. 

In addition to learning to market your skill set and experience globally, you still have many opportunities to market yourself closer to home. Here are some tips to get you on the right path to success: 

  • Turn your resume into a streamlined bulleted list of skills and job titles. Forget the full sentences, and forget the awards, community service and the fluff. You have 10 seconds to make an impression. Your resume should include first initial, last name, email address. No other personal information! Learn how to encapsulate your experience into a few short words. How can recruiters find your resume in an entire group? They will search on keywords. Instead of saying, “Director of Marketing”, have bullet points that say “marketing collateral”, “multi mediamarketing”- this is what companies will be looking for. Everything else can be filled in later.
  • Instead of traditional business cards, give out mini resumes. Buy business cards that fold over and use an attractive template meant for this purpose. Again, keywords! Add contact info, your website, etc.

  • Forget the Facebook thing! Facebook is for social networking, not job hunting. Anyone who becomes your “friend” can see everything. You may be trying to find a job, but your future boss isn’t going to be impressed with photos of last week’s keg party. Same with Twitter.
  • You CAN set up a company site (yours!) on Facebook specifically for job hunting. Let’s say you are a web designer. Find a name for your “company” and develop a page where you can invite fans. THIS can work wonders! Again, same with Twitter. You can have multiple Twitter accounts; make one a professional job hunting account.
  • Maximize your email signatures. For job hunting you should have one professional sounding email account. When you use this, add a hypertext email signature to your outgoing messages. Have a link to your website, your online resume,your(professional) Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Remember – employers are already looking for people just like you. Make it easy for them to find you! 


RPG Maker VX Vs. XP

Yes, there are several two letter abbreviations, but that’s beside the point. There are significant differences between the two most recent versions of the RPG Maker series, each with it’s own very specific strengths and weaknesses for RPG Game development.

For example, both are nothing more than tile-based game development engines. They offer no specially three dimensional modeling for designing games that would keep up with the modern graphics curve. This isn’t like any casino online in Indonesia that runs on few smooth basic rules and tactics. Instead, RPG Maker has so far focused on a simple world make of 2D sprites and tilesets. Design is much easier as a result, however, and a quality storyline could potentially make up for the graphic shortcomings (compare reading a good book to watching a pointless television show). XP and VX are, however, the first two RPG Maker programs released for sale in America, each for $60.

The first major difference between the two programs is the differences between chipset expansion. VX limits game designers to no more than 5 chipsets, which can hinder the design of a long game with many different maps. With XP, however, game designers can make as many chipsets as necessary for their game.

Also of note is the fact that XP has been available for much longer. Most tutorials and guides teach advanced topics specifically designed for RMXP, making it harder to learn and get started with RMVX. Beginners are often more comfortable with RMVX, as it is designed to have a simpler interface and more of an easy to use design. RPG Maker VX includes some upgrades over XP, which makes game development faster in the beginning, though, which could be advantageous in a number of situations. For example, RMVX has upgrades to the scripting system that XP will never receive, and most program updates will likely be targeted to VX. RMVX also makes adding messages easier with the batch input command.

Many designers agree that VX also has more of a chibi-style look to their games (characters are smaller), which is not currently in style. XP uses larger character sprites, along with everything that goes with them (larger doors, for example), which makes a game seem a little more modern. Moreover, everything in rpgmaker vx has more of a blocky feel. Diagonal walls are nearly impossible (or at least more difficult) thanks to the auto-shadowing, and it’s even difficult to diagonal paths and patches of grass in the newer system. Artistic developers keen on making their own tiles, characters, objects, and resources are more likely to prefer XP’s design.

Overall, the best solution is to download the 30-day trial of each version, and decide which program will work best for your individual needs. Some developers who are not as skilled with programming and chipset design, and would rather focus on creating a fun storyline might be more suited to VX, while others may be more suited to XP. In the end, it’s up to the individual developer’s preferences and needs.


Photo Scavenger Hunts: Putting a Twist on an Old Game

Most everyone knows what a Scavenger Hunt is. You get a list of items, then set out, in teams or alone, to find said items. You expect it to be alot of fun, to have some difficulty finding items. Or have to do something silly to find them. But there is a new way to play the game. A way that means you don’t even have to be around the other people participating. People from all over the globe can join in. Photography scavenger hunts.

Now a Photo Scavenger Hunt is different in the traditional Hunts by a small way. Rather then collecting an item. You collect a picture. Say your prompt is an old family photo. Well in traditional hunts, you would get a photograph. Well what if the photo is very special, or its delicate. A photo of the photo is a perfect solution. But having your scavenger hunts as photo hunts has an unexpected benefit. You can offer up so many more prompts then ever before. Every theme, every idea, suggestion, emotion can be found and photographed. This leaves the world of scavenger hunts wide open.

There are plenty of ways you can start a photography scavenger hunt. Like me, you can join an online community and set one up. Others can join in, they leave links to their completed scavenger hunts. I post lists and provide positive feedback for their pictures. You can take a more personal approach. Perhaps you have a family or community get together and you want to host an event. A photography scavenger hunt could be a fun, easy, and family friendly event that everyone could participate in. Most everyone has a digital camera now a days. You could give prizes to completed hunts, or have a vote at the end to see who had the best over-all hunt pictures.

You can theme your hunt or you can think up random prompts. One of my hunts that was a huge hit was a color hunt. I posted a color and people had to find pictures that fit with the color. Something yellow, perhaps a bumble bee. The theme could be as in depth as all flowers, or as vague as my colors hunt. You could have a video game themed hunt, or a Disney themed hunt, a holiday themed hunt, anything you can think of. Once you have decided on your theme you can think of prompts. Again this can be as vague as find 10 Disney themed items. Or as in depth as find a purple pansy. Its all up to the Hunt Master.

Prompts are what forms the whole of the scavenger hunt. As i said before having a photography Scavenger Hunt opens up possibilities like never before. A prompt could be a hidden trail rather then bring back a pine cone. Find 5 different red cars, two children swinging, or best friends. Prompts that are detailed often prove to be more difficult to find so remember to fit the age groups to the level of prompts. Don’t have children out searching for a rock shaped like a Heart, although they might think its fun. Think easier like a red stoplight. If you are having people of all ages, it might be easier to keep a list of beginner, intermediate and hard lists.

You need to decide on a time limit. For this it depends on where your hunt is being held. Are you at an event? Then you want 10 easy items so people can get their pictures together. Or are you hosting online? I use a week for my online photo hunts and have had wonderful results. In that time frame, people have plenty of time to dedicate themselves to finding lovely pictures. It could be one prompt for a month, one for a week, or 10 for a week, 10 for a month, or more. Its all up to you, the Hunt Master.

One of the things Ive learned, hosting my own scavenger hunt, is to always have several lists ready and waiting. There are times i don’t have enough prompts for a list come Monday afternoon when it is time to post the next weeks lists; that I designed in a electronic format all because of provided virtual assistant which helped a lot in my concerns. As i go through my every day life, i keep a running list of all the things that pop into my head. For instance watching a movie, gave me the idea to have the prompt, a movie that starts with the letter Y. Out for a drive gave me the idea for a river with a bridge over it. Taking a walk with my children gave me the idea of a sidewalk with a drawing on it, or a plant growing out of the pavement. A drive to the store, as we passed a sign it gave me the idea to take a picture of your town or cities welcome to “name” sign. Keeping a long running list has made it easy to create multiple lists of 10 prompts for my weekly Scavenger Hunts. It also means i don’t have crunch time on Sunday nights.

All in all, reasons one might have a photography scavenger hunt vary, you might want some entertainment, or you might just want to have some fun. Or maybe you want the challenge. But it should always be something fun, enjoyable and safe for you to do. All it takes is a camera, some time, and a creative mind.


“Somewhere in Time” the Greatest Movie of 1980, Watch it and You Be the Judge

Great movies of 1980 were hard to find in retrospect; perhaps it is because the movies of today are so advanced in the technology. One movie that comes to mind as a fantastic Drama and romance movie combined is “Somewhere in Time” starring Christopher Reeve.

Made for the silver screen Somewhere in Time was taken from a written by Richard Matheson, who is also the screenplay writer of this wonderful heart-stirring movie. Nominated for an Oscar for “Best Costume Design (Jean-Pierre Dorleac) it was quite a movie in its day.

While new movies may be ahead of old ones in terms of technology and special effects with the help of cgi, the latter always have a timeless appeal that makes them popular even today and anything that unleashes a wave of nostalgia through old world charm, is something that will be remembered for eternity and ‘somewhere in time’ falls in the category of such films and cyberflix tv is still beseeched with requests by the film’s loyalists to make it available on their site.

Somewhere in Times, Costar – Jan Seymour as Elise McKenna who is an actress under the care of William Fawcett Robinson played by Christopher Plumber. Elise is young and beautiful but the movie begins in a theater, where Richard Collier (Christopher Reeve) is feeling the glory of his first play. Enter Elise McKenna who places something in his had and says a few short words, “Come back to me”.

Those words lead Collier on a quest to seek a means to travel back in time. He has found that Elise McKenna passed away on the night of her first appearance in his life. Saddened and curious he starts his quest. Eventually finding a way to travel back to the early 1900’s and actually meets the young and beautiful Elise McKenna at the height of her career and her play at the Grand Hotel. Since Collier had to travel to the modern day Grand Hotel in order to travel back in time he discovers that yes he was truly in the Hotel in the time he believes he met this beautiful actress. The plot continues to move forward with Elise’s instructor and manager William Fawcett Robinson appears to love this young woman and hold tightly to the chains of control. Robinson tries many ways to keep the two young lovers apart even going so far as to have Collier removed from the picture by force. But love prevails and Collier actually wins the heart of McKenna, only to be thrown back to the future because of a mistaken penny found in his suit pocket. I shall not give you the end of this movie as you may wish to purchase or rent it for your own pleasure.

You can find this “Somewhere in Time” for sale or rent at several online sites:

Take a moment and travel back in time while watching Somewhere in Time, but please be prepared to loose your heart to this movie as it takes you to one of the most romantic places in the world. Gives you both love and pain all in one.

Guide Home Improvement

Is composite decking easily cleaned?

Composite decking is becoming the new trend of decking, replacing the earlier wood decking. Composite decking is a kind of building material, prepared by men by mixing wood fiber and plastic. These materials are gaining popularity for their costefficient nature, environmentfriendly trait and fine looks. But with the growing use of the eco composite decking, the queries regarding its maintenance arise. In this light, an important thing to know before you use composite decking is whether it can easily be cleaned. 

How to clean a composite deck? 

Composite decking is favored over traditional wood decking for one more reason – it’s the ease of cleaning. The maintenance cost for the composite decking is also very convenient as compared to wood decking. Composite decking is durable and long-lasting, no doubt, but to keep it shining and polished for a long period may be a difficult task. That requires regular cleaning of the deck. Although the cleaning process is not quite arduous, it’s frequency must be maintained to keep it in proper form. Here are some tips to remember regarding the cleaning of composite decking –  

  • Clean your composite decksquite frequently. Sweeping away dirt and debris from the deck is very important. It is advisable to sweep your deck at least once in four-five days.  
  • It is better to use a water sprayer or a pressure washer to clean your composite deck. Such washers remove the debris from your deck surface quite smoothly. Use the power washer after you have swept off the surface debris. After you have completed the pressure washing with clean water, apply some kind of composite decking cleaning solution or a stain remover. This will remove any kind of grease or stain from the deck.  
  • On the alternative, there is another even better option – removing stains by scrubbing with your hand brush and some good liquid soap or, more preferably, a deck cleaning solution. A slow and thorough scrubbing is very effective. But again, this is not always feasible, especially if you have a large deck.  
  • Remember to wipe off the cleaning solution with a second round of pressure washing or scrubbing.  
Internet and Businesses Online

Comparison Shopping Sites

eMarketer estimates that US retail e-commerce sales (excluding travel) will reach $131 billion this year. They also predict that the average amount spent online by Internet shoppers will increase from US$1,000 this year to US$1,295 by 2009. The sales leads will also increase accordingly. Which is why users tend to choose one website over another. These sales leads are an effective way through which you can determine how well any shopping website is doing and what are its future prospects. 

Growing online shopping figures are attracting more and more retailers to the Internet. The promise of millions of shoppers looking for 24-hour shopping is simply too tempting. But what do you do once you’ve set up your online store? How do you attract visitors to your site and how do you encourage them to purchase your products and services?

Just like ‘brick and mortar’ retailers use marketing strategies and channels to reach their customers, the online world has its channels. Online marketing tactics have evolved beyond banner and pop-up ads. In this article, we’re introducing you to our world, online comparison shopping, and tell you how merchants are already taking advantage of the millions of primed shoppers that visit product-specific search engines, called comparison shopping sites.

Let’s start at the beginning. What are the comparison shopping sites? On the Internet, a comparison shopping site helps individuals search for specific products and list prices available from retailers that sell online. The majority of comparison shopping sites do not sell products themselves, but source prices from retailers from whom users can buy. For example at, shoppers can search among 300,000 health products from 100 health merchants. A search for Acuvue Advance contact lenses displays the product from 29 competing online merchants.

‘Location, location, location’ in the ‘brick and mortar’ world equates to eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs on the Internet. However, walk-by traffic, or wandering eyes, don’t sell products. Comparison shopping sites, by their very nature of appealing to shoppers, bring relevant eyeballs to merchants that display their products within the site.

How do comparison shopping sites work and why should a merchant be interested in partnering with such a site? Let’s deal with the initial part of the question first. Comparison shopping engines break into two groups – first generation and second generation. First-generation comparison shopping companies gain product information from data feeds, provided by companies that specialize in bundling product information from several merchants. Engaging in a Pay Per Click (PPC) model, the first generation comparison shopping sites and the merchants make money when a shopper clicks on a specific product on the comparison shopping site and is led to the merchant to buy the product. The biggest criticism of this model is that merchants will only place products that sell well on the comparison shopping site and they won’t represent their entire inventory for shoppers to view. Examples of first-generation comparison shopping sites are; and

Second generation comparison shopping sites crawl the Internet and grab entire inventories of products direct from the merchant sites. Their business model is geared towards Pay Per Action (PPA), meaning every time a shopper referred from the site to an online merchant buys a product, the comparison shopping company gets paid a percentage. This model encourages merchants to display their entire inventory of products as they will not lose money in providing a wide range of products to consumers to view on the comparison shopping site. Examples of second-generation comparison shopping sites are,,, and

Further, there are vertical comparison shopping sites that focus on specific product categories. Best known among those are CNet, that focuses on electronic products, and Expedia, which focuses on travel, but there is a growing array of other category sites, such as, that focuses on health products, and, that obviously focuses on gift products.

So, why do online merchants partner with comparison shopping sites? Most important, comparison shopping sites attract ‘traffic’, or visitors, that are highly motivated to shop for specific products online. Comparison shopping sites are visited by millions of people every month, so merchants view comparison shopping sites as a considerable marketing channel.

As a business, comparison shopping companies make their revenues in one of two ways: Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per Action (PPA). As such, it is in their best interest to be as visible as possible on the Internet. These companies engage in and invest significant resources to, sophisticated online ranking tactics, such as Search Engine Optimization.

Reputable comparison shopping sites gain loyal customers and in effect bring multiple orders for products to merchants. Many comparison shopping sites realize this and work at building a community for shoppers to share their insights on the merchants available via the site. Most comparison shopping sites allow customers to rate the merchants to help other shoppers choose those that provide the best shopping experience. Merchants, in turn, realize the potential of brand exposure coupled with customer feedback. They see how they perform compared to industry peers and can, in turn, improve on features that aren’t well-received by shoppers.

Given these benefits, more and more merchants venture into partnerships with comparison shopping sites. There are many comparison shopping sites to choose from, both in terms of categories as well as business models. Many merchants settle on partnerships with general comparison shopping engines, but if you are a specific online merchant and there is a comparison shopping site available for your category, you may want to consider partnering with a vertical comparison shopping company. Further, as mentioned, first-generation and second-generation shopping engines engage in PPC and PPA business models respectively. The effect on the merchant is a dedicated marketing budget and planning for products to display versus a post-sales expense. The choice is yours.


Spitting On Battery Acid

“Have you seen my?” The question floats above the gurgling sound of the kid crawling across the floor.

She looked at me, smirking, and answered “I don’t think I have seen it since we left New York.” I knew why she smirked, this question, slash conversation, has been repeated many times.

“I need to pay more attention to things when we move.” This I say quietly hoping to be ignored. Its bad enough when she’s right, but worse when I have to admit it. “Are there still boxes downstairs that haven’t been opened since New York?” It had been at least three years since the fantasy land of New York became only fantasy.

“Possibly. I don’t know, I haven’t been down there in a while. You know what, I really don’t like our basement.” The memory of her last visit betrayed itself in a small frown and a shudder.

“I’ll be back in a while.” Smiling I bumble off, looking forward to the dread of going through all those old boxes, hoping to find that thing I had lost, probably forever, in the move from New York. It all looked pretty bleak; we have moved twice since New York and probably threw out or lost this box or that.

The basement is as small and damp as the last time I went looking for some random object. The spiders were bigger, I think. It is a small room with a really ugly set of stairs, wooden and crooked. The room is all cement and plumbing. Boxes were up on two by fours, water seeping into boxes usually destroys the contents. I glance around, looking for the square that promised, through age, to carry my hope. I reach out and move a box containing my old Playstation and the corresponding games slash accessories. I stop to look at the old games and remember so much, most memories are filled with my brother beating me in this game or that. With the memory of my brother and the Playstation come other memories. One time when I was pretty young I was given a baseball glove, by my mom, my very first. I had just joined peewee. My brother, who usually was too old and too cool to hang out with me, took me out back and we threw that little baseball for hours. I loved it. Peewee turned out to be pretty boring, but I grew to love baseball when I got to play in little league. Unfortunately the other kids had a bit more talent, because by sophomore year I hardly ever played. If only my classmates still pitched like they did in little league. I still loved the game though. A long time late, while in the Navy, a buddy of mine convinced me to buy a new glove. We decided we would join a softball team. It was fun. They pitch a little slower in softball. The glove I bought tax free at the NEX was beautiful. I didn’t love it as I did my first glove, but I loved the idea and memory of it.

I have always been a sucker for playstation and got hooked to it since childhood. I would pass my time playing games on it which I thought was far more entertaining than homework and calling over friends to give me company was an added bonus. A rather useful pastime compared to what I used to search for situs online judi terbaik but eventually got over the temptation after realizing the repercussions of gambling and its long term side effects.

As I finally set the Playstation box down I open the box underneath. It’s unlabeled. On top are a couple random pieces of cloth, bed sheets given by my aunt for our wedding, why would a newly wed couple like plaid? As I move the bed sheets I catch a glimpse of a dark leather thing. Excited I reach down and pull a very beautiful baseball glove. I’m immediately enamored and thanking God for His graciousness and foresight. I slowly, because any great moment like this has to be down with reverence, clarity, and as slow as we can physically move. I slowly slip the glove on and the reverence is broken by a glove that almost immediately starts to cut of circulation. It’s tiny. Its very small. At that moment, heartbroken, I remember that I had hit a huge growth spurt while I was in the Navy. It didn’t fit when I lived in New York.

In slight despair I put the sheets back, why plaid? I stack the Playstation box. Slowly I wander upstairs, when I get to the kitchen to explain what happened I notice the kid crawling and gurgling, immediately my mind shifts to God and what He’s done for me. My wife is standing by the sink looking at me, a sad smile, she knows it didn’t go well. “I don’t understand it, I was so sure of finding my glove. I never expected to find it and still be disappointed.”


‘Guardians Of The Galaxy:’ Meet The Characters From The New Marvel Franchise

Marvel remains hard at work casting their upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie. The film, directed by “Slither’s” James Gunn, features a team of intergalactic superheroes tasked with safeguarding the entire galaxy. While similar to the dynamic of “The Avengers,” this team is very unique and like nothing, fans have seen before in Marvel’s movies. Being a Marvel fan you should definitely watch this amazing movie on 123movies.  Here is a look at who has been cast, who is in talks, and what other roles need to be filled for the upcoming movie.


The leader of the Guardians is Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord. The actor hired to take on this role, and the man who will be the main star of the movie is Chris Pratt. This is a surprising choice for anyone who knows him from the comedy television series “Parks and Recreation,” but anyone who saw his performance in “Zero Dark Thirty” knows what he brings to the table. As a leader, Star-Lord is more Iron Man than Captain America, the son of an earth woman and alien who rebels when rejected from his chance to serve as the Star-Lord, finding a way to take on the role anyway. He formed the group when he learned how unstable the universe was.


Drax the Destroyer

The second role that has been cast is that of Drax the Destroyer, and to fill the role, Marvel hired the man who played Conan the Barbarian, Jason Momoa. While “Conan” was not a success, Momoa has the look and will undergo some intensive makeup work to play the green-skinned Drax. Drax was a human named Arthur who was murdered, along with his wife and daughter, by the evil alien Thanos. When Thanos’ father realized that his son had to be stopped, he created a superhuman creature and infused it with Arthur’s spirit.

With Thanos being the creature who caused all the problems in “The Avengers,” this is the perfect tie-in for the two franchises.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Two names in talks with Marvel to take part in the movie are comedians Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey. While neither name makes much sense, there are two characters they could be perfect to play. In both cases, the actors would only be needed for their voices, unless motion-capture filmmaking is used. The first is Rocket Raccoon, a raccoon soldier with a really big gun. The second is Groot, a plant creature from high royalty who is highly intelligent, but when he speaks, people can only hear the words “I am Groot,” no matter what he says.


Gamora and Bug

There has been no word yet on the casting of the final two members of the “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The first is the female Gamora, considered the most dangerous female assassin in the world, raised by none other than Thanos himself. The second is Bug, a green-skinned, insect looking master thief.


DIY skin cream recipe – How to choose a perfect one?

There are plenty of homemade skins creams are out there that will surely able to take care of your face and body. If possible then a person should make the use of natural homemade skin that can eradicate the wrinkles and acne from the face. If you don’t want to buy the cream from the market then it is your responsibility to opt for a best skin crème that will help you in achieving the desired complexion. Skin is considered one of the biggest organs of the body that will able to absorb that you put on the skin.

Make sure that you are investing money in the genuine product that should contain natural ingredients. There are some creams are out there that is associated with toxic chemicals that can be dangerous for the health. Following are some consideration that you need to take into account while selecting the skin care recipe.

  • Natural products

If you are searching for the natural crème then BEC5 Curaderm is the answer for skin bcc. You will find a lot of people are making the use of orange flower that will help you in achieving the brighter skin. All you need to make the use of additional ingredients that will help you in making perfect products. Make sure that you are using the plastic containers for the DIY skin care products that are fairly important.

  • Facial scrub

In order to exfoliate the skin properly then one should invest money in the DIY facial scrub that will able to eradicate acne from the skin.

In addition, DIY is continually offering the best facial mask, toner  and eye cream that will surley eradicate the wrinkles and lines from the face. 

Arts and Entertainment Tips

Water Balloon Games for Your Children’s Birthday Parties

So you’ve finally decided to have your child’s birthday party at home and in your backyard. All of the planning is over and the birthday party is here. It’s hot outside, the birthday girl/boy has already opened their presents, and the children are getting restless. Now is the time to let the children go crazy, cool off, and have fun with one or more of these top three backyard water balloon games. In this case, you might need to find someone other than a premier casino-themed party planner in Denver to help you with the planning. All of these backyard activities require water balloons, a whistle, a referee, a backyard and adult supervision.

How to play Water Balloon War: Children are divided up by a referee into random teams with team captains. The teams should all have the same number of players. The teams are given one water balloon per person, but captains are given two. A battleground in the center of the yard is marked off using whatever the players would like. Teams then have to claim a section or corner of the yard. When the game begins the team captain of each team chooses one person from their team to go first. A referee blows a whistle and the chosen person from each team has to run into the battleground in the center of the yard and hit an opposing team member with a water balloon. Team players can not throw water balloons until they cross over into the designated battleground. Any team member that is left dry at the end of the first round can return to their team and get another water balloon. The wet players have to sit down in the middle of the battleground. The team captains can then decide to run into battle on the second round or choose someone else to run into battle. If a team captain runs into the battleground on a round and is left dry, he/she can choose any one of the sitting players to go back to his/her team. If a team captain is hit by a balloon during a round and is left wet, he/she forfeits their position to whoever is left on their team; the team must vote to decide who will take over the position of team captain. The game continues round after round until one team is left standing. The last team standing wins.

How to play Water Balloon Toss: Children should be divided up by the referee into teams of two. Each team is given one water balloon. Line up all of the teams in the middle of your backyard with each team member facing their other teammate. The team members should begin by standing only a couple of feet apart. The referee should blow the whistle and the team member holding the water balloon should lightly toss it to their teammate. If the balloon breaks or is dropped that team is eliminated. After the first round, each team member should take two steps back and away from their teammate. The referee should blow their whistle again and the teams should toss their balloons again. Repeat these steps of tossing the water balloons and then taking two steps back over and over again until only one team is left. The last team with an unbroken water balloon wins.

How to play Hot Potato with a water balloon: All of the children at the party should form a circle in the middle of the yard. They need to be standing for this game and the referee needs to be standing away from the circle with his/her back facing the circle, so that the referee cannot see the children. Only one water balloon is needed to start this game, and it should start out with the birthday girl/boy. When the referee blows the whistle the child holding the water balloon needs to pass the balloon quickly to their left. The next person passes the balloon quickly to the left, and the players keep passing the balloon until the referee randomly decides to blow the whistle again. The child that is holding the balloon when the whistle is blown needs to stop passing the balloon, and move to the center of the circle where they should sit down. The balloon should be given back to the birthday girl/boy or to the person that was standing to the left of the child who moved to the center. Everyone who remains in the circle needs to take a step back and start the game again when the referee blows the whistle. If at any point the balloon is dropped, then the person who was passing the balloon and the person who the balloon was being passed to must move to the center of the circle. The two children left at the end of the game have won their chance to get one water balloon each and throw them into the center of the circle to drench the children that are sitting.

A child’s birthday party can be fun and exciting with any of these top three backyard water balloon activities. Water balloon games are a simple way to help entertain and cool off the kids!