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March 27, 2017


Tinder App – Online Dating App

Dating and courtship is one of the most fun stages of life. Teenagers chase love and have casual relationships. And  when people become older, they start looking for more mature and long lasting relationships. Bottom line – nobody can stay alone for a long time; everybody needs a partner-in-crime, someone who can understand them at a soul level. With the advent of Internet, the dating scene has undergone a sea change, and the internet has opened up many new avenues. The Tinder App is a Dating App popular among youngsters. It is catching on with adults as well, as they are learning to adopt changes in social behavior and technology.

367b70ab2a16What’s Tinder? 

Tinder is a Dating App available on both the Play store and the Apple App store. It became the rage when it first came out as it allowed you to match with potential partners based on your location. So, this app started out as an easy way to hook up with and have no-strings-attached kind of a relationship. But now, almost everybody is on Tinder and some people have even found their soul mate on this social platform.


How does Tinder work?

Tinder uses the phone’s GPS to find out the user’s location and it syncs your Facebook to create a Tinder profile. Do not worry, Tinder never posts anything on Facebook in your behalf.

You can add photos, age and other general information to your profile. Your profile also lists your likes based on the pages you have linked on Facebook. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. Tinder shows you potential matches around you, and you can either swipe right if you like them, or else swipe left if you’re not interested. If you the person who you’ve swiped right also swipes you right, then you can start a conversation with that person and go on a date and so on.