Top 10 Myths Regarding Gaming Cheats

Ever since the popularity of video games, players have been trying to find ways to make the game easier to complete it easily. Cheats involve the usage of unfair means to boost one’s performance in a game. Moreover, the players who do not know and use these cheats have many misconceptions regarding them. Here is a list of top 10 of them –

For the game “Tomb Raider”, there was a rumor that the main character of the games can be undressed using cheats.

In the game “Final Fantasy 7”, there was a rumor that a popular character by the name Aeris can be kept from dying or revived.

There was a rumor that one could play with any other character from the previous Nintendo games in the game “Super Mario Bros. Melee”.

There was a famous rumor in the original “Diablo” game, that you can enter a hidden cow level by clicking on a specific cow a few times.

For the older Nintendo systems, the game “Super Mario 64” had a rumor that the character Luigi can be unlocked if all the 2,401 cold coins are collected and the player stands under the statue of the princess.

As an April fools’ joke, there was a rumor unintentionally started for the games “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Blue” that allowed one to ultimately evolve your Pokemon and swap creatures.

For the same two games, there was a rumor that one could attain the 151st Pokemon Mew from a hidden pickup truck.

The was a rumor in the arcade game “Street Fighter 2” that player can unlock Shen Long in the game.

For the 1998 game “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”, there was a rumor that the mystic item ‘Triforce’ can be unlocked in the game.

For the game “Mortal Kombat”, there was a rumor that the character of Ermac can be unlocked.

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