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Things You Can have from Hundred Palms EC

The Hundred Palms EC is an extremely promising executive condominium establishment, aiming to provide quality living for you! It claims to offer dozens of cool features that could help in wrapping you with a nice stay, thus booking as soon as possible is something you must not forget. York-Condos-Markham

What You Can have from the Hundred Palms EC?

Hundred Palms Residences is an executive condominium which would be launched in Yio Chu Kang, Singapore around June or July of this year. It offers different features for people to have convenient, comfortable and luxurious living, and here are some of them:Condominium-8

  1. You’re free to choose which condominium unit would fit your preferences and budget. The Hundred Palms have a long-list of diverse selection you can choose from, and you can pick one that would fit you best.
  2. Each unit are equipped with smart automation system, thus you can control most electronics by merely operating an app. This could let you have control over your security system, entertainment features, air conditioning, lightings and many other aspects in your unit, with just literally your fingertips.
  3. Units in the Hundred Palms EC are made with state of the art designs which keeps luxury and leisure dwelling in each of it. It would be up for your preference which one would you choose upon booking.
  4. The Hundred Palms is located near vital establishments you need to reach. There are schools, malls, hospitals and some other destinations around the area, thus making it a favorable place to stay in terms of location.

You just have to book your unit by talking with an official Hundred Palms Residence staff. Don’t go for some other third-party agents to avoid paying service fees. After which, choose a unit that would be best for you, and enjoy a nice stay as soon as the Hundred Palms EC opens up for the people.

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