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Selecting A Crib For Your Baby

The bed or crib and bedroom of your baby must be very safe. These places are where the baby would 1st explore. Since a baby is pretty much alone most of the time, they are at risk of possible injuries. The baby’s surroundings must be free of hazards and traps as much as you could to keep his/her patch clear. Reading best cribs reviews is one great way to find a safe crib.

Safety Check

Make sure that the crib you are buying complies with the current safety requirements. It should also be suitable for the age of your baby. This is very significant if you are using old cribs or accepted it as a gift. For instance, an antique crib might look amazing. However, the space between each slats doesn’t comply with the up-to-date standard which is 2 3/8-inch. The purpose of this is to prevent the baby from sticking his/her head out and getting caught. Additionally, the finish of an antique crib might have existing layers of paint that contains lead. You could choose new cribs if it has a certification. The clothing utilized in the room of your baby, such as curtains, sheets, and sleepwear, must be fire retardant.

Choosing a Crib for the Safety of your Baby

  • 2 3/8-inch. That is the standard distance of every bars in a crib. Do not purchase if the crib’s bars spacing is greater than that.

  • The mattress should not provide a space between the walls of the crib. It must not sag under the weight of your baby and must be very firm.
  • 26-inch. That is the standard height of the crib rail from the mattress’ top. You should also lower periodically the mattress as your baby grows.
  • The footboards and headboards must be durable. Try to pick one that has no cut outs.

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