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October 30, 2016


Christmas Stocking: Lets Welcome Merriment With Personal Touch

When Christmas arrives the season of stocking, purchase and hanging commence. Christmas comes with giving and receiving gifts, when the stockings are hung by the chimney, the next day starts with an anticipation, concerning the content of the stocking. Stockings store lots of goodies for example  nut and tangerine, chocolates, toffies. Hanging stocking is a tradition, which has been continuing for decades, adults as well as children enjoy the moments of hanging stocking, where children spend time in waiting for the gifts which they believe that Santa keeps into the stocking directly. So all welcome this moment of merriment as this seasonal merriment generates so much fun for all age group but why these stockings are hung, there are few who hang pillow covers and shopping bags.

History of Christmas stockings


Well this tradition goes back to the time when it was fourth century and people had golden hearts at that time. There was St. Nick who was known around for his charitable spirit, he heard about three sisters whose father had exhausted all means to had his daughters married but could not do anything better in want of money. The dowry amount was too much. As the story of misery went around,  St. Nick started tracking the father and one day when the sisters kept their stocking outside after washing and hung them by the chimney. St. Nick secretly visited their house and entered the house through chimney, he could not get in but tossed three purses of gold coins. Since then tradition of hanging stoking started.

Present scenario

Today children hung stocking not for money but for some surprise gifts, hanging stocking is the initial stage of Christmas where the parents and other adults of the family share something really surprising and amusing. The great thing about these gifts, they don’t have to be inexorably costly.


There could be novelty sweets or novels, toys to dresses. Even adults share gifts among them where they gift each other from  risqué gifts to naughty lingerie. To make the moment more entertaining one can go for personalised Christmas stockings.

Online sites

Today there are sites which are bent on offering wonderful stock of stocking, embellished with varying designs, accessible in number of patterns and colors. One needs to enter the preference and the designer would be designing and customizing everything and within few days would be sending your item. Even though there are many sites involved in designing stockings but one should be choosing a site right after going through the reviews and feedback.