Get a Prenatal Massage in Singapore

All the glitz and glamour of Singapore can actually hide the more tranquil areas that they feature. Some of these tranquil areas are the massage parlours which cater to the massage needs of mothers-to-be. If you want a prenatal massage Singapore, you should search for the best ones. That’s why we’re here, below are among the top lists of prenatal massage parlours.1450745317 Spa Botanica

Well it used to be Spa Botanica, now it’s called Spa Sentosa. They promise to give the best massages, a spa so good that even the crankiest and moodiest mothers-to-be can turn into a happy and relaxed client. Their Mommy-to-be Cocoon massage goes for about 60 minutes and it aims to encourage blood circulation, relax tired muscles and soothe aching legs. A great advantage with their facilities is that you can actually use their resort-style secret garden after the massage.holistic-massage-hood-river-pregnancy-massage

They charge about $180 for about a 60 minute massage. Spa Botanica happily caters to women who are way beyond their first trimester, but they go against any prenatal massage past the eight month of pregnancy, always take caution seriously.

Qi Mantra

Qi Mantra has a prenatal massage that they fabulously named “mamassage”; this massage mostly consists of long strokes which strive to ease tense shoulders and swollen joints. At the end of the massage, you’ll be treated with a lovely head massage which will highly likely release all tensions, encourage blood flow and release all the pent up stress.

They basically charge about $106 for 60 minute massages. Qi Mantra will happily cater women who are at least 3 and a half months pregnant. Keep in mind though that they don’t cater to women who are 6 weeks before their estimated due dates, they want to avoid any risk to the mother or unborn child.

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