E-Juices That Are Affordable

E-liquids or better known as E-juices, are the fluids that fuel the electronic cigarettes. Cigarettes, as we all know contains nicotine and most of the time have flavors that are put into the cigarette itself. But with the case of electronic cigarettes, the nicotine and the flavoring are found through the e-juice solution. The vapor from the e-juice is exhaled and is similar in appearance to the smoke in cigarettes. These e-juices could be quite expensive. However, there are cheap e juice brands that you can buy if you are on a tight budget. 001_premium-ejuice

Vista Vapors

This type of e-juice can be bought at the price of $7.49 for 32mL bottles. It also offers a variety of flavors and varying levels of nicotine content. So you can have many options available. You can also create your own flavor of e-juice by combining their different flavors. However, the brand has limited international shipping options so you might want to check if they can ship to wherever you are currently residing.1kg-fruit-font-b-flavor-b-font-instant-font-b-juice-b-font-drink-powder-raspberry

Mt. Baker Vapor

Compared to the Vista Vapor, the price for Mt. Baker Vapor’s 30 mL e-juice is just a bit higher at $7.99 per bottle. The brand has many flavors that are very popular with users. Another good thing about this brand is that if you are going to buy over $50 then your shipping will be free of charge.

Vape Craft

Vape Craft sells 15 mL bottles of e-juice at the price of $3, this means that you can buy a 30 mL e-juice at $6. They do not outsource any of their materials and claims to be a 100{e9813c9d8e814800adfab8453713bd7a4e278cdf4ff7d1ad409bcdb6e730ae13} American made e-juice. The brand also offers a wide variety of interesting flavors such as milk of the gods, French vanilla cheesecake and OMG so good.

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