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What Is The Best Designer Perfume?

If you’re into designer perfumes and have your own, preferred scent style, then you’re definitely already a connoisseur of scent. Even if you’re a beginner to the world of designer scents, you undoubtedly already have a preferred style. Designer perfumes come in a number of brands and each brand has a unique scent for its offerings. Knowing your target scent style and your budget for the purchase, you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

Let’s have a look at what to look for when shopping for your designer scent while we look at some of the top sellers today. Most of these perfumes are available just about everywhere that sells designer perfumes, including the more reputable department stores and beauty shops. Most are also available online if you’d prefer to purchase that way.

Burberry London

Recently introduced, Burberry London is a new, hot scent on the market and is very unique to this line of perfumes. It as moderate strength, so it is not overwhelming, and the scent lasts for hours. Reviewers have also noted that the scent is so cool and refreshing that it stands out from the rest. This is a highly recommended casual wear designer perfume.

Calvin Klein Obsession

This is one of the offerings that target a growing, but the limited market of designer perfume wearers: men. It’s definitely the top of this market and reviewers tend to agree that the scent embodies the pure nature of masculinity. It is a strong and powerful fragrance, which most women find very provocative. It includes such mundane and exotic items as spices, botanicals, rare woods, lemon, sage, amber, and more. It’s very recommended for romantic wear.

Chanel Chance

A top seller in the Chanel line, this perfume was designed in 2002 specifically for women. It’s a flowery, feminine scent with a citrus and jasmine blend. Chanel recommends this perfume for regular, daytime wear. It’s definitely light and airy enough for this and is popular among women who normally wear little perfume or prefer very subtle scents.

Christian Dior Dolce Vita

Obviously designed for women, bearing the Christian Dior name, this perfume is what started the company in 1996. It remains one of the most popular sellers in the Christian Dior line and is very popular amongst women who prefer a more notable daytime scent. It has a sharp, woody, and oriental blended scent that comes off very feminine. It includes a lot of traditional and fruity ingredients to make this mix, including rose, magnolia, apricot, peach, sandalwood, and cinnamon (to name a few). It’s recommended for daytime use.

Those are today, the top sellers on the market, and the most commonly sought-after scents for designer perfume shoppers. They cover the bases and will get you started down the road of designer perfume purchasing and wearing. Of course, the popular brand names they carry usually ad a premium to the price, but for most shoppers, it’s worth it.