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Slot Games- Moral Dilemma

Where have we come to as a society that claims to be learned and mature but indulges itself in activities considered to be bad and nefarious. Well, it depends on an individual’s perspective on what he/she thinks as good or bad as what you consider to be bad can be good for another.

Let us take a look at the one thing that can be put into either category and yet, can’t be fully classified as good or bad. It has attained so much fame in the form of infamy that it is considered the most polarizing thing of all.

Gambling has admirers and critics in equal measure but still continues to be played all over the world as it is too tempting for anyone to be ignored and also comes under many forms of games like slots, blackjack, poker, roulette and so on.

To Slot or Not to Slot

Slot machine is the most popular of all and there isn’t a casino in existence that wouldn’t have atleast two slot machines for people to try their luck on. Situs Judi slot online is an excellent alternative that can be played online where the stakes are generally high.

In true Shakespeare fashion, it all depends on the individual on whether he wants to slot or not and this moral dilemma has to fade. You can try out certain alternatives such as:

  • You can try out table games instead of slot in a casino as you have a lesser chance of losing than compared to other gambling forms
  • A slot machine requires nearly 500 spins per hour and you have 3 coins to tryout. A player can bet $1800 each hour so you know better how much you stand to lose
  • Video poker should be tried out for once and the house edge is less than 5% so it is a great substitute for slot machines.
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Is the PSP Slim Right for You?

The Playstation Portable Slim and lite, or PSP-3000 is a newer model of the PSP, and is exactly what it says it is. It has additional things such as more memory on its hard disk, and some new templates and such. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same, but I’ll cover some of the differences in the review.


The controls are smoother than the original PSP, simply because it’s lighter and slimmer and you can just kind of grip it more easily and wont be having to adjust your hands because of the weight or anything. As I said with the PSP, as long as you’ve had experience with a Playstation console controller before, you should be able to catch the PSP Slim controls in a snap.


I’ve never really played a full game on this system, but I’ve played demo’s and seen previews. The demo’s were pretty old but they still had some pretty good graphics, depending on the game, and good controls. On the previews they seem to be pretty good, with PS2 graphics. The games are made for generally a teen audience, not much games available for kids. There’s such a thing as homebrew though, where you can get just about any game, as long as you or some game developer from over the web or something wants to make a game, you can install it onto your PSP with the exception that your PSP is Homebrew enabled, although the procedures you must take in order to enable homebrew on your PSP slim are different from the original PSP. The selection of the Best Place to Buy League Accounts should be done through the players. With the right choice, the playing ability of the players will be increased. The skills should be enough to offer win in the modern video games. 


The PSP slim is even better than the original for watching videos, because your hands really never get tired, so that takes away a big distraction. The screen is also the same size as the original, a pretty good size, just the right size to be able to fully enjoy watching a video, and the quality of the videos is really good, like a plasma screen TV. The quality of the sound in the videos is good as well.


It can play music just as well as any other MP3 player and has visuals to go with the music too, if you want something to distract you or attempt to pull you deeper into the music while listening. The amount of songs you can hold depends on the size of your memory card.


This is a very good system to have, even if you don’t care about the games, I don’t own any games for it, and I still love it more than any other of the electronics I have.

Gaming Guide

Final Fantasy XIII Chaining Guide

Final Fantasy XIII has come up with a new unique form of combat with the paradigm system. In this new style, the main way to deal damage to an opponent is to build a chain bonus. Proper guide will be provided about the catching of the pokemon at Pokemon go account. The bonus and rewards should be available to the beginners for becoming an expert at video game.

Building a chain is simple to begin with but as your enemies become tougher, it is vital to balance out your paradigms to keep the chain alive. Here are some tips and guidelines to make sure you reach your chaining goals.

I) Use a Commando to start a chain.

Attacks from Commandos don’t add much to your chain bonus but are a vital part of chaining. The benefit of these attacks is that it slows down the rate at which the chain bar decreases, giving you more time between attacks.

II) Use a Ravager to build a chain.

Magic attacks from Ravagers build large amounts of chain bonus but also increase the speed at which the chain bar decreases. Remember this when deciding to use a Ravager, Ravager, Ravager paradigm.

III) Saboteurs help too.

Don’t be afraid to replace a Ravager with a Saboteur in longer battles. They build a decent amount of chain bonus while debuffing your enemies. This will allow you to benefit more from your chain bonus.

Paradigm Systems for Chaining

This section will guide you through what order to use your paradigms in to build a high Final Fantasy XIII chain bonus.

1-1) Commando, Ravager, Ravager

For your average fight, start with this set. This is a great balance between adding a chain bonus and slowing the chain decrease. If you are not satisfied with your rate of chaining, use 2-3 sets of attacks from your Commando before swapping to a Ravager, Ravager, Ravager.

1-2) Commando, Ravager, Medic

1-3) Commando, Sentinel, Ravager

Use whichever of these you feel more comfortable with to build chains against mobs that have a high damage output against your party.

2) Commando, Medic, Medic

If you took a lot of damage while chaining, switch to this paradigm to heal quickly before your enemy hits stagger. Once healed, switch to your optimal damage paradigm.

3) Ravager, Ravager, Ravager

This is recommended only if you need to increase your stagger chain quickly. If you feel you don’t need it, swap to number 4. If you use this, after about 2 sets of attacks, swap to a your damage paradigm.

Note: Do not use this paradigm before using 1-1 or it may be difficult to build a chain bonus, though not impossible.

4) Commando, Commando, Ravager

Finish the fight. The Commandos will keep the enemies in the air while the Ravager supports with magic.

This is in no way an absolute guide to win every fight in Final Fantasy XIII, but rather a general guide to building a quick chaining bonus, which will be needed. Change and adapt the tactics according to your playing style and enemy.

Gaming Guide

Fortnite Accounts- Popular Amongst The Players

Video games are a part and parcel of our lives and there is not a day that goes by when the children are not enamored by it and always engage in fierce competition in getting one up on their opponents. 

They are enjoyed by both masses and classes as they have not lost the old world charm in this new age of digital mechanism and social media, which has indeed made older forms of entertainment obsolete. 

The 90s generation were the last ones who were fortunate enough to relive the magic of video games, TV shows, comic books, etc. before the digital media revolution in the 21st century changed everything. 

Still, people of the old school, especially the last generation, continue to swear by it and don’t want to give up on it as doing so would also break them from the inside as a part of their childhood would be gone too and we all know that no one would want to afford something like that. 

New Game 

Fortnite was launched in 2017 and quickly became popular among people of all age groups with its innovative technique and new adventures that were never seen before in the previous games. 

It is quite similar to PUBG in comparison but far less harmful as people addicted to the former have quite a bad opinion about its nature. 

The fortnite accounts are purchased by the players as they have power and influence and have excellent battle royal games that have to be seen to be believed. 

Fortnite accounts are for sale and that alone is a big reason to purchase it as the game has limited items and resources to bank on as the renegade raider was sold off in the first season of the game.

The new players want them only to show off their credentials as they command a level of respect and business is booming in the current stages. 


RPG Maker VX Vs. XP

Yes, there are several two letter abbreviations, but that’s beside the point. There are significant differences between the two most recent versions of the RPG Maker series, each with it’s own very specific strengths and weaknesses for RPG Game development.

For example, both are nothing more than tile-based game development engines. They offer no specially three dimensional modeling for designing games that would keep up with the modern graphics curve. This isn’t like any casino online in Indonesia that runs on few smooth basic rules and tactics. Instead, RPG Maker has so far focused on a simple world make of 2D sprites and tilesets. Design is much easier as a result, however, and a quality storyline could potentially make up for the graphic shortcomings (compare reading a good book to watching a pointless television show). XP and VX are, however, the first two RPG Maker programs released for sale in America, each for $60.

The first major difference between the two programs is the differences between chipset expansion. VX limits game designers to no more than 5 chipsets, which can hinder the design of a long game with many different maps. With XP, however, game designers can make as many chipsets as necessary for their game.

Also of note is the fact that XP has been available for much longer. Most tutorials and guides teach advanced topics specifically designed for RMXP, making it harder to learn and get started with RMVX. Beginners are often more comfortable with RMVX, as it is designed to have a simpler interface and more of an easy to use design. RPG Maker VX includes some upgrades over XP, which makes game development faster in the beginning, though, which could be advantageous in a number of situations. For example, RMVX has upgrades to the scripting system that XP will never receive, and most program updates will likely be targeted to VX. RMVX also makes adding messages easier with the batch input command.

Many designers agree that VX also has more of a chibi-style look to their games (characters are smaller), which is not currently in style. XP uses larger character sprites, along with everything that goes with them (larger doors, for example), which makes a game seem a little more modern. Moreover, everything in rpgmaker vx has more of a blocky feel. Diagonal walls are nearly impossible (or at least more difficult) thanks to the auto-shadowing, and it’s even difficult to diagonal paths and patches of grass in the newer system. Artistic developers keen on making their own tiles, characters, objects, and resources are more likely to prefer XP’s design.

Overall, the best solution is to download the 30-day trial of each version, and decide which program will work best for your individual needs. Some developers who are not as skilled with programming and chipset design, and would rather focus on creating a fun storyline might be more suited to VX, while others may be more suited to XP. In the end, it’s up to the individual developer’s preferences and needs.


Photo Scavenger Hunts: Putting a Twist on an Old Game

Most everyone knows what a Scavenger Hunt is. You get a list of items, then set out, in teams or alone, to find said items. You expect it to be alot of fun, to have some difficulty finding items. Or have to do something silly to find them. But there is a new way to play the game. A way that means you don’t even have to be around the other people participating. People from all over the globe can join in. Photography scavenger hunts.

Now a Photo Scavenger Hunt is different in the traditional Hunts by a small way. Rather then collecting an item. You collect a picture. Say your prompt is an old family photo. Well in traditional hunts, you would get a photograph. Well what if the photo is very special, or its delicate. A photo of the photo is a perfect solution. But having your scavenger hunts as photo hunts has an unexpected benefit. You can offer up so many more prompts then ever before. Every theme, every idea, suggestion, emotion can be found and photographed. This leaves the world of scavenger hunts wide open.

There are plenty of ways you can start a photography scavenger hunt. Like me, you can join an online community and set one up. Others can join in, they leave links to their completed scavenger hunts. I post lists and provide positive feedback for their pictures. You can take a more personal approach. Perhaps you have a family or community get together and you want to host an event. A photography scavenger hunt could be a fun, easy, and family friendly event that everyone could participate in. Most everyone has a digital camera now a days. You could give prizes to completed hunts, or have a vote at the end to see who had the best over-all hunt pictures.

You can theme your hunt or you can think up random prompts. One of my hunts that was a huge hit was a color hunt. I posted a color and people had to find pictures that fit with the color. Something yellow, perhaps a bumble bee. The theme could be as in depth as all flowers, or as vague as my colors hunt. You could have a video game themed hunt, or a Disney themed hunt, a holiday themed hunt, anything you can think of. Once you have decided on your theme you can think of prompts. Again this can be as vague as find 10 Disney themed items. Or as in depth as find a purple pansy. Its all up to the Hunt Master.

Prompts are what forms the whole of the scavenger hunt. As i said before having a photography Scavenger Hunt opens up possibilities like never before. A prompt could be a hidden trail rather then bring back a pine cone. Find 5 different red cars, two children swinging, or best friends. Prompts that are detailed often prove to be more difficult to find so remember to fit the age groups to the level of prompts. Don’t have children out searching for a rock shaped like a Heart, although they might think its fun. Think easier like a red stoplight. If you are having people of all ages, it might be easier to keep a list of beginner, intermediate and hard lists.

You need to decide on a time limit. For this it depends on where your hunt is being held. Are you at an event? Then you want 10 easy items so people can get their pictures together. Or are you hosting online? I use a week for my online photo hunts and have had wonderful results. In that time frame, people have plenty of time to dedicate themselves to finding lovely pictures. It could be one prompt for a month, one for a week, or 10 for a week, 10 for a month, or more. Its all up to you, the Hunt Master.

One of the things Ive learned, hosting my own scavenger hunt, is to always have several lists ready and waiting. There are times i don’t have enough prompts for a list come Monday afternoon when it is time to post the next weeks lists; that I designed in a electronic format all because of provided virtual assistant which helped a lot in my concerns. As i go through my every day life, i keep a running list of all the things that pop into my head. For instance watching a movie, gave me the idea to have the prompt, a movie that starts with the letter Y. Out for a drive gave me the idea for a river with a bridge over it. Taking a walk with my children gave me the idea of a sidewalk with a drawing on it, or a plant growing out of the pavement. A drive to the store, as we passed a sign it gave me the idea to take a picture of your town or cities welcome to “name” sign. Keeping a long running list has made it easy to create multiple lists of 10 prompts for my weekly Scavenger Hunts. It also means i don’t have crunch time on Sunday nights.

All in all, reasons one might have a photography scavenger hunt vary, you might want some entertainment, or you might just want to have some fun. Or maybe you want the challenge. But it should always be something fun, enjoyable and safe for you to do. All it takes is a camera, some time, and a creative mind.


Spitting On Battery Acid

“Have you seen my?” The question floats above the gurgling sound of the kid crawling across the floor.

She looked at me, smirking, and answered “I don’t think I have seen it since we left New York.” I knew why she smirked, this question, slash conversation, has been repeated many times.

“I need to pay more attention to things when we move.” This I say quietly hoping to be ignored. Its bad enough when she’s right, but worse when I have to admit it. “Are there still boxes downstairs that haven’t been opened since New York?” It had been at least three years since the fantasy land of New York became only fantasy.

“Possibly. I don’t know, I haven’t been down there in a while. You know what, I really don’t like our basement.” The memory of her last visit betrayed itself in a small frown and a shudder.

“I’ll be back in a while.” Smiling I bumble off, looking forward to the dread of going through all those old boxes, hoping to find that thing I had lost, probably forever, in the move from New York. It all looked pretty bleak; we have moved twice since New York and probably threw out or lost this box or that.

The basement is as small and damp as the last time I went looking for some random object. The spiders were bigger, I think. It is a small room with a really ugly set of stairs, wooden and crooked. The room is all cement and plumbing. Boxes were up on two by fours, water seeping into boxes usually destroys the contents. I glance around, looking for the square that promised, through age, to carry my hope. I reach out and move a box containing my old Playstation and the corresponding games slash accessories. I stop to look at the old games and remember so much, most memories are filled with my brother beating me in this game or that. With the memory of my brother and the Playstation come other memories. One time when I was pretty young I was given a baseball glove, by my mom, my very first. I had just joined peewee. My brother, who usually was too old and too cool to hang out with me, took me out back and we threw that little baseball for hours. I loved it. Peewee turned out to be pretty boring, but I grew to love baseball when I got to play in little league. Unfortunately the other kids had a bit more talent, because by sophomore year I hardly ever played. If only my classmates still pitched like they did in little league. I still loved the game though. A long time late, while in the Navy, a buddy of mine convinced me to buy a new glove. We decided we would join a softball team. It was fun. They pitch a little slower in softball. The glove I bought tax free at the NEX was beautiful. I didn’t love it as I did my first glove, but I loved the idea and memory of it.

I have always been a sucker for playstation and got hooked to it since childhood. I would pass my time playing games on it which I thought was far more entertaining than homework and calling over friends to give me company was an added bonus. A rather useful pastime compared to what I used to search for situs online judi terbaik but eventually got over the temptation after realizing the repercussions of gambling and its long term side effects.

As I finally set the Playstation box down I open the box underneath. It’s unlabeled. On top are a couple random pieces of cloth, bed sheets given by my aunt for our wedding, why would a newly wed couple like plaid? As I move the bed sheets I catch a glimpse of a dark leather thing. Excited I reach down and pull a very beautiful baseball glove. I’m immediately enamored and thanking God for His graciousness and foresight. I slowly, because any great moment like this has to be down with reverence, clarity, and as slow as we can physically move. I slowly slip the glove on and the reverence is broken by a glove that almost immediately starts to cut of circulation. It’s tiny. Its very small. At that moment, heartbroken, I remember that I had hit a huge growth spurt while I was in the Navy. It didn’t fit when I lived in New York.

In slight despair I put the sheets back, why plaid? I stack the Playstation box. Slowly I wander upstairs, when I get to the kitchen to explain what happened I notice the kid crawling and gurgling, immediately my mind shifts to God and what He’s done for me. My wife is standing by the sink looking at me, a sad smile, she knows it didn’t go well. “I don’t understand it, I was so sure of finding my glove. I never expected to find it and still be disappointed.”

Gaming Guide

League of Legends Or Dota 2- How To Choose

When it comes to entertainment, movies are the first thing that come to mind as they are considered to be entertainment at its peak form and there is little that can match it in terms of popularity and unerring appeal among the masses and classes, if you don’t count a regular dose of baseball, basketball, soccer and other sports so as to level the competition. 

However, all said and done, there is a serious competitor in the field when it comes to entertainment and one that many youngsters swear by even today. I am talking about video games as they also have a tremendous fan following among youngsters, especially the 90s generation who continue to firmly stand by it even in this era of digital medium and social media being a rampant force since the past few years. 

There are two games that are fighting it out for the top spot to secure a place in the hearts of everyone and they are league of legends and dota 2. It has been seen that these two are the most popular games in the current times. 

While everyone will have their own preference, dota 2 has been found to be far more mind boggling than league of legends (read lol). 

Elo Boost 

A popular service in this regard is the elo boost which has the tendency to improve the players’ performance by exceeding ranks through boosting them. The second player or boostee helps the booster to access his account for boosting the game level of performance. 

The fastest elo boost can be found at and people can select it based on their preferences. 

Two Sides Of Coin 

Regarding the problem of which one to choose between lol and dota 2, it is best that you begin with the former as it is easier with its levels but when it comes to choosing one of them as the best, it is not easy to do so as both are two sides of the same coin. 


Call of Duty 4 Map Packs for Playstation 3

For $9.99, any Playstation 3 owner can download the new Call of Duty 4 maps through the Playstation store. The four maps included are called: Broadcast, Chinatown, Creek and Killhouse


Just like the name indicates, “Broadcast” is a tight quarters map that takes place within a broadcasting company’s headquarters. There are many upper windows available for hiding and firing that perfectly placed shot. This map is filled with computers, desks, hallways, corridors and enemies lurking behind every corner. If you get sick of the map inside, take yourself out to the parking lot; there’s plenty of room for engaging the enemy out there as well. The broadcasting of the game will be done under the consideration of the 먹튀검 verification websites. All the rules and regulations of the websites should be accomplished through the players.


This map has very bright colors and a dark backdrop. A player can take an edge if he/she uses the shadows as an advantage. This map surprised me by it’s size, but something seems off about this particular map. After playing the new maps for nearly two hours, I heard non-stop complaints from COD4 fanatics. It seems to me, that “Chinatown” will be the new “Cargo Ship” map….always being skipped.


This map has instantly become my favorite, due to the outdoor setting. There are high ridgelines on each side of the map, and an underground tunnel that reaches each side. This map is a sniper’s dream, so make sure you look before leaping or you might find yourself down and out. This map has been the majority favorite with the people I have played with today…


This map is named due to the map being an “empty warehouse”. I have not actually played this map for the PS3, because I haven’t been able to catch a glimpse of it. Many friends of mine are Xbox 360’ers, and they assure me that Killhouse is enjoyable. I’ll have to wait until I experience it for myself, because my friends have been wrong in the past! I’ve also heard that this map is a “1 vs 1” map as well, which might explain why I haven’t seen it yet.

So what’s the grade?

All in all, the new maps are a great addition to Call of Duty 4. Playstation owners have been awaiting this release for quite some time and should find that one of the four maps will become a new favorite. Ten dollars could be condsidered a little steep, but this download certainly beats wasting money on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 2. I give the new maps a 4 out of 5 stars.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

I’ve heard time and time again, about how COD4 fans want a crack at the developers from Infinity Ward. Your opportunity will be April 25th from 2-5pm EST and 8-11pm EST. Go head to head with the developers and see where you stack up against the best. Make sure to add these ID’s:

  • COD4Justin
  • COD4David
  • COD4Drew
  • COD4Neel
  • COD4Ed
  • COD4Bryan
  • COD4Brian

Double XP Weekend!

Along with playing the developers from Infinity Ward, you will also receive double XP points this weekend, April 25th through April 27th. It’s a great weekend for Call of Duty 4, so get out there and raise that Prestige!


Leading And Fighting In Zul`Aman Part 1: Introduction

In Zul`Aman, a large part of the motivation is going for the timed chest. Once one talks to Harrison Jones and has the raid hit the gong, you have 20 minutes to kill an avatar (you can choose which one you want to go for first), and if you manage this in time there is a crate ‘chest’ of loot next to the boss where you get an extra item, and then you take however much time you have left and add 15 minutes to get the next boss down, and so on. Thus, time is of the essence and you can pull out a considerable extra amount of loot the better and smoother you can take down these bosses.

If you have a good AoE group, with healers that can keep them up, the gauntlet trash to Akil`zon the eagle boss is easiest, but the boss requires coordination, attentiveness, some one able to hear the aubience effects, and people who have done it at least once before. If your raid isn’t experienced in ZA, head to Nalorak (bear boss) instead, which is very simple, but just takes a bit longer to kill. The 2nd boss to kill tends to be whichever you didn’t kill first of the two, Nalorak, or Akil`zon. If your group hits Akil’zon 2nd you should head to Halazzi (Lynx boss) 3rd, because he is closest to Akil`zon. Jan`alai (Dragonhawk boss) is next to Nalorak, but has the most difficult and complicated trash and fight so is best saved for last unless you have good class composition and are really smooth in downing him and his trash. So my preferred boss order is Eagle (Akil`zon), Bear (Nalorak), Dragonhawk (Jan`alai), and then finally Lynx (Halazzi). You start by running in and doing eagle, then mounting up and riding to bear, fighting to dragonhawk, and when done with him juping off the opposite side of the platform you entered on, and riding to the trash clearing of Halazzi.

Each boss takes 6-9 minutes to kill depending on your group, and your class makeup, so if you obviously don’t have the time to hit a specific boss for their timed loot, just take it slow.

A note on trash drops, these are mostly just two different kinds of items. One is a in-zone only buff like the books in kara, and should be handed to the relevant class. The other is an ‘Amani Hex Stick’, which can be used on any of the frog critters in the zone to ‘un-hex’ them, restoring them to their humanoid form, upon which they thank you and place a bag or box on the ground for you to right click pickup, which will have money, potions, or items in it. This is where the rare frog pet comes from that you /kiss to turn into a frog, and also there is a very rare enchanting formula, among other items on the loot table. This should be randomed BUT they WILL disappear if you leave the zone other than in death. Everyone should check their bags before zoning out to summon replacements or leave the instance. NOTE: NO SUMMONING can be done within the instance due to previous abuse.

This is a very fast paced raid, through the first four bosses, until you defeat them, or blow the timer. Thusly, a basic explanation should be made before the gates open for the first boss fight and his trash, though tanking, healing, and other assignments should only be handed out during the brief rebuff right before the boss, or during the end of it’s trash to ensure people know their roles, and don’t get distracted/forget them. Further explanations can be made of the next boss as you move towards them or during another convenient time.

Entering the zone.

To start the raid, as said above, you talk to Harrison Jones and join him in hitting the gong by right clicking on Daftar Judi Bola which make them to know about all the things in the zone. Everyone in the raid has to be doing it at once to activate it. Once you do this for a few moments, you will save yourself to the zone, and start the 20 minute timer on the avatars. Once the doors open, Harrison Jones will walk forward and will be cut down by trolls. One elite troll spawns on either side of the door, as well as a few non-elite adds. One tank should be on each elite, with these DPS’d by all non-AoE dps’ers, who deal with the non-elites. After these are down you can move onto your first avatar. When you walk into the instance and come down the first flight of stairs (there are stairs that go left or right) there is a 2 mob pat in the middle, and is best to clear them real quick on your way through so as to not risk anyone dying on their own when moving to another avatar. These are not tied to any boss and will respawn perpetually. If you go from one avatar to another until the Hex Lord, you don’t have to worry about them again. If you take longer, bear weary of them when passing through. There is another pat straight forward into the instance on the opposite side of the lake. The mobs are fairly simple, but one may be a caster that can drop totems, which should be killed immediately (the totems that is).