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January 2, 2020


Bitcoin-Digital Gold Or Bad Scheme?

Whenever a new investment scheme comes into the market, questions explode in your mind like fireworks and you are not sure which one to ask first and to whom? Your mind becomes completely blank as though there is no thought left in the brain.

You are confused as to whom to turn to and ask for help in order to clarify your doubts whether this is a scheme with bright prospects or just another scam who lure you with short term gains but leave you with long term pains.

People have lost all hope that business or jobs will be able to provide them with a good and stable income with a secure future so they grab whatever opportunity that comes their way in the hopes of getting some gains through shortcuts.

So in a way, these fraudsters can hardly be blamed for trying to cheat and defraud innocent people when they want to be cheated of their income, despite knowing the consequences, just by accepting such schemes.

Then, with change of times, there came the brand new crypto-currency revolution with its innovative method of financial transactions and the one that took the centre stage is the bitcoin.

Bitcoin is one phenomenon whose fall has been just as dramatic as its rise and today it is no longer called ‘digital gold’ like it once was.

The price fluctuations in the market have discouraged anyone from investing anything more into it and its vulnerable security measure are an added horror, both to business prospects and the investors’ money.

At the beginning of last year, it had seen a rise of 92% with a price of $8439 on the very first day of new year.

While its true that no one can call it digital gold, the long term players can heave a sigh of relief as they have nothing to lose from the fall in price of bitcoins as the period is temporary and anomaly. For more information, you can have a look at this website www.coindesk.com