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January 20, 2020

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Tiger Woods at the US Open: Undeniable Greatness

Tiger Woods is an amazing golfer. That is an extreme understatement, I know, but it was so clear from yesterday’s fourth round of the US Open in which Tiger drove home a 12 foot putt on the 18th green at Torrey Pines Golf Club in La Jolla, California to enter into a playoff Monday with Rocco Mediate. Who? Meaning no disrespect, none at all, because when you finish the course ahead of Tiger Woods, you certainly must be somebody.

I don’t watch golf, not at all, ever, until last night. Watching golf would usually be right up there with sitting through a bowling tournament: pure torture. What I know about the sport I’ve gained through non-intentional exposure to the sports segment of the evening news if I haven’t tuned to Seinfeld reruns or something more entertaining. The usual Sunday evening offerings on TV last night were sub-par (sorry, couldn’t help it), and somehow, when we came upon the US Open, seeing it was Tiger in a three-way tie for the lead at the time, my husband and I settled for that simply because even as non-golf fans, we are Tiger fans.

Well, the tie did not last long, in fact the leader position kept changing with the birdies and the bogeys made by Woods, Mediate and Westwood. Hey, pretty interesting! Believe me, I am not a trained observer of the game, but even I could see Tiger had some trouble on the last few holes, trouble in the form of keeping the ball on the fairway. He seemed disgusted with himself. I had heard that Woods’ fairway play was often lacking and it was his putting that often saved him. The end of this round was to become a good case in point.

Westwood dropped back and Mediate surged forward. Mediate finished in the lead, and Woods, still on the course, struggled to get things under control. As Mediate paced, waiting for the conclusion of the showdown, he seemed very much resigned to the fact that even with his lead, a win at the US Open was beyond his grasp with Tiger still out on the course. Mediate in fact, seemed very much astonished at his first place position and seemed to be expecting the dream to end at any moment. He didn’t have long to wait. Tiger’s efforts on the course finally took shape and produced the incredible birdie putt on the 18th green, securing his place in the playoff with Mediate on Monday.

Sunday was Father’s Day. I have seen the stories about Tiger and how his father was everything to him and how his father’s passing was devastating. I thought how hard it must be for Tiger to play in a major tournament knowing that his Dad, his number one mentor, adviser and teacher was not there to support and encourage him, and all on Father’s Day. Tiger must keep all his Dad taught him near to his heart, that’s true, but it is not the same as having his dad at his side, it can’t be. That is a difficult reality to deal with and yet the kind of mental toughness necessary to achieve the sinking of a must-do 12 foot putt on the 18th green under such enormous pressure must somehow be learned and practiced and mastered, like the game itself. Thus came my observation, as unoriginal as it may be, that Tiger Woods is an amazing golfer.

Mark Twain described golf as a good walk, ruined; I think Woods and Mediate would argue with that assessment. I think they would both say more like a good walk made better: a pathway leading to fame and fortune paved with the legacy of a father to a son and given the unexpected twists and turns of a relative unknown finishing at the top of the heap. A good walk ruined? Nah, I’d say at least a good walk worth watching.

Tiger Woods is a living legend in the field of sports and the first name that comes to mind when we talk about golf but that is only so because he does his work with sincerity and the golf course is more like a 안전놀이터 to him which he treats with elan.

Guide Real Estate

Conducting a Businesslike Approach to Reap Huge Profits from Your Property

The very first thing that you must do is to start thinking like a developer. It is vital to always remind yourself that you are running a business, not buying a home for yourself.

Don’t ever think of the property as ‘yours’. It’s not.

It is a business proposition and, as with any business, if you do not make a profit then there will be no money to develop another property and therefore you have no business. This is the number one pitfall of all investors just starting out as property developers. They get emotionally attached to the property and personalise it rather than remain detached from the property.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t get enjoyment from the project. If you don’t actually enjoy the process of buying, developing and selling, you are unlikely to succeed. As with any business you must get each part of that process right if you want to stand any chance of making a profit.

Always remember that your property is simply a product. Develop it for a particular market and be objective- its not going to be yours in the long run. Keep in mind your end product.

Create a realistic budget and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to make expensive, unnecessary changes that won’t add to its final value. You will be amazed at how many new property developers lose a huge chunk of their profits adding features that do not increase the value of the property. Property management companies Naples FL suggest that only conduct minimum improvement. Hence, you should focus more on developing the necessary areas of the property so you won’t spend huge amount of money.

Be Organized

Organisation is essential and it is so easy to do. I recommend that you buy a filing system. I use a concertina pocket system or you could use box files.

Keep records of absolutely everything. This would include what you have researched, everyone you have contacted and their quotes. These records can be invaluable to refer to for future developments. Make sure you keep a clear set of accounts for yourself and your accountant. Believe me, it will save you many headaches in the future.

Do Your Math

It is imperative that you do your research and find out whether the property you are interested in can actually make you money. Be realistic about the costs of all the work involved and also set aside a contingency sum. Property development has a nasty of habit of catching you by surprise taking you over budget. Modernising an older building is an uncertain business and problems will arise along the way. Do not delude yourself into thinking that just because a property requires modernisation there is profit in modernising it.

Seek Professional Advice

Don’t be afraid to ask the experts. They have training and experience and their advice can prevent you from making expensive and time-consuming mistakes. From the initial purchase to the planning and developing, professional advise can be invaluable. I have saved myself thousands just by seeking professional advice.

Be Realistic

Unless you are very experienced in general building work, it may end up being more expensive to try and do the work yourself than to pay an experienced workforce to do it for you. I have seen many projects go way over budget and over schedule because the developers thought that they could do the work cheaper themselves. It is false economy and it can delay you from getting on with your next project.

Thinking It Through

Property development is a huge investment, not just financially but also on your time and effort.

Before you commit yourself have you thought about why you are considering such an undertaking? Think long and hard before you make the final decision to go ahead and buy a property for development. Check that you are doing this for the right reasons. It is imperative that you think it through to make sure you can cope with the financial, organisational, design and labour aspects before you begin.

Taking on the first property project can be a high-risk business and it may even be stressful, time-consuming and a catalogue of crises. However, if you do your homework and are realistic about the project you are undertaking it can also be one of the most rewarding and profitable things that you will ever do.

Guide Health

What can be the Beneficial Elements of Bacteria

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about bacteria in certain foods that is supposedly good for your over all health. These bacteria are called probiotics, and as the prefix ‘pro’ hints at, they are indeed, very much good for you. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are only found in certain foods or supplements that promote good health and well being. There are trillions of bacteria that already live in your stomach. Don’t let that fact alarm you, says dietician Amy Campbell, the majority of these organisms are good for us. However when the balancing act between those that are good for us and those that doctors consider bad for our systems are thrown off, our health can suffer. Usually getting your system off balance occurs when we take antibiotics, as these kill off those probiotics that are good for us as well as those that can harm our health. This is often shown by signs like diarrhea, gas, bloating and constipation. Chronic conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis may also be associated with having fewer beneficial bacteria in our system. However, if you eat plenty of foods which contain the friendly bacteria it will replace those that were lost through antibiotics or other reasons.

Probiotics can also help to treat chronic diarrhea. When your system is under attack it will show signs in several ways, probiotics can actually help in easing and stopping those bothersome symptoms like cramps and bloating. Probiotics also help to support a healthy immune system, which means far fewer intestinal problems. You can buy priobotic supplements at any pharmacy or health food store. However, the best way to get yours may be through the foods you eat. Getting them through the foods we eat ,means that we have the added benefit of also getting additional vitamins and minerals our bodies require. Foods containing probiotics have a distinct, tangy taste due to the bacteria they contain. Some foods that are known to contain live bacteria that are beneficial to your system is yogurt ( but only if there is a live culture seal on the label). Buttermilk is also an excellent source of beneficial bacteria. Some people can’t tolerate the strong taste and if you are one of those try using it in cooking as much as you can. Or an old fashioned idea my mom loves, is to combine buttermilk with cornbread just from the oven and eat it. Sour cream is also a good source. Add it to your baked potatoes, nachos or just about anything you cook. Personally I could eat sour cream with anything and everything. Sauerkraut is another excellent choice. As well as sour dough bread and blue cheese or any other strong smelling cheeses. You can make the healthy effects on your body even stronger when eating probiotics, by consuming ingestible carbohydrates that stay in the intestine and nourish friendly bacteria. These are found in oatmeal, flax, greens, berries and legumes. A few simple and easy ways to get the probiotics your system needs everyday would be to add a dollop of yogurt to your cereal or oatmeal every morning. Sprinkle bleu cheese on your spinach salad, which gives you a double dose of probiotics. Have a cup of barley or bean soup every day for lunch. Include ground flax meal in your daily smoothies. There are so many way to get this very much needed element into your system daily. For information on probiotics and getting the amount you need every day. From regular consumption of the fungal balance supplement, the body will remain fit and healthy. The meal at the lunch and dinner should be appropriates for the person.