Color Switch Is The New Flappy Bird!

Do you remember the Flappy Bird game with the creepy green bird? The game was utterly simple, one has to keep going forward through the pillars without the bird hitting either of the two pillars in top and bottom. But to keep afloat in a constant pace and make sharp necessary changes to the bird’s pace was the most difficult task. The game was slightly buggy, not very well made and the graphics was apparently one of the simples the universe has ever seen. None of those drawbacks stopped the game and the developer from being rich overnight. However, there’s a new game in the horizon right now, named Color Switch where one pretty much has to do the same thing, the only difference is it’s a ball now instead of a bird and the obstacles now show up in different shapes – not really two simple pillars. The Color Switch Android game is available in the Google Play Store. Check out For details.


Pros and Cons

Being a highly addictive game, Color Switch is ought to have some good and some bad sides, they are –


  • Highly challenging, but possible once you get in the flow.
  • The background music keeps you awake.
  • Stuck in traffic? Waiting for your turn in an interview? This is the best mind refresher.


  • Not much difference from one level to another.
  • It’s an endless game, hence the tediously long gameplay would get boring at one stage.

How About Online?


After the utter popularity it has earned, some developers have ported the game for an online platform. If you don’t have an iOS or Android smartphone, you can still enjoy the gameplay by opening in your web browser. The gameplay is absolutely the same, just use the mouse pointer instead of your fingers.


Moving into a computer screen doesn’t really kill the Color Switch vibe. And if you are a beginner, you’ll know why we called this the new Flappy Bird.

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