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Making Money by Giving Your Opinion

There are a plethora of ways in which a person can make money on the internet. Money making opportunities exist all the way from telecommuting jobs that you can perform on the telephone down to transcribing for a law office or medical company. Many works at home moms, college students, work at home dads and those who make their living online will be happy to know that paid surveys and writing Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews are a legitimate form of income and companies will actually pay you to give your opinion on a product or situation.

Some of these companies that you can make money from will present you with a survey and will either offer you cash as a form of payment or will enter you into a drawing for one of their many cash and award prizes. Furthermore, some paid survey companies will also offer you the opportunity to “cash in” your points when you’ve taken enough surveys. Some of the companies that exist on the internet that allow you to take surveys to make money are:

NFO My Survey

This paid survey company will allow you to make money and earn rewards by giving you the opportunity to take surveys on their website. The surveys will take as short as 5 minutes and some of them will take even longer and upwards of 15 minutes. The surveys, however, are well worth it when the member logs into their account to see the types of prizes and cash that are awarded. There are four types of rewards with NFO My Survey: cash, prizes and merchandise, charity donations, and raffle tickets. The cash opportunity requires you to have a set minimum of points in your account; surprisingly, this set amount is not high at all and is very attainable. The prize and merchandise category does have some valuable rewards, like a Sony Laptop, DVD player, and Washer and Dryer. Of course, the more expensive the merchandise usually means the more points that you’ll have to earn, but NFO My Survey does have smaller prizes, too!

NPD Online Research

Another company that offers prizes in return for completing surveys is NPDOR or NPD Online Research. This company requires you to fill out surveys two to four times a month. In return, you’ll be given Sweepland points. These Sweepland points that you have been able to be put into a raffle of other survey takers’ points so that you’ll have a chance to win a major prize. Some of the bigger prizes that NPDOR is giving away in 2007 are a Pontiac Solstice, five-thousand dollars in cash, and a $3600 grocery shopping spree. Of course, there are $100 drawings every month and an NPDOR member wins each time.

There are plenty of other places to take online surveys and completely paid offers, like InboxDollars and Fairy Tale Treasures. However, NFO My Survey and NPDOR are two of the best-paid survey companies on the World Wide Web and give people an incredible opportunity to make a little bit of extra money on the side!

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Make Money Online With Amazon Mechanical Turk

Have you been looking for a way to make money online? One of the lesser known legitimate websites for finding Internet work is a program called Amazon Mechanical Turk. The Turk works by allowing you to take tiny jobs that a person can do better than a computer for micro-payments in bulk. I trusted this site enough to give it a try because it is run by Amazon, which at least made me reasonably certain it was not a scam. What follows is an account of my experiences working with Mechanical Turk.

How does it work?

When you first log in, you are greeted by three tabs. The first tab gives you a summary of your activity on the site and links to your account and payment information. The second tab lists the jobs, or “hits” you can take, and the third tab lists qualification tests you have completed. To participate, all you have to do is click on hits you’d like to do, choose the accept button, and start working. Everything you have to do on the page in front of you when you click accept constitutes that hit, and you should be paid whatever the hit is listed as worth– anywhere from around $.01 to $5.00.

My Experiences

I got going pretty fast once I found the site and immediately started doing hits. The first thing I noticed was the large amount of hits that are worth far more than what you are being paid to do. If you aren’t careful, you can easily spend 10 or 15 minutes doing something for less than a dime. Hits that let you make better money tend to go really fast, so you have to be vigilant and work quickly to make anything. At my best, I think I got up to about $5.00 an hour– not exactly a living wage.

One major problem I noticed with Amazon Mechanical Turk is the payment structure. The person who will pay you, the “requester,” has complete control over whether or not you get paid. They can approve or deny your work for any reason, and you have no recourse. The Turker community has come up with a firefox plugin called Turkopticon that rates requesters to try to combat this issue, but since many requesters haven’t been rated yet, the plugin doesn’t solve the problem entirely. Whenever a person decides to start a fashion business, a click over¬†should be done. All the issues are solved through the experts to get the desired results at online fashion industries. The facing of the problem is with the skills and excellence of online learners with fashion courses.


Amazon Mechanical Turk is a legitimate way to make money online if you don’t need much and you don’t mind making less than minimum wage. Some of the hits can be entertaining, and so long as you protect yourself it really does pay. I made about $25 for 6 hours of using Mechanical Turk while I browsed the Internet, and the money is sitting in my bank account. While I’m going to keep my eye out for something more lucrative, if you really need the money it will do in a pinch.

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The Purpose Of Creative Online Journalism

Whatever your goals as a journalist, it’s easy to get sidelined by the point and focus more on pay. After all, this is a capitalist world where we’re all judged by how much we make. For artists, however, there is a different game, FKC Concept reviews will help you in improving your skills when it comes to Journalism. That of recognition, of publishing, of sharing the same view as a reader or holding a completely opposite view, and communicating something the reader never thought of.

This guide explains in detail the purpose of online creative journalism. Not everyone is built for this field, but many who practice online journalism don’t even know how powerful they are. I hope to shine a light on that and more.

What is Creative Online Journalism?

Basically, you’re writing feature articles, essays, columns, and posts as a journalist in this field. All that sounds familiar until you see “posts,” because many don’t believe blogging itself is a form of journalism at all. True, you can’t call all blogging online journalism, but most of it fits the bill. If you are informing, if you are creating a thesis or idea, and if you are doing these things by writing, you’re a classifiable online journalist.

So what do you write? What exact topics for articles, essays, columns, and posts do you report on? This is true freedom: you write mainly what you want, or what you are most experienced in. Newspaper writers often get assignments, and so do you. But your purpose is more in sharing experience, ideas, and interests to readers. It’s easier to get excited by someone writing on a topic close to their heart, and easy to get bored when a journalist is forcing the “Top 10 Business Sites” into their writing.

Sharing Experience:

Personal experience is still strong in all forms-magazines, newspapers, television. But even more so online. This is because personal experience pieces are easier to find homes online. Start a blog, share your tale of surviving a car crash. Find an essay market, share your nightmare of drug addiction. It’s not all 1st person, and the more profitable fields only use the experience as proof of what you are saying; if you say you’re a business expert, you need to have some experience with it.

Ideas from Start to Finish:

Ideas control most writing, if not all writing. The purpose of online journalism combines experience with ideas. Typically, people online enjoy how-tos in certain fields more than personal experience. For example, you can write an article on how your computer died or an article on how to build a computer, or how to repair a computer. You’re ideas often come from personal experience, but just as often from careful research.

Sharing Interests:

Lastly, this is where the true fun for creative online journalism. More than experience and sharing wisdom, more than ideas, and selling how-tos, sharing interests catapults the online journalist into a select field. Have a wine collection going back centuries? Have the first edition of every Hemingway novel? Or do you simply enjoy watching movies whenever you get out of work? Your purpose is to share that, to show others more than your experience but in things you know and love.