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February 4, 2018

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Enhance Your Fashion Sense

Currently the fashion week is synonymous with the four fashion capitals of the world – Milan, London, Paris, and New York. Many cities are following suit with the likes of Dubai, Madrid, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Toronto, and Dallas trying to penetrate the fashion world. Fashion tourism evolves out of two major sectors – shopping and culture, to know more visit styledebates.com. A fashion week looks to merge the two and provide a platform for everyone to enjoy their stay and keep coming back for more.

Fashion tourism dates back as early as the fifteenth century. Due to the growing importance of fashion in France, Charles IIV created a separate organization for fashion. He did this amidst protests from various sects of people. By the eighteenth century, people became aware of the importance of style and fashion due to the emergence of fashion magazines highlighting the country for its fashion sense. Fashion has always been the most influential phenomenon in the growth of the western civilization. Fashion tourism is seen as the next step in taking this growth forward as it directly affects the local and national economy. Tourists always visit destinations that fulfill all their wants and desires. A majority of these desires stem from the fashion world. People love being seen in the latest outfits, best shoes, and the latest accessories. Tourists also want to experience new cultures and learn about the history of new countries. Fashion tourism combines the two needs effortlessly.

Cultural tourism is a result of fashion tourism. Tourists expect the local culture to reflect in the fashion of the area. Taking home a part of the culture by participating in the fashion week makes it a memorable experience for all travelers. Visitors normally choose shopping as a medium of experiencing local culture and look at it as an opportunity to interact with the local people.

Arts and Entertainment

What Goes On In Whatsapp Status?

Nowadays, cellphones can do more than just text or call people. While one of its main functions is to allow communication to take place among people, the ways you can do so has went beyond just that. A function of phones which wasn’t around back in the day was to be connected through the internet. SMS and Calls can now be done through connecting to the internet, and this is something that Whatsapp allows you to do. Apart from Calls, Texts, Group Chats, there also is a feature called Whatsapp status. It’s quite similar to Facebook “My Day”. Here are the usual things that you seen on whatsapp status.

Random Thoughts and Quotes

The Whatsapp status has a feature which enables you to type text which you might not want to express elsewhere. These quotes then go away after 24 hours, hence taking off the pressure to do get everything, from grammar to thought right.

“Rough” Pictures

If you want to post pictures but think that they’re too random to post on Facebook, then this is the perfect one for you. Given that these disappear in a day and can usually be seen by people in just a few seconds, then people wouldn’t bother to edit pictures. This is perfect for those who want to post things immediately, or don’t have the talent of editing pictures or at least making them look better.

Raw Videos, Low-Quality Materials

Over-all, the Whatsapp Status, given its disappearing nature after 24 hours, allows you to post raw, low-quality videos and pictures without the fear or people bashing you, as it has already been instilled in the mind that these posts aren’t really meant to last.