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Benefits of Eating Healthy Through Quality Chicken Meat

It is important to eat healthily and that can only be possible if you become keen when purchasing your food. Get your healthy purchases at  livelean. They have the best products that will make you live healthy if you dedicate yourself to buying them.If you are targeting to make savings, do it buy purchasing in bulk. If it chicken, buy it whole instead of pieces. But if you don’t have the time to do that yourself, then go for the chopped pieces. The type of chicken you buy will depend on what you are planning to do with it. The paler fresh around the chicken breasts cooks faster than the darker meat around the legs.

Type of Chicken

When purchasing a chicken, take precaution and select the best from the rest at livelean. There are free range and organic which at times means one and the same thing. The free range refers to the amount of freedom the chicken has to move around. They spent most of their time roaming around as they please instead of being in cages.

Organic chicken refers to what the chicken has been fed while it was growing up. It is normally placed on an organic diet only. They have to be allowed more freedom to roam and must be reared for more time than the intensively farmed chicken in order to allow it to develop in its natural state.

Proteins Gotten From Quality Chicken

When you eat chicken fillets, you will definitely get proteins which are needed by your body to build organs, muscles, and bodily fluids. Enough proteins in the body help it to repair damaged cells. If you are pregnant, or in childhood, this is very important as proteins are building blocks for the body. With it, bones, skin and even hormones are built. It gives out calories which you will use during your movement.  The body cannot produce proteins on its own and you need to consume them from an external source like chicken fillets to be healthy.

Quality Blood

You will definitely get B complex vitamins and iron when you consume chicken fillet. With enough iron in the body, blood production will be on the increase and prevention of anemia, especially for pregnant women. When you consume more chicken fillet, your body will be loaded up with vitamin C.



You need the energy to work and for the metabolic activities in your body.  Iron from chicken fillet will easily be absorbed by the body as compared to iron from other food sources. When you lack iron, you will experience fatigue, pallor, weakness, and irritability. Once you get enough iron from the chicken fillet, your body will benefit with enough iron and prevent it from becoming weak.


Relief from Stress

A lot of vitamin B complex, Omega 3, Zinc, and fatty acids  are derived from the chicken fillet. An increase in the consumption of Omega 3 fatty acids will definitely protect the body from inflammation and the symptoms of anxiety will be relaxed.


Learn How to Get Rid Of a Hickey with Using OTC Medications or Topical Creams

Hickeys are also called as love bite or kiss mark, but these are basically bruises caused by sucking or kissing the skin too hard. As blood vessels burst, a purplish or reddish mark can develop, which makes it easily noticeable. It can develop in different parts of the body but is most prominently formed around the neck area. These usually heal for a maximum of one week but if you are in the search for ways on how to get rid of hickies fast, there are some OTC medications that you can try. how_to_get_rid_of_a_hickey

Since the appearance of these bruises are somehow embarrassing, most would likely cover it up with makeup or by wearing clothes that can conceal them. There are some who would choose to make use of home remedies. Others turn to using of topical medications to get rid of their hickeys. If you are one of those who prefer using medicines, there are some medicines that you can actually use and help in healing your hickeys faster and reduce the pain or swelling that are usually associated with the bruise.images_qtbn_and9gcqs95xhslg-d2ip5_3qs6lepiuevoumbba0vzh0hoxk_xskbsbq

Some of the OTC or over-the-counter medicines that you can use are:

  • Aspirin – Not only does aspirin helps in reducing the pain but also works in thinning the blood around the affected areas that results to the increase of blood circulation. However, you shouldn’t take the medicines right after discovering a hickey or several hickeys as these may worsen the case. It is highly recommended to be taken after 12 to 24 hours after discovering the bruises. This will help in making them disappear faster.
  • Excedrin – If aspirin alone seems to not work as expected and if you have a serious type of hickeys, you may want to try this medication. Aside from aspirin, it also contains caffeine as well as acetaminophen that thins the blood around the area and increases its circulation. These all help in helping the body in healing the bruises faster. In addition Acetaminophen aids in reducing the pain associated with the hickey.
  • Preparation H – Though this is basically designed for other purposes, many swear that this works in treating hickeys. Since it is an anti-inflammatory medication, it helps in the faster healing process of the bruises.

You can go to any pharmacies and ask for these medications. Or maybe, you already have these in your medicine cabinet and immediately use some.


Great compound to enhance the food taste

Have you been trying hard to have the best of the foods which can surely give you a surreal taste and that purely works as the health enhancer for you as well? If yes then your search probably ends here and we are going to talk about the carrageenan compound that can help you a lot in boosting the flavor of the food that you love.

When it is for the carrageenan then you have probably made a right choice as you will easily be able have the things working for you. This compound has come up to be the rising star because these days, this is now largely being used as the alternative to the gelatin which can eventually make your food have the amazing taste. s-l300

What carrageenan is all about?

If you are willing to know about the compound then this product is simply amazing for you. Add it in the product of your choice and here you are, enjoying the food in an amazing way which will surely create a cool fervor for your parties. Also, you may try this product as an alternative to the gelatin which enhances the quality of the food that you want to taste.

Carrageenan is being derived from the sea weed and is naturally used to boost the texture of the food and keeps it safer for a much longer time. The carrageenan has also got the most amazing things that you can try in and this makes your food and ice creams really nice in taste and rich in texture.013_carrageenan

It is extracted by the sea weed that is red in color and this is being boiled to extract the benefits of it which enhances the food texture and enhances the taste in a cool way. There are some of the issues regarding the food products and that is what proves to be of prime importance. There remains nothing in the product which can harm you or which proves to be really threatening as well.

You may also watch out for the better things that are available to create a better way out for you to relish the food that you have always loved. You should know about the compounds such as the poligeenan as well and it is only product which can be carcinogenic and not the carrageenan. You may also watch out for the benefits that can make things easier for you and that make it perfectly alright to try it.


Ways to Get Fat-Free!

Liposuction has become quite a common cosmetic procedure nowadays. With the way the diet of the present generation has been filled with fat-filled fast foods, no wonder some of them would turn obese. And to tackle this abnormal obesity, the easiest way for those who can afford it is liposuction – sucking the fat out of your body. model-picture-breast-augmentation-image-3model-picture-breast-augmentation-image-3

The procedure is conducted by a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist. When it comes to liposuction Sydney has several cosmetic clinics which provide world-class cosmetic services to its patients. Liposuction has several stages. You can’t just go to the clinic one day and be done with the entire thing. Once you get an initial check-up done, the doctor decides the kind of procedure that will be best for your body. Areas are marked on your body where the procedure will be performed. All the areas may be covered on the same day, or may not be – that depends on the doctor and the kind of procedure you are going through.

There are mostly two kinds of liposuction performed – ultrasonic and tumescent.model-orange

  • Ultrasonic – this involves two steps. Sound energy is used to melt the fat in your body, and then they are sucked off. When the volume of fat to be suctioned is large, this method is preferred by surgeon. This method is preferable also in case of removal of fat from areas which are difficult like flanks, back, upper abdomen and hip.
  • Tumescent – this is now the most common technique being used in liposuction. The reason for its popularity is its safety. In cases where ultrasound liposuction is used, this follows. There have been almost no complications developed as a result of this technique. The amount of bleeding is also significantly less.

Be careful about choosing the place where you want to undergo the procedure. Ultimately it all depends on the expertise of the person performing the procedure.


Carrageenan and Cancer: What is the Truth?

Many people have now jumped into the health wagon, with them looking through the ingredient list of prepackaged food. Yes, you will find that there are some chemicals and additives found in what you eat, but that is no cause for alarm! These are actually needed in order for your food to have the good taste and presentation. Not only that, but it helps keep them fresh. But of course, it should be eaten in moderation, where you focus on whole and fresh food. With that being said, we can say that many food products, so long as they come from reputable brands, are safe to consume as long as you are not allergic to any of its ingredients. Carrageenan is one of the most common ingredients you see in food products. Just like many additives, many have talked about carrageenan cancer. But is that really true? carrageenan-pinterest

What is Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is an ingredient that comes from red seaweed. It’s used to help thicken various food products such as yogurt or cottage cheese. Carrageenan is found in many food products actually, even in baby food and ice cream. You’ll find this in many of your favorites and in popular food products, actually. Back in the earlier centuries, carrageenan has been used as a thickener and also as a remedy for coughs and colds! With that being said, we can say that it actually is safe to consume. After all, it’s been used for hundreds of years with little to no issue at all. So, what makes people say that carrageenan causes cancer?organic_food-533x200

Does Carrageenan Cause Cancer?

First of all, no, it does NOT cause cancer. It doesn’t cause any dangerous sicknesses or side effects whatsoever. Studies have already proven that carrageenan is safe to consume. What makes people talk about its dangers may be the fact that they mistake it for degraded carrageenan. Now this is the harmful substance. Fortunately, you do not find this in any food product, as it can cause harm and does not have the thickening properties needed.

Food grade carrageenan has already been evaluated and determined safe by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives. So unless you are allergic to the additive, there is no need to worry about it being any harm to your health. Just make sure that you consume food with carrageenan or any form of additive in moderation!


Carrageenan – All you need to know

So, answering the most basic question first – what is carrageenan? It is basically a natural food ingredient which has a large number of uses. In fact, it’s found in so many foods you consume on a daily basis. It has been used since time immemorial and is a great replacement for animal based and synthetic products. It’s undoubtedly ideal for vegetarian and vegan people. Carrageenan traces its origin to red seaweed and is popularly used as a thickener in food items. This ingredient actually plays a very important role in keeping food desirable and delectable for longer durations and thus reducing wastage of food a great deal.

Seaweed, the main source of income in the Caluya Islands for many people. The farmers grow and dry the seaweed before it gets sold to bigger buyers. Then the seaweed is processed into carrageenan, a binding/thickening agent used in many products from food to toothpaste. Unfortunately for the farmers, Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) washed many of their crops away.

Seaweed, the main source of income in the Caluya Islands for many people. The farmers grow and dry the seaweed before it gets sold to bigger buyers. Then the seaweed is processed into carrageenan, a binding/thickening agent used in many products from food to toothpaste. Unfortunately for the farmers, Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) washed many of their crops away.


The whole process of deriving it from the seaweed is very simple and often people do it themselves only. It just has to be boiled in a non acidic and relatively mild broth, filtered and ultimately turned into a fine powder by milling, thus making it perfect to be used in food. For easy understanding, take carrageenan to be an additive as it’s something that is just added to the food, like any other common additive – salt, pepper and the like. This amazing ingredient helps to retain the moisture in cooked meats and prevents the chocolate from separating in chocolate milk by suspending it.

How safe is Carrageenan?

Yes, it is completely safe and that is why it is used so extensively in the food industry. It is not harmful in any way and all your favourite foods would never be the same, if it wasn’t for this magic food ingredient. It’s important to note that the type of carrageenan used in food is undegraded and doesn’t go through harsh processing; its extraction is done in a very gentle way. The degraded form is strictly not used in food at all. Carrageenan has been evaluated and passed by the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives as being a perfectly safe food additive. Moreover, it also states that no limits need to be put on its usage in food. This additive is the one which helps in delivering safe, nutritious and healthy products to people, even in remote locations. It’s imperative that the use of carrageenan is encouraged and continued as it affects billions of people all around the world and makes food available to them. This is what preserves the food items and plays a crucial role in extending their shelf life. All in all, carrageenan enhances food security and sustainability and makes sure there are no severe food shortages. Need we say more?


Get a Prenatal Massage in Singapore

All the glitz and glamour of Singapore can actually hide the more tranquil areas that they feature. Some of these tranquil areas are the massage parlours which cater to the massage needs of mothers-to-be. If you want a prenatal massage Singapore, you should search for the best ones. That’s why we’re here, below are among the top lists of prenatal massage parlours.1450745317 Spa Botanica

Well it used to be Spa Botanica, now it’s called Spa Sentosa. They promise to give the best massages, a spa so good that even the crankiest and moodiest mothers-to-be can turn into a happy and relaxed client. Their Mommy-to-be Cocoon massage goes for about 60 minutes and it aims to encourage blood circulation, relax tired muscles and soothe aching legs. A great advantage with their facilities is that you can actually use their resort-style secret garden after the massage.holistic-massage-hood-river-pregnancy-massage

They charge about $180 for about a 60 minute massage. Spa Botanica happily caters to women who are way beyond their first trimester, but they go against any prenatal massage past the eight month of pregnancy, always take caution seriously.

Qi Mantra

Qi Mantra has a prenatal massage that they fabulously named “mamassage”; this massage mostly consists of long strokes which strive to ease tense shoulders and swollen joints. At the end of the massage, you’ll be treated with a lovely head massage which will highly likely release all tensions, encourage blood flow and release all the pent up stress.

They basically charge about $106 for 60 minute massages. Qi Mantra will happily cater women who are at least 3 and a half months pregnant. Keep in mind though that they don’t cater to women who are 6 weeks before their estimated due dates, they want to avoid any risk to the mother or unborn child.