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Everything That You Need To Learn About Image Blender Photo Editing App

Do you want to make your picture look amazing? If yes, you need to use the best blending application that will help you look so good. There are lots of features in the application, such as effects, filters, emoji, text, and many more things. But there will be some people who are using the application for the first time, and they do not have an idea about how they can use it properly and how they can edit their photo or video.

There will be people who do not even know what features are there in the application and how they use those features. If you are facing a similar problem, you do not have to worry because here in this article, you will learn about the simple ways that can help you use them. If you want to get the proper knowledge, then you should check this out!

Things you may want to know

There are so many things in the blending app that you can consider that will help you edit the photo and make you look so good. You must have seen that other people having the same Smartphone as yours are posting better photos than you. It is just because they have used the blending application and they know how to use it properly. There are many features such as double exposure, mirror effect, blur, filters, emoji; you can even add the text to the photos.

If you use the most popular blending application, then you can even mix the photos and add a different background in the photo. Of course, all these things make the photo even more attractive, and people even ask you from where you clicked that or which camera you have. But the secret is you have chosen the best blending application.


How To Change Eye Colour Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial is going to explain to you, how to change your or someone else’s eye color. The first step is to find a suitable image that you can use. Preferably one where you have a high-quality file and you can see the eyes clearly, this makes the effect work so much better.

You can copy what I do on this tutorial alongside me and see how you get along.

So Open up Adobe Photoshop Mac . . .

Zoom up close onto the eye that you are going to start editing, It doesn’t matter if it looks pixelated like in the image below because you’re zoomed in like 300 – 400% or even more if it’s easier.

The next step is to select the Polygonal Lasso Tool. There are other ways of doing it, but I personally find this tool gives you the most control over what it is your trying to select.

Now take your time and select the colored bit of the eye, now with the polygonal lasso tool the best way to achieve this is to do lots of clicks as you go around the eye or you will end up with a selection like the shape of a 50p!

Once you have selected the bit of the eye like the image above, you need to deselect the pupil (the black bit in the middle of the eye). So with the polygonal lasso tool still selected, up the top, you need to click on Subtract from Selection like in the image below.

And again the same principle applies with the polygonal lasso tool, with lots of small clicks all around the pupil.

Now you should be left with the selection of the colored bit of the eye, like in the image above. The next step is the main part of this tutorial and that is to change the color of the eye. For this, we need to go to

Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation or (Ctrl+U) for short.

Now we need to make sure that we have the Colourize check box selected. And move the sliders around until you have the desired color of the eye would like to achieve. Make a note of the numbers in the box’s as you will want to have the exact same numbers when you come to change the color of the other eye, you won’t want two different color eyes! lol

Once this is done click on OK, and then make sure you remove the selection you already have. Hopefully, if you have been with me up to this point, you should see something like the image below. Looking good so far, hey? Looks realistic don’t you think?

So now you need to zoom out and repeat the above steps for the other eye.

Once you have done this you should have the final image like below. Please let me know how you found this tutorial, and consider sharing this with others or maybe a donation to keep me going



Breathable car covers or non-breathable covers – Find out the ideal one now!

Car covers are a necessity if you do not have a garage to place them. If you think about it, then these covers allow your car to be safe from dirt and other factors, but that does not mean that you can buy any car cover you like. You have to consider the pros and cons, as well. There are two types of shields – breathable and non-breathable. You have to study the features and negative aspects of both if you want to make your final purchase. In this article, you will find information regarding the same. 

Which cover out of the two is the best? 

You need to understand everything regarding these covers. One of the critical factors is learning that the moisture and condensation dry quickly because of the breathable covers. Water can cause harm to the metal of your car by forming a layer of rust on it. It can eat up the paint and cause severe damage to your vehicle, which is why the breathable covers are an acceptable choice. They are not as workable as the waterproof ones, but they give satisfactory performance. Naturally, the non-breathable ones provide lesser protection against moisture. It does not mean that it is the wrong choice. If you take care of your vehicle, then it will not cause any problems. 

What is the level of protection these covers can provide? 

Apart from the outside dirt and dust, these covers take care of the moisture present on your vehicle. If you go for the 100% waterproof cover, then you will have maximum protection. If you go for the others, they will work, but they will have a comparatively lower impact. 

Protecting and taking care of your vehicle is necessary, so make sure you get excellent indoor car covers


Buying Car Accessories Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Accessories for Protection

When buying accessories, you need to choose items that will help to protect your car. You certainly need to be careful with your precious vehicle because it is your hard-earned money. Hence, when buying carpet, it is not advisable to settle on something that can easily be damaged and worn. So always go for set of car mats. These items are ideal for protecting your carpet from tare and general ware most especially if you have pets or kids. Other accessories that you may also want to consider for your car’s protection include seat covers, boot liners, mud flaps and many more.

Accessories for Value

Apart from protection, you should also consider accessories that can add value to your car. These items will help to improve not only the appearance of your vehicle but also the comfort that you can get from it. Some of the items that add resale value to your car include tires, brakes, cruise control, power mirrors, power seats, sunroof and others. These things also add desirability and comfort to your car so you can have an amazing driving experience. You can check some of the best tires in this website: 

Accessories for appearance

Lastly, there are also budget friendly car accessories that can enhance the appearance of your car both in the interior and exterior parts. Some of these include seat covers, DVD screen, alloy wheels, stereo system, interior lights, HID Headlamps and so many more. You don’t have to break the bank just to buy these items. You just have to choose the right merchant that offers quality products with spectacular designs and at the same time, very affordable. You have a lot of options available so make sure to make the right choice.


Looking for Perfect Valentine Gift for Her?

Want to show that special woman in your life that you met on онлайн запознанства, that she is really special for you. Here are some great suggestions on things you can do that range from the inexpensive to the high priced.

  1. A coupon book for chores around the house is always wonderful. Most of the time household chores are not evenly split. Typically, one member of the house ends up doing more than the other. If this is the case in your house, get creative and break out your copy of Print Shop or similar program and start creating coupons or certificates for your special someone to redeem for a car wash, a load of dishes, a load of laundry, or even walking the dog.

  1. Has your special woman had her eye on an incredible piece of jewelry, this is always a popular Valentines Day gift idea. After all, diamonds are most women’s best friends. However, if your woman is not a huge diamond fan (women like this do exist) then perhaps a gold locket, or similar style jewelry would be more suitable to her taste.
  1. Weekend Get Away. Book a hotel to some remote bed and breakfast, and just stay in, or go antique shopping. Roam the city looking at the various sights and just enjoy each other’s company far away from the daily grind of work and family lives. Use the time to remember why you love her in the first place and help rekindle the flame of love. Remember love is like a plant, it needs attention to live.
  1. Can’t do a weekend? Try just an overnight stay at a nice hotel in town. Find a nice hotel, and no the Motel 8 location two blocks from your house do not count. Think Marriott, Hilton, or other similar hotels and book a nice room for the night. Order room service, or go out to a nice restaurant for dinner.
  1. A day at the spa is always a great idea for giving the woman of your life a nice day of pampered relaxation. What is better than a day full of attention without having to pick up the tab at the end? Let me answer that for you, very little.
  1. Chocolate is always, always a great present. Forget Valentines Day, this is good no matter what the occasion. Be creative, and check around, you can get all kinds of chocolate from the ordinary to the unique. Homemade fudge and even chocolates with special custom wrappers are available.
  1. Flowers, most women adore having flowers delivered. Valentine’s Day is a great time to send some beautiful flowers to your special woman’s work to remind her that even during the daily grind of work your thinking about her.
  1. A great idea that my fiancé did for my birthday, which would also make a wonderful present for Valentine’s Day, as he compiled a huge assortment of pictures that covered our relationship from the beginning to current as of the time he made the video. He added special screenshots, music, and animation to it using software on the computer and made an incredibly special and sentimental DVD for me that is unique and 100% customized for me. This was so sweet and special that it brought tears to my eyes within moments of sitting down to watch it.

  1. Write a poem. If you are good at writing, write the woman of your life a special poem, or if you feel a bit musical write a song to sing to her. This is another great way to show your devotion and make her feel really special.
  1. Gift Certificate to your special woman’s favorite store. Let’s face it women are creatures of habit, we usually tend to have a few stores that are absolute favorites, if these stores sold potato sacks we would insist on buying it simply because it was from our favorite store. So why not give her a gift certificate and let her pick out something special? It might even be lucky that what she picks out is something that you enjoy looking at as well. Cannot hurt, after all, nothing ventured nothing gained is the old saying.

With all of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there, it is important to remember it is not the amount of money you spend. It is simply the fact that you are showing the special person in your life that you truly appreciate them, and value their love and devotion. Even those with no money are able to make a special and memorable Valentine’s Day, just as those who have an almost unlimited budget can have a special day.

Gadget Guide Tips

What To Do After Buying An Ipod And Ipod Carrying Case

Blankly sitting there, staring at your new iPod, and iPod carrying case? Well, if you are new to iPods, it might seem like a confusing electronic device compared to your Walkman or CD player. To understand iPods, just think of them as a miniature version of the hard drive on your computer. Any music files that you want to listen to are stored on this electronic gadget to be played at a later time. It can seem strange to some people that so many large song files can be stored for carrying around on such a tiny item when compared to the size of the hard drive on a desktop computer.

Having said this, this is truly one of the characteristics of iPods that makes them truly remarkable. They are able to store large amounts of music files on a tiny player, ready for quick playback. Another great thing about carrying around an iPod is their ability to play almost any form of the music file. Although you need to download the music files first, from iTunes store or on your mac and thereafter transfer these files to your iPod and enjoy your favorite music tracks on the go.

Even though music files are not small, and can be several megabytes in size, the iPod carrying capacity can be quite large, allow you to carry around all your music files in your coat pocket.

However, in order to use an iPod, you must have access to a computer, where your music files can be transferred onto the storage space of the iPod. It is even possible to use the iPod to store other files made up of text. Yet it is not recommended that you frequently do this, as the main function of your iPod should be to hold and play music files.

iPods are right now some of the hottest gadgets in the world, so there are many things to think about when shopping for iPod accessories. Since these little music players when on sale, they were quickly snatched up, and are used by many people on a daily basis. Therefore, it is beneficial to have the best iPod case and other accessories at hand.

First of all, your new iPod will need certain accessories to help you maximize the use of it. These accessories include iPod cases, digital camera accessories, voice recorders, card readers, docks, speakers, and headphones. Before purchasing a multitude of accessories, it is recommended that you first stop and think of the various ways you will use the iPod. For example, if you would like to listen to the radio on your iPod, then an accessory offering FM radio transmission capabilities will have to be purchased.

If the iPod owner is a traveler, then there are even more accessories that you will need to take with you. For one thing, the best iPod should have its own case to cover it, as you travel either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This will help protect its surfaces, as you bring it to work, school, or on a business trip.

Someone who has just purchased an iPod you will want to buy all of the best accessories such as docks or headphones, or accessories to use in the car. Yet even though the best iPods are really handy allowing you to carry around a vast amount of music on a small device, their usage can be maximized by getting the best iPod accessories for it.

Guide Security Tips Website

4 Tips To Prevent Website Hacking

You might feel like the website of your company does not have anything that is worth hacking but this is a big misconception as websites are not hacked for only for their data but to serve as a source of illegal data transfer as well. Considering all this it is really important that you pay special attention to the security of your website while avoiding system errors like liutilities type32.exe as well.  

Here are the best tips that you can follow in order to prevent your website from hacking. 

  1. The easiest step to prevent hacking is that you keep your software updated. This is applicable to both the server and the operating system. As you get security updates at regular intervals of time it is a really good idea that you update your system to keep viruses and malware away.[Text Wrapping Break]Although if you are using hosting services then your service provider will do all this for you. Moreover, you can use third-party software to keep your system and website safe.  
  2. SQL is another thing that you should watch out for. As most of the hackers try to target that as they try to gain access to the database of your website. As they get access to this data hackers can delete and misuse that data that is there on the website as well. You can easily solve this issue by software like MySQL PHP as you parameterize the data there.  
  3. An XSS attack is another thing that you should keep in mind as you manage your website. As the hacker gets access to the javascript of the page they can easily change and delete the data that is there on your website. This attack on your website allows them to access all the accounts that are linked to the website and control them explicitly. You can prevent this attack with the help of CSP which is a tool designed specifically for this purpose only.   
  4. Using strong and complex passwords is another thing that you should keep in mind as you improve the security of your website. Moreover, you should update your password at regular intervals of time as well.  


Guide Tips

Tips on Efficiently Marketing Yourself for Jobs Globally

The นำเข้าแรงงาน industry is now a seen as a promising career opportunity for many. In a global economy, people no longer find competition for jobs just in their own city, they are competing for jobs globally as well. A call center in Des Moines may very well be recruiting in Pakistan or even China, and the opposite is just as true. 

For those who have already jumped on the Internet bandwagon and learned how to turn their skills into a marketable commodity online, they now need to jump out of the box even further and learn which tools to use to gain the attention they need to compete effectively. 

Everything is changing. Job hunting is now considered an ever changing live arena where just about anything goes. At least, anything that might work. It’s up to you the job hunter to figure out, and figure out quickly, what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Resumes have changed dramatically. Although there are many reasons to keep and use what we might consider an old fashioned version of a resume with a formal objective statement, career highlights, education and jobs, resumes now need to be 100% search engine compatible – especially for those who are indeed focusing on job hunting outside their geographic area. 

Resumes now need to consist of strong keyword phrases, short blurbs that describe skills, and job titles and duties rather than companies and locations. For many, something similar to a functional resume works better than a chronological resume. 

With many companies recruiting from virtually the entire free world, they need to find workable ways to read resumes and applications in a short period of time. The job hunter, in the same amount of time, needs to find a way to maximize his strengths and abilities to capture a recruiter’s undivided attention. 

In addition to learning to market your skill set and experience globally, you still have many opportunities to market yourself closer to home. Here are some tips to get you on the right path to success: 

  • Turn your resume into a streamlined bulleted list of skills and job titles. Forget the full sentences, and forget the awards, community service and the fluff. You have 10 seconds to make an impression. Your resume should include first initial, last name, email address. No other personal information! Learn how to encapsulate your experience into a few short words. How can recruiters find your resume in an entire group? They will search on keywords. Instead of saying, “Director of Marketing”, have bullet points that say “marketing collateral”, “multi mediamarketing”- this is what companies will be looking for. Everything else can be filled in later.
  • Instead of traditional business cards, give out mini resumes. Buy business cards that fold over and use an attractive template meant for this purpose. Again, keywords! Add contact info, your website, etc.

  • Forget the Facebook thing! Facebook is for social networking, not job hunting. Anyone who becomes your “friend” can see everything. You may be trying to find a job, but your future boss isn’t going to be impressed with photos of last week’s keg party. Same with Twitter.
  • You CAN set up a company site (yours!) on Facebook specifically for job hunting. Let’s say you are a web designer. Find a name for your “company” and develop a page where you can invite fans. THIS can work wonders! Again, same with Twitter. You can have multiple Twitter accounts; make one a professional job hunting account.
  • Maximize your email signatures. For job hunting you should have one professional sounding email account. When you use this, add a hypertext email signature to your outgoing messages. Have a link to your website, your online resume,your(professional) Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Remember – employers are already looking for people just like you. Make it easy for them to find you! 

Arts and Entertainment Tips

Water Balloon Games for Your Children’s Birthday Parties

So you’ve finally decided to have your child’s birthday party at home and in your backyard. All of the planning is over and the birthday party is here. It’s hot outside, the birthday girl/boy has already opened their presents, and the children are getting restless. Now is the time to let the children go crazy, cool off, and have fun with one or more of these top three backyard water balloon games. In this case, you might need to find someone other than a premier casino-themed party planner in Denver to help you with the planning. All of these backyard activities require water balloons, a whistle, a referee, a backyard and adult supervision.

How to play Water Balloon War: Children are divided up by a referee into random teams with team captains. The teams should all have the same number of players. The teams are given one water balloon per person, but captains are given two. A battleground in the center of the yard is marked off using whatever the players would like. Teams then have to claim a section or corner of the yard. When the game begins the team captain of each team chooses one person from their team to go first. A referee blows a whistle and the chosen person from each team has to run into the battleground in the center of the yard and hit an opposing team member with a water balloon. Team players can not throw water balloons until they cross over into the designated battleground. Any team member that is left dry at the end of the first round can return to their team and get another water balloon. The wet players have to sit down in the middle of the battleground. The team captains can then decide to run into battle on the second round or choose someone else to run into battle. If a team captain runs into the battleground on a round and is left dry, he/she can choose any one of the sitting players to go back to his/her team. If a team captain is hit by a balloon during a round and is left wet, he/she forfeits their position to whoever is left on their team; the team must vote to decide who will take over the position of team captain. The game continues round after round until one team is left standing. The last team standing wins.

How to play Water Balloon Toss: Children should be divided up by the referee into teams of two. Each team is given one water balloon. Line up all of the teams in the middle of your backyard with each team member facing their other teammate. The team members should begin by standing only a couple of feet apart. The referee should blow the whistle and the team member holding the water balloon should lightly toss it to their teammate. If the balloon breaks or is dropped that team is eliminated. After the first round, each team member should take two steps back and away from their teammate. The referee should blow their whistle again and the teams should toss their balloons again. Repeat these steps of tossing the water balloons and then taking two steps back over and over again until only one team is left. The last team with an unbroken water balloon wins.

How to play Hot Potato with a water balloon: All of the children at the party should form a circle in the middle of the yard. They need to be standing for this game and the referee needs to be standing away from the circle with his/her back facing the circle, so that the referee cannot see the children. Only one water balloon is needed to start this game, and it should start out with the birthday girl/boy. When the referee blows the whistle the child holding the water balloon needs to pass the balloon quickly to their left. The next person passes the balloon quickly to the left, and the players keep passing the balloon until the referee randomly decides to blow the whistle again. The child that is holding the balloon when the whistle is blown needs to stop passing the balloon, and move to the center of the circle where they should sit down. The balloon should be given back to the birthday girl/boy or to the person that was standing to the left of the child who moved to the center. Everyone who remains in the circle needs to take a step back and start the game again when the referee blows the whistle. If at any point the balloon is dropped, then the person who was passing the balloon and the person who the balloon was being passed to must move to the center of the circle. The two children left at the end of the game have won their chance to get one water balloon each and throw them into the center of the circle to drench the children that are sitting.

A child’s birthday party can be fun and exciting with any of these top three backyard water balloon activities. Water balloon games are a simple way to help entertain and cool off the kids!

Guide Tips

Last Minute Teen Halloween Party Planning

As a teen parent you’ve probably experienced last minute changes in plans from your teen. Halloween is no different and there is a chance at some point in your teen’s life they will have a last minute change of heart about trick or treating, or attending whatever event was planned. This guide will help you put together a last minute Halloween party for teens. Halloween parties are fun but they don’t have to be complicated, especially when they are last minute. Run some plan ideas past your teen so that you can plan the Teen Halloween party they will never forget. Here are a few ideas to consider so you no longer have to go to reviews of where usual activities are quite expensive and not ideal if you have a limited budget.

Invitations for the Last minute Halloween party: Since your teen’s change of plans has put you in last minute party planning mode, put them in charge of invitations. Be sure they know how many attendees you are allowing and what length of time they are allowed to have the guests stay. Allow your teen to spread the word however works best for them, email, text, or phone work best with last minute party planning. Make sure the teen tells the guests to each bring a couple of bags of candy to the party.

Food for your Teen Halloween party: Since you don’t have a lot of time to spend planning food for the last minute party, plan a Monster Nacho Bar for your Teen Halloween Party. A Monster Nacho bar is simple to put together. For your shopping list you will need the following:

Plenty of nacho or tostado type chips

Ground Beef, plan ¼ lb per teen attending

Taco seasoning mix

2 large blocks Velveeta cheese, one regular one Mexican style

Chopped tomatoes

Chopped onions

Chopped green chilies

Halloween plates

The afternoon of the party, place the Velveeta cheeses in a crock pot together. Set the crock on low for several hours so they melt before the party. Brown the ground beef, season with the taco mix and place in another crock pot to keep it warm until the party. Just before the teens are ready to eat, heat up the chips. Place the chips in a large bowl, so teens can build their own monster nacho plates with the toppings of their choice.

Make sure to have a selection of drinks available to include something for any teen which may be diabetic. Water bottles are good to have on hand also.

Halloween Party Decorations: While you are planning food and favors, have your teen make some Halloween music CDs and choose a few scary movies to play during the party. You may have music of a movie playing in different rooms of the house. If you have some pumpkin scented candles, burn them in the house to add a fall fragrance. Use whatever decorations you have in the house, and possible add a few stuffed costumes hanging around the house.

Last Minute Halloween party activities:

The party activities can make or break your teen’s Halloween party. Even though it is last minute, try to plan activities which will entertain the teens. Here are a few to get you thinking of games your teen may enjoy for the Halloween party.

Have a Mixed up Holiday Hunt: Hide plastic Easter eggs in the house. Inside each Easter Egg put a portion of the Lyrics to the song Monster Mash. If you have a large number of teens you want to be sure you have multiple sets of the lyrics in eggs and enough eggs for everyone to find some. Teams of Teens try to find as many eggs as they can, and then try to piece together the lyrics. The first time to get the song together and sing it/do the dance wins.

Party Favors for the Teens:

Using the candy that the teens brought with them, make up goodie bags for each teen to take home. Plan on having a prize for the monster mash holiday hunt. Something simple like extra snacks, or a creepy decoration will work fine.

Even with the planning having to take place at the last minute, you can pull off a fun teen Halloween party for all involved. Just keep your teen in the loop and get their opinion and help on the things that need to be done.