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Why Collectibles Aren’t Sound Retirement Investments

One of my friends has an entire room in his house devoted to collectibles. He’s got DVDs, action figures, models, trading cards-just about everything you can imagine, all in its original packaging and maintained in pristine condition. When I first saw this room I asked what on earth I was looking at, and his response was: “This is my retirement fund.”

It makes sense on the surface. Collectibles can become extremely valuable over the years, and there are always people willing to buy obscure items at ridiculously high prices. But would I ever entrust my future to a group of collectibles, no matter what the value? Not a chance.

Potential for Destruction

My chief concern about collectibles as a retirement fund is the potential for destruction. What if my house is leveled by a tornado? What if someone breaks in and steals it all? Even a broad homeowner’s insurance policy isn’t going to replace everything.

Heck, my kids could break into the collectibles vault, open every box, destroy most of my prize collection, all while the babysitter is chatting with her boyfriend on the phone. My point is that anything could happen, and my retirement fund is just too important.

Potential for Loss of Value

Okay, yes, any retirement fund is subject to loss of value, unless it consists of cash locked in a fire-proof safe under your mattress. But neither the stock market nor any other investment vehicle is quite as finicky as the business of collectibles.

You have no idea what your chest full of limited-edition Beanie Babies will be worth in forty years. It’s impossible to predict. There are too many factors to consider, too many ways for this type investment to go horribly, horribly wrong. More conservative methods are advisable when it comes to a retirement fund.

Potential for Storage Conflicts

Let’s say I devote the rest of my life to collecting action figures from all major comic book series. Everyone likes comic books, right? And maybe I pick up a few valuable books as well just to round out my collection.

Then something happens-I lose my job, the economy takes a tumble, I’m injured or ill-and I have to move to a smaller house. Where do my collectibles go? If I have no room to store them at home, I’ll have to spend money to store them somewhere else. And that seems counter-productive for a retirement fund.

Potential for Stupidity

Ah, the big one. I mentioned my friend earlier, the one who inspired this article. Don’t tell him I said so, but I think his collectibles are more for his pleasure than for his retirement fund. He might say he’s just investing in his future, but I think it’s more a way to enable this obsession with action figures and DVDs, and everything else. He likes to look at his collection.

I’m afraid that, if I use collectibles as a retirement fund, I’ll be cheating myself out of a future. I’ll find myself making poor decisions on purchases just because I want something for my collection, and not because it’ll pay off in retirement. For me at least, this seems like a dangerous gamble on my future.

If you don’t feel that collectibles are a good form of Geldanlage, then you have to look for other options and alternatives. There are several platforms and instruments that you may consider as a good investment. Your confidence towards investment should always be considered.

Some people might succeed at using collectibles as a retirement fund, just like some people find success as professional gamblers in Vegas and Atlantic City. But as for me, I’ll take the traditional IRA.

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Make Money Online With Amazon Mechanical Turk

Have you been looking for a way to make money online? One of the lesser known legitimate websites for finding Internet work is a program called Amazon Mechanical Turk. The Turk works by allowing you to take tiny jobs that a person can do better than a computer for micro-payments in bulk. I trusted this site enough to give it a try because it is run by Amazon, which at least made me reasonably certain it was not a scam. What follows is an account of my experiences working with Mechanical Turk.

How does it work?

When you first log in, you are greeted by three tabs. The first tab gives you a summary of your activity on the site and links to your account and payment information. The second tab lists the jobs, or “hits” you can take, and the third tab lists qualification tests you have completed. To participate, all you have to do is click on hits you’d like to do, choose the accept button, and start working. Everything you have to do on the page in front of you when you click accept constitutes that hit, and you should be paid whatever the hit is listed as worth– anywhere from around $.01 to $5.00.

My Experiences

I got going pretty fast once I found the site and immediately started doing hits. The first thing I noticed was the large amount of hits that are worth far more than what you are being paid to do. If you aren’t careful, you can easily spend 10 or 15 minutes doing something for less than a dime. Hits that let you make better money tend to go really fast, so you have to be vigilant and work quickly to make anything. At my best, I think I got up to about $5.00 an hour– not exactly a living wage.

One major problem I noticed with Amazon Mechanical Turk is the payment structure. The person who will pay you, the “requester,” has complete control over whether or not you get paid. They can approve or deny your work for any reason, and you have no recourse. The Turker community has come up with a firefox plugin called Turkopticon that rates requesters to try to combat this issue, but since many requesters haven’t been rated yet, the plugin doesn’t solve the problem entirely. Whenever a person decides to start a fashion business, a click over should be done. All the issues are solved through the experts to get the desired results at online fashion industries. The facing of the problem is with the skills and excellence of online learners with fashion courses.


Amazon Mechanical Turk is a legitimate way to make money online if you don’t need much and you don’t mind making less than minimum wage. Some of the hits can be entertaining, and so long as you protect yourself it really does pay. I made about $25 for 6 hours of using Mechanical Turk while I browsed the Internet, and the money is sitting in my bank account. While I’m going to keep my eye out for something more lucrative, if you really need the money it will do in a pinch.

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Is Greece Funding Its Economy By Hacking Us Banking Clearinghouses?

A Recent Catalyst – City of Portland TN Bank Account Hacked – Unauthorized Withdrawal

The report that the City of Portland, TN had its bank account hacked reminded me of a similar personal victimization.

In November 2008, a small, unauthorized withdrawal was made from my credit union account. It was only $29.99; but my credit union never should have allowed the withdrawal. so how did it happen? How did they get access to my bank account?

Bank Account Compromised (at the Bank and Federal Level; no Passwords required!)

This was a very serious situation that led me to think that if my bank account can be hacked, you can imagine what the situation could be for others, not to mention the subsidiary banks that are underneath it. As of now its only 29.99, tomorrow it might be ten times more and the consequences would be disastrous if that were to happen. I thought of going for an rfp consulting immediately after it happened so as to prevent something worse from taking place.

December 6 th is when I noticed an odd withdrawal by “MB Moon Park,” a company I had never heard of and certainly did not do business with. I contacted my credit union and they agreed to reimburse the unauthorized withdrawal. My account had been compromised, but not in the traditional sense – not via phishing or virus. Per the credit union, they weren’t sure of the details but later showed me that they had changed to newer account numbers, yet leaving old account numbers in place. They failed to notify customers of the change, and of the fact that the old account numbers still were active.

They explained that, due to laws requiring “fast EFT ACH electronic check cashing” between businesses and Automated Clearing Houses (ACH) , and from bank-to-bank, the banks immediately honor electronic check headers (EFT requests), without additional verification. They said that since, at one time, the account number had been valid; and I had authorized EFTs on that account, the requests were honored. I never authorized “MB Moon Park” specifically to present checks against my account!

New York Check Cashing Companies – in League with Greece and Russia?

Searching Internet “scam and complaint sites,” I found that the scam was a more wide-ranging scam than I first realized. Talking with Pitt County NC Detective David Flynn , who was investigating local victims, it turns out the culprits may be “check-cashing stores” in New York, who ultimately transfer the money to accounts in Greece and Russia

Under-the-Radar Small Withdrawals with Custom-Crafted EFT headers and Hardcopy Checks

By November 2009, some 300 people had been identified as having been victimized. The scope was expected to be much larger – later confirmed to be upwards of 1,000. The problem with getting the feds to take action was two-fold: first, the amount of damages needed to be $100,000 or more; second, the amounts stolen were spread out over the U.S. and were small amounts that usually don’t flag FBI or consumer attention.

Some victims had been involved in selling Mary Kay cosmetics (my wife was a Mary Kay distributor), so there may be a connection. The EFT header and canceled check the credit union showed me had very old information, crafted with only my wife’s name and an old house address – yet we never had our checks created that way. Clearly, criminals obtained old account information and found a way to present electronic checks against virtually any valid account, without requiring prior authorization. At the height of their activity, the criminals reportedly had been withdrawing as much as two million dollars per month from their “holding account.” At last check, after about 4 years, the FBI finally had taken the case, had frozen what assets it knew about, yet had made no arrests.

Bottom Line – Always be Vigilant with Financial Matters!

Arm yourself and fight thieves – check your credit card and bank statements on a regular basis and shred (or burn) old account information!


Bitcoin Invest – How To Make Money?

In the business industry, investments are playing a crucial role. It is the way by which the companies are able to invest their profit and try to increase it. For the investment purposes, there are several options available. The Bitcoin Invest way is one of the most profitable options. The individuals those want to invest funds in the bitcoin, they need to take help from the online sources.

These types of sources can help you in buying the bitcoins. With it, they can help you in getting that when they are required to invest funds for all these things. For the investment, the individuals are required to wait for the perfect time. In case you are not paying attention to the time factor then you may face a big loss. Following are some tips those can help you in making the safe investments and making lots of money.

Gather information about bitcoin

Before making any kind of final decision, the individuals need to get proper details related to the bitcoin. With the help of proper information, the individuals are able to know that how the bitcoin system is working and for which kind of activities it can be used. If you have information about all these things, then you can make the correct and money making decision easily.

Choose the best source

For investing the funds properly, the individuals are required to take help from the perfect source. In case the source is not providing beneficial and genuine services then the investors definitely face loss. In order to avoid these types of situations, the investors need to do a proper inspection and choose the best source.

All these factors can help you in performing Bitcoin Invest activities properly. The individuals should put efforts properly and try to work with the best service providing sources.


Some Great Sites For ICO Ratings And Reviews

Cryptocurrency is one of the newest ways for people to earn, and is also being touted as a good alternative to that of cold, hard cash. There are a lot of ways in order for you to begin your cryptocurrency experience, and one of these is through investing in the best ico possible. ICOs, or Initial Currency Offering is a crowdfunding type for cryptocurrencies that people have used in order to dodge issues associated with compliances and intermediaries, as well as be able to raise funds and achieve stability in a shorter span of time. With that said, what are some of the best sites that you can check for good-ICO rating projects?

The number of projects that you see on this site is small in number, because the ones that they follow are only the hottest and the newest, nothing more, nothing less. The interest of the community is also directed successfully to the investments. There are some glitches to the ranking system, however, as some of the ICOdrops are High Interest-rated despite not really having a good reception with the rest of the community, also those that have been rated are either very easy to get in, or have already went past the Pre-sale stage.

This site is one of the most informative around, where both ICO Projects that are Good and Bad are featured here. The good ones, as with the typical search engines, are posted on the first few pages, while the not-so-good ones are featured in latter pages, and thus nobody really wants to view the latter pages. There are just too many projects here, however, unlike icodrops,com, which makes them not so selective as they ideally should be, which would have spared the visitors from the hassle.


How Can You Sell Ethereum?

If you have purchased ethereum or get through mining, there are times when you are in need of the cash and you have to sell them. The most valid question is how to sell ethereum from wallet? Then answer for the same is you can conveniently sell through USD pairing or ETH. We are going to tell you about selling process of the currency in brief.


Coinbase is simple form through which you can go for the selling of the ethereum. You can go for the selling through web or mobile exchange. You have to make an account on Coinbase and give all the detailed bank information. You have to send all the money from the wallet to Coinbase wallet for further transaction.

You can navigate all your cash through to get timely report which will help you to know about the current balance. There will be a public address where you can transfer all your cash. After you have transferred all your funds to the ethereum wallet, you can go for sale or purchase of the currency. Now, it’s time to sell and get liquidity in your hands.


Gemini is other form through which you can go for sale or purchase of the ethereum through USD. This platform is bit tricky when compared with the Coinbase. Transaction can only be done with the help of the web. No other medium can be used for the trade. You have to start with creating a profile on the Gemini and then add cash to the wallet. After having cash in the wallet, you can go for the sale of the ethereum. This is bit lengthy and tricky process so make sure that you are doing it very cautiously.


We have mentioned some of the ways through which you can easily go for the purchase and sale of the ethereum.


Read Reviews on Freedom Debt Relief Before Hopping In

Being buried in debts sure is a big problem to face, and you can even face alarming legal disputes because of it. You wouldn’t want your company to end up in bankruptcy, or facing legal issues while seeing your business collapsing into dust. You want a way out of your debts, thus considering Freedom Debt Relief can be an option to think about. However, you need to read through reviews on Freedom Debt Relief to be assured of good outcome. canstockphoto5917468

Read Reviews on Freedom Debt Relief Before Making Your Choice

You would want to make your way out of big debts you need to pay, or else you’ll end up with big trouble while saying goodbye to your business. This is how Freedom Debt Relief claims to help you, and they can provide services for your benefit.

The Freedom Debt Relief is a debt settlement agency that offers services that could help you in solving your financial issues. They claim to settle around $100million worth of debts each year, and can decrease your debt for up to 50{e9813c9d8e814800adfab8453713bd7a4e278cdf4ff7d1ad409bcdb6e730ae13} through negotiation. You won’t be required to seek for financial experts’ advices, because Freedom Debt Relief alone can help you up.Why-Should-I-Consider-Debt-Relief

However, it’s still all about money and you won’t just simply trust your cash to anyone. You won’t want to end up with even bigger debts instead of shrinking it to a manageable amount. That’s why you would want to read through reviews on Freedom Debt Relief, and see how well can they provide their services. See feedbacks from their previous clients, and know if they could do the best things for you.

Before hopping in any debt settlement agency, it would be best to read through reviews first and do a thorough background check. Let them help you up, and avoid if you think they would do no good.


How to choose the best lender for payday loan

Payday loan is one of the most popular emergency loans in today’s world and it is efficient loan for the emergency loans. Now a day many of the lenders are offered this loan but choosing the best lender is most important. This kind of loan is effective for sudden emergency such as illness and you might also use this loan for residence shift. In case you are looking for the best lender then people must visit and they are offered excellent information about the lender. Once you are visiting their site then you can enter your desired amount and based on your needed amount then they will list the lender. They are always looking to offer the top rating lender and they are having user friendly interface so that you can get the authorized payday loan lender. wpid-pennsylvania-payday-loans-11

As everyone knows there are two different kinds of loans are available such as secured and unsecured loan. In fact payday loan is belonging to the unsecured loan because it is not required the property. Now a day several lender is not offered effective service so be careful while choosing the lender. People no need to go anywhere to find out the lender because all lenders are available in online. paydayloans_hb

Anyone can also get this loan because it is offered by private financial institution and lenders. Payday loan is one of the best ways to solve your financial problems and it is offered numerous numbers of benefits. People can get this loan within an hour and you might also get this loan along with the proof of income. It is not required the too much of documents and it is the fast processing loan amount. If you are having bad credit also you might easily get this loan but it is fully depends on lender.


Have You Applied For A Payday Loan Yet?

Payday loans have become the most popular loan choice these days. If you are keen on applying for a loan but you do not have too many documents or a good credit score to support the loan then you need to apply for a payday loan. These loans are hassle free loans that are approved in no time. While most loans take days to get approved, you can get your payday loan approved the same day you apply for it. If you want to learn more about payday loans then you need to visit acta today.  pdl1

Payday loans are very easy to apply for, and the best part about these loans is that you will not have any problems paying them back because they are flexible. You can choose an amount you are most comfortable paying back each month and repay the loan on your own terms.payday-loans-623

With a payday loan you have the liberty of spending your money anyway you want. This is unlike loans that you get from banks where you need to mention the reason for the loan and once the loan is approved you need to use the money for the reason mentioned and not for anything else. With payday loans you can approach the payday loan institutions late at night as well as they have flexible timings to help the people better. This means that if you have a financial emergency late at night you can approach the payday loan institution and get the money instantly. As long as you have all the documentation there is no one that can stop you from getting the money when you need it. This is unlike loans from banks that take days and in some cases weeks to get approved.


Quick And Easy Small Cash Loans

Money is always budgeted for certain purposes but there are times when there are emergencies and we will be in need of extra money which we do not have. However, you must not worry since there is still one option left and that is to avail small cash loans. Small cash loans are available in three main forms.

Personal Loans

This is the type of personal cash loan that you could avail on banks and credit unions. However, the loan approval will greatly depend on your credit score and income. It also has a steep interest rate which is usually 10{e9813c9d8e814800adfab8453713bd7a4e278cdf4ff7d1ad409bcdb6e730ae13}-12{e9813c9d8e814800adfab8453713bd7a4e278cdf4ff7d1ad409bcdb6e730ae13}. The good thing about this is it will only take a few days to know if your loan has been approved or not. If it has been approved, then you can expect to be able to borrow up to a few thousand dollars and repayment period lasts for two years.

Payday Loans

There are instances where you could get a bad credit score and some banks will not allow you to have personal loans. In cases like this, you could opt for payday loans. You can even be approved on the spot. Also, you could borrow $500-$1,000, which is already a good amount. However, the repayment period only lasts for a few weeks and in order to secure its position, the bank will ask for an access to your account.

Peer to Peer Loans

Peer-to-peer loans are usually facilitated online, wherein individual investors can view a borrower’s profile and risk level. These individual investors will then contact a borrower who they think is reliable and the transaction goes from there. However, what you must remember is that if your risk level is high, the investors can ask for a higher interest rate.


Requirements for Small Cash Loans

Even though requirements for small cash loans can vary from bank to bank, there still basic requirements which they all ask for. The most important requirement is the credit score. Most often than not, the amount that you can borrow and the interest rate you can incur will depend on your credit score. There are also some banks that ask for loans security which are called collateral. They could be in a form of a house or a car. Lastly, banks will also ask for your social security number in order to do a credit check.