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October 27, 2016


Ways to Get Fat-Free!

Liposuction has become quite a common cosmetic procedure nowadays. With the way the diet of the present generation has been filled with fat-filled fast foods, no wonder some of them would turn obese. And to tackle this abnormal obesity, the easiest way for those who can afford it is liposuction – sucking the fat out of your body. model-picture-breast-augmentation-image-3model-picture-breast-augmentation-image-3

The procedure is conducted by a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist. When it comes to liposuction Sydney has several cosmetic clinics which provide world-class cosmetic services to its patients. Liposuction has several stages. You can’t just go to the clinic one day and be done with the entire thing. Once you get an initial check-up done, the doctor decides the kind of procedure that will be best for your body. Areas are marked on your body where the procedure will be performed. All the areas may be covered on the same day, or may not be – that depends on the doctor and the kind of procedure you are going through.

There are mostly two kinds of liposuction performed – ultrasonic and tumescent.model-orange

  • Ultrasonic – this involves two steps. Sound energy is used to melt the fat in your body, and then they are sucked off. When the volume of fat to be suctioned is large, this method is preferred by surgeon. This method is preferable also in case of removal of fat from areas which are difficult like flanks, back, upper abdomen and hip.
  • Tumescent – this is now the most common technique being used in liposuction. The reason for its popularity is its safety. In cases where ultrasound liposuction is used, this follows. There have been almost no complications developed as a result of this technique. The amount of bleeding is also significantly less.

Be careful about choosing the place where you want to undergo the procedure. Ultimately it all depends on the expertise of the person performing the procedure.