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FFC Connectors Explained

FFC Connectors are a unique type of cables that are thin and flat, and flexible at the same time. These Cable wires are grouped together to form a series of wires, which would then be used on several devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and any other technological gadget.5394755184d5c93cfe26b2

A Short History of FFC Connectors

The FFC Connector, or Flexible Flat Cable Connector, is a type of ribbon cable that was first invented and introduced in 1956 by Chatsworth, California-based electronics company, Cicoil Corporation. The company has managed to conceptualize and developed the wire through its engineers.fcn-152j_tcm102-1623209These group of people managed to figure out just how to utilize an all-new, undiscovered material calledsilicone rubber. They then used it to mold into a flat cable, instead of the more traditional round-shaped on. The said cable was full of several conductors that have the same size.

Since the resulting cable physically looked similar to that of a flat ribbon, or tape, it was then called as a ribbon cable. The making of the said ribbon cable has then enabled companies like IBM and Univac to replace their old, bulky and stiff cabled with the sleeker, more flexible, ribbon cables.

The ribbon was then later on renamed as the FFC or the Flexible Flat Cable. Some companies have also preferred calling it FPC, or Flexible Printed Circuit. But whatever it may be called, it serves the same purpose, which is to provide convenience in connecting and transferring electricity on an electric device.

Uses of the FFC Connector

As said before, the Flexible Flat Cable Connector is used for connecting two cables together. This is in order to make electricity travel faster and more efficiently. Aside from that, the main reason why most companies use the FFC is for convenience.

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