Leading And Fighting In Zul`Aman Part 1: Introduction

In Zul`Aman, a large part of the motivation is going for the timed chest. Once one talks to Harrison Jones and has the raid hit the gong, you have 20 minutes to kill an avatar (you can choose which one you want to go for first), and if you manage this in time there is a crate ‘chest’ of loot next to the boss where you get an extra item, and then you take however much time you have left and add 15 minutes to get the next boss down, and so on. Thus, time is of the essence and you can pull out a considerable extra amount of loot the better and smoother you can take down these bosses.

If you have a good AoE group, with healers that can keep them up, the gauntlet trash to Akil`zon the eagle boss is easiest, but the boss requires coordination, attentiveness, some one able to hear the aubience effects, and people who have done it at least once before. If your raid isn’t experienced in ZA, head to Nalorak (bear boss) instead, which is very simple, but just takes a bit longer to kill. The 2nd boss to kill tends to be whichever you didn’t kill first of the two, Nalorak, or Akil`zon. If your group hits Akil’zon 2nd you should head to Halazzi (Lynx boss) 3rd, because he is closest to Akil`zon. Jan`alai (Dragonhawk boss) is next to Nalorak, but has the most difficult and complicated trash and fight so is best saved for last unless you have good class composition and are really smooth in downing him and his trash. So my preferred boss order is Eagle (Akil`zon), Bear (Nalorak), Dragonhawk (Jan`alai), and then finally Lynx (Halazzi). You start by running in and doing eagle, then mounting up and riding to bear, fighting to dragonhawk, and when done with him juping off the opposite side of the platform you entered on, and riding to the trash clearing of Halazzi.

Each boss takes 6-9 minutes to kill depending on your group, and your class makeup, so if you obviously don’t have the time to hit a specific boss for their timed loot, just take it slow.

A note on trash drops, these are mostly just two different kinds of items. One is a in-zone only buff like the books in kara, and should be handed to the relevant class. The other is an ‘Amani Hex Stick’, which can be used on any of the frog critters in the zone to ‘un-hex’ them, restoring them to their humanoid form, upon which they thank you and place a bag or box on the ground for you to right click pickup, which will have money, potions, or items in it. This is where the rare frog pet comes from that you /kiss to turn into a frog, and also there is a very rare enchanting formula, among other items on the loot table. This should be randomed BUT they WILL disappear if you leave the zone other than in death. Everyone should check their bags before zoning out to summon replacements or leave the instance. NOTE: NO SUMMONING can be done within the instance due to previous abuse.

This is a very fast paced raid, through the first four bosses, until you defeat them, or blow the timer. Thusly, a basic explanation should be made before the gates open for the first boss fight and his trash, though tanking, healing, and other assignments should only be handed out during the brief rebuff right before the boss, or during the end of it’s trash to ensure people know their roles, and don’t get distracted/forget them. Further explanations can be made of the next boss as you move towards them or during another convenient time.

Entering the zone.

To start the raid, as said above, you talk to Harrison Jones and join him in hitting the gong by right clicking on Daftar Judi Bola which make them to know about all the things in the zone. Everyone in the raid has to be doing it at once to activate it. Once you do this for a few moments, you will save yourself to the zone, and start the 20 minute timer on the avatars. Once the doors open, Harrison Jones will walk forward and will be cut down by trolls. One elite troll spawns on either side of the door, as well as a few non-elite adds. One tank should be on each elite, with these DPS’d by all non-AoE dps’ers, who deal with the non-elites. After these are down you can move onto your first avatar. When you walk into the instance and come down the first flight of stairs (there are stairs that go left or right) there is a 2 mob pat in the middle, and is best to clear them real quick on your way through so as to not risk anyone dying on their own when moving to another avatar. These are not tied to any boss and will respawn perpetually. If you go from one avatar to another until the Hex Lord, you don’t have to worry about them again. If you take longer, bear weary of them when passing through. There is another pat straight forward into the instance on the opposite side of the lake. The mobs are fairly simple, but one may be a caster that can drop totems, which should be killed immediately (the totems that is).

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