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Will Moviebox Serve Us For A Long Time?

Moviebox is a free movie streaming app for android and IOS users. This app is so popular in movies app category. You can easily download it from this link.

We all in live in a digital world. Every part and parcel of our life is getting evolved into something more digital. Some way or the other we are getting benefitted by it. If we consider the arena of entertainment, people, at last, have got hold of an application which will give a treat to their eyes. If you still haven’t downloaded the application, you are passing up a great opportunity for something vital.

Don’t wait and enjoy Moviebox


Get it now and appreciate live gushing of motion pictures and recordings with family and companions and have an incredible time together. Help the designers by suing the application as they have buckled down on its creation. You are the one whose support will assist them to upgrade and update the portal and you will be the one at the other end to enjoy all the benefits. Make it a point that you download the app as soon as possible.

Awesome streaming in Moviebox

When you stream a movie, you will find that there is minimum buffering which is taking place. The app will not test your patience as it entirely believes in user’s satisfaction for its goodwill and promotion. The sound which comes along the videos is equally supreme, and you will be left with no scope of complaining. The app is compatible with a broad range of mobile handsets.

The videos and the movies which you will find here come in high quality, and you can download them to your smartphone or tablets. This is indeed a revolution if the arena of telecommunication services where a large section of users can enjoy movies and videos from anywhere they feel like.


Tinder App – Online Dating App

Dating and courtship is one of the most fun stages of life. Teenagers chase love and have casual relationships. And  when people become older, they start looking for more mature and long lasting relationships. Bottom line – nobody can stay alone for a long time; everybody needs a partner-in-crime, someone who can understand them at a soul level. With the advent of Internet, the dating scene has undergone a sea change, and the internet has opened up many new avenues. The Tinder App is a Dating App popular among youngsters. It is catching on with adults as well, as they are learning to adopt changes in social behavior and technology.

367b70ab2a16What’s Tinder? 

Tinder is a Dating App available on both the Play store and the Apple App store. It became the rage when it first came out as it allowed you to match with potential partners based on your location. So, this app started out as an easy way to hook up with and have no-strings-attached kind of a relationship. But now, almost everybody is on Tinder and some people have even found their soul mate on this social platform.

How does Tinder work?

Tinder uses the phone’s GPS to find out the user’s location and it syncs your Facebook to create a Tinder profile. Do not worry, Tinder never posts anything on Facebook in your behalf.

You can add photos, age and other general information to your profile. Your profile also lists your likes based on the pages you have linked on Facebook. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. Tinder shows you potential matches around you, and you can either swipe right if you like them, or else swipe left if you’re not interested. If you the person who you’ve swiped right also swipes you right, then you can start a conversation with that person and go on a date and so on.


Knowing More About AppBounty

You might have heard about AppBounty, the mobile app which has a reward system for you when you get to download various mobile apps that aren’t really popular and mainstream. Well, you’ve heard it right because it is proven to be very effective in giving out its rewards to people. It’s also great because you can join it for free. 008_hqdefault

Getting AppBounty free gift cards is also very easy because these are all laid out properly. When you have a gift card, you can then use it in almost all online stores. You can get these gift cards at various sources, such as in Minecraft Servers, Google Play, Xbox Live, iTunes, and even in Amazon. There are still a lot of sources where you can get it from, so don’t limit your choices in the aforementioned.

Get Credits Easily0

The best thing about this is that when you have already downloaded the apps, you’ll immediately receive the credits that it promises you. You also don’t have to worry about clogging up your memory or storage space because you can then remove the app if you don’t like it. It really is a very good thing to know that you can get money just by downloading free apps on your mobile phone. Though it might be too good to be true, it is proven that it is indeed true because it has already been in existence for a few years.


You can indeed trust AppBounty, because it’s the real deal. It’s really very good to make efficient use of your mobile phones. Instead of just using it for some nonsense social media posting, why not use it to make some money and get some useful rewards for yourself? It’s really worth the try. Try it now, and earn your rewards.


Color Switch Is The New Flappy Bird!

Do you remember the Flappy Bird game with the creepy green bird? The game was utterly simple, one has to keep going forward through the pillars without the bird hitting either of the two pillars in top and bottom. But to keep afloat in a constant pace and make sharp necessary changes to the bird’s pace was the most difficult task. The game was slightly buggy, not very well made and the graphics was apparently one of the simples the universe has ever seen. None of those drawbacks stopped the game and the developer from being rich overnight. However, there’s a new game in the horizon right now, named Color Switch where one pretty much has to do the same thing, the only difference is it’s a ball now instead of a bird and the obstacles now show up in different shapes – not really two simple pillars. The Color Switch Android game is available in the Google Play Store. Check out For details.


Pros and Cons

Being a highly addictive game, Color Switch is ought to have some good and some bad sides, they are –


  • Highly challenging, but possible once you get in the flow.
  • The background music keeps you awake.
  • Stuck in traffic? Waiting for your turn in an interview? This is the best mind refresher.


  • Not much difference from one level to another.
  • It’s an endless game, hence the tediously long gameplay would get boring at one stage.

How About Online?


After the utter popularity it has earned, some developers have ported the game for an online platform. If you don’t have an iOS or Android smartphone, you can still enjoy the gameplay by opening in your web browser. The gameplay is absolutely the same, just use the mouse pointer instead of your fingers.


Moving into a computer screen doesn’t really kill the Color Switch vibe. And if you are a beginner, you’ll know why we called this the new Flappy Bird.


Hacking someone`s snapchat account

Snpachat is a multimedia application that is used to send messages, mages, videos and text to other users. It has become enormously popular with the masses especially the younger generation and has brought large number of people downloading it. It is free and so registers huge downloads every day. As far as the usage is concerned it has large numbers of users. Many youths have now indulged into the habit of sending obscene messages and pictures and afterwards get them deleted. So to keep an en eye on those messages here is one trick to do the snapchat hack001_snapchat

  • Photo grabbing tool- the snapchat photo grabbing tool is an app in which once you enter the user id of snapchat it fetches all the data connected with the software. It gets all the data with the server and gets all the data in the snapchat account of a user. So being a user you can privately get access to all the data of a snapchat user with this recovery tool even if the data has been deleted from the account. But make sure that you don’t violate the rights and terms and conditions while using the software._72051287_70485702

Similarly if you want to prevent the data from getting deleted or removed from snapchat due to rights issue of the software, the best you can do to safeguard your data is to take a snapshot of the picture, message or text. This is perhaps the best way to prevent the data from getting deleted. Almost every phone today comes up with the screen shot button which has enabled the people to save a picture rather than personally saving the picture. It is a very popular method of saving any content on screen and has many usages. Normally pressing the volume button along with lock screen button takes the screen shot.