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January 5, 2020


Top Yellow Fashion Items for the Season you can choose!

Yellow is the hot fashion color this season from shoes, to bags, to trench coats, dresses and more. The Top Yellow Fashion Items for the Season are most likely just what your wardrobe is craving. Just pick up a fashion magazine like Lucky, Vogue, Harpers, Glamour or other fashion trade and you will see yellow splashed throughout the fashion scene of Caftan apparels which are widely famous for their fabric and cotton materials. 

Look at some of the top shoe designers and styles and the first thing noticed is that yellow is the hot fashion color this season used on the runway and in the magazine advertisements. One of the top yellow fashion items for the season is a handbag. Handbags seem to be an especially popular item and you will find most designers have chosen to use yellow as the color that really makes their designs pop this season. 

The Top Yellow Fashion items for the season also include the use of yellow in a subtle way such as a black and white knit cardigan trimmed in yellow by Anna Sui, which retails for approximately $297.00. The use is subtle yet can be combined with other pieces with yellow still being the color that pops. 

Yellow is the hot fashion color this season and when it comes to shoes you will be amazed at the wide selection of shoes available. A favorite is the yellow peep toe lace up sling back from Nine West, which retails for $89.00. Definitely one of the top yellow fashion items for the season, this well made all leather heels is a bargain and a definite hot fashion item. 

Lets talk handbags. Of course these are the top yellow fashion items for the season as handbags are sometimes the most important fashion accessories for women. The selection of yellow bags is endless as are the textures. You will find yellow handbags made of leather, lizard prints, and canvas bags trimmed in yellow. An affordable collection was found at Nine West ranging in price from $89.00 and up. Kenneth Cole also has a cute smaller bag called the “Perfect Combination” in a sunburst yellow that retails for approximately $148.00. A personal favorite is the yellow leather bag by B. Makowsky, which has belted detail and front pockets. This grained leather bag in yellow is a must have for the season. The retail price for the B. Makowsky bag is approximately $288.00. 

Knowing that yellow is the hot fashion color this season allows the shopper to look ahead for great bargains on items be they yellow jackets such as those offered and Max and Company, hand bags, shoes, or other fashion items. You will also find a lot of dresses in this popular color such as the Myne Rose Dress at Montmartre, which retails for $267.00. 

Use taste in purchasing items from among the vast collection of the top yellow fashion accessories for the season and don’t over do it. You don’t want to wear yellow head to toe. It should be worn tastefully and sparingly and should be used more so as the color that pops, and adds splash to an outfit. Since yellow is the hot fashion color for the season it should be the most standout item of your outfit.