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November 10, 2016

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Tips To Create Blogs To Attract More Viewers

When you are interested in opening a new blog or improving on the existing one, you can choose from the templates that are available for free from Google. When you are choosing good blogger templates you can make use of a few tips while implementing them.

User friendly: The blogger templates should be user friendly. The simplicity and navigability will help to attract more people to the site.


Speed: When the number of widgets used in the blog is limited, the speed of the blog increases. The SEO friendly theme implemented will also help. Using limited images will also help in the speed and accessibility.

Layout: A responsive layout will help to open the blog in any type of device such as desktop, tablet, mobile, etc. The screen resolution automatically adjusts to the user’s device.

Simplicity: When designs are simple, it gives a neat picture that is attractive. Using light colors that are pleasant to the eye is another attractive feature that brings in new viewers.


Related templates: The templates chosen should be ideal for your industry. The images should be related to the file name to help search engines find it. The templates should be saved in case you are going to change it to have a backup. By sharing posts on social bookmark sites, the blog awareness increases. Posting regularly on these sites, and updating old posts should be made frequent. Use good quality content along with description tags, alt text, proper labels, etc. to improve the net result.


Features: Having various features like Slideshow, SEO Friendly, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop down Menu, Breadcrumbs Navigation, Page Navigation, Tabbed Widget, Sidebars are some features that go well with blog. Styles like 3D style, Simple, Modern, Elegant, Clean. Gallery, WordPress Theme, etc. enhance the style of the blog. Usually topics that are included are anime, photography, news, movie, music, video, fashion, business and games.

Health and Fitness

Blue Waffle Disease: Causes And Symptoms

Blue waffles disease is a sexually transmitted disease which causes infection in female vagina. Waffle is referred to Vagina and this is why this problem is an indication of vaginal infection. There can be various symptoms associated with this particular disease. If you see the Blueberry waffle disease in women pictures then some of the common symptoms associated with this disease are swelling in vagina along with patches of welts around the vagina.  Other problems associated with this disease is that it also causes burning sensation and intense itching along with bad odor and red patches. Apart from this, there is also possibility of severe inflammation and could result into the change in the color of vagina to blue.


There can be various reasons associated with occurrence of blue waffle disease. This problem could be caused due to use of unsanitary objects while doing intercourse or masturbation. Use of sharp pointed objects inside vagina can also inflict pain. Being sexually active throughout the day can also be one of the reason. Keeping vagina under unhygienic condition for long time can cause occurrence of bacteria and even cause further problems related to bad odor. Autoimmune disorder can also be a reason of vaginal infection because it reduces your body immunity levels and makes it vulnerable to vaginal infection.

Smiling Physician near New Family

Vaginal infection of any type can be identified by pain, itching or foul odor. These symptoms need to be examined by the doctor. Unlike vaginal disorder, blue waffles disease will not be cured on its own but needs to be treated with proper medications and use of prescribed antibiotics. Follow proper hygienic habits throughout the day and practice use of sanitary objects only. Blue waffle disease can also spread through sex with an infected partner. As a precaution, one should keep vagina dry and clean in order to prevent occurrence of this disease.