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January 13, 2020

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The Dangers of Packing Light when Traveling

Depending upon the location of your destination, as well as what you plan on doing on your trip, the dangers of packing light can be extreme to non-existant. A trip to Cuba, at an all-inclusive resort, may see you only needing a couple of bathing suits, two casual outfits and one formal one. A shopping trip to Paris or London, though, may see you needing to bring a couple of outfits for each day of your trip, especialy if you have plans for formal entertainment. The dangers of taveling light are also more prevalent in countries with high dollar values, since buying new outfits or more luggage there could be quite expensive, if at all possible.

When we travel light, we take the chance that we have packed exactly what we need for our trip, and nothing more. However, the probability that we will come across something that we would like to do, but don’t have the proper clothing for since we packed so lightly rises incrementally with the less that is packed. Flying to Jamaica, and ending up seeing nothing but rain and high winds will either make you buy some hardier clothes and rainwear, or stay inside for most of your trip. Even renting a car to tour the countryside when the weather does not cooperate with your plans would require some rainy day clothing, and more wrinkle-free clothing, since sitting would be a more constant activity than the beach walking and jungle hiking you had in mind when buying your tickets for the trip, as well as when packing.

When we travel, we usually tend to bring more than we actually need to, and many unexperienced travelers end up using only a portion of the clothes and gear that they bring. We may bring a couple formal wear outfits, or some rugged hiking clothes and boots with us on vacation, as “just in case” clothes. However, when you have to carry all of your belongings with you everywhere you go, as if you were hiking through Europe or hopping along a series of tropical islands, minimalizing your belongings becomes more important.

The dangers of traveling light can also cause us a great deal of hardships, or incur an extra cost in buying the clothes or gear needed, which you already own, but left at home to save space in your luggage. Many people try to leave some extra space in their luggage for gifts and personal purchases made while traveling, and if for some reason they can’t buy new luggage where they are, they end throwing out some clothes that were brought along to make room for those that were bought.

Having to buy another suitcase just to bring home the extra things that were purchased can add a lot of unexpected cost to your trip, yet not bringing enough clothes could force your hand into either buying new outfits, or wearing the same outfits on numerous occasions. In many hotels there is laundry service, and you can simply have outfits washed for wearing again. But when traveling to poorer countries, or those in turmoil, like Haiti or Vietnam, expecting to have laundry services available may be asking a bit much, as might buying new luggage. Even if you can find what you need, the proprietors would likely see you coming a mile away and charge you through the nose for what you need.

Travel safe. Travel informed.

Traveling abroad is nothing new, but the problem is that you are bound to carry as much baggage as possible so therefore the likeliness of it getting lost or stolen are generally high as potential thieves would leave no stone unturned for pilfering anyone’s luggage for valuables so do choose the flight that has a reisisemu reisikohver with high security.