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January 19, 2020

Gaming Guide

League of Legends Or Dota 2- How To Choose

When it comes to entertainment, movies are the first thing that come to mind as they are considered to be entertainment at its peak form and there is little that can match it in terms of popularity and unerring appeal among the masses and classes, if you don’t count a regular dose of baseball, basketball, soccer and other sports so as to level the competition. 

However, all said and done, there is a serious competitor in the field when it comes to entertainment and one that many youngsters swear by even today. I am talking about video games as they also have a tremendous fan following among youngsters, especially the 90s generation who continue to firmly stand by it even in this era of digital medium and social media being a rampant force since the past few years. 

There are two games that are fighting it out for the top spot to secure a place in the hearts of everyone and they are league of legends and dota 2. It has been seen that these two are the most popular games in the current times. 

While everyone will have their own preference, dota 2 has been found to be far more mind boggling than league of legends (read lol). 

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Two Sides Of Coin 

Regarding the problem of which one to choose between lol and dota 2, it is best that you begin with the former as it is easier with its levels but when it comes to choosing one of them as the best, it is not easy to do so as both are two sides of the same coin.