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January 24, 2020

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Last Minute Teen Halloween Party Planning

As a teen parent you’ve probably experienced last minute changes in plans from your teen. Halloween is no different and there is a chance at some point in your teen’s life they will have a last minute change of heart about trick or treating, or attending whatever event was planned. This guide will help you put together a last minute Halloween party for teens. Halloween parties are fun but they don’t have to be complicated, especially when they are last minute. Run some plan ideas past your teen so that you can plan the Teen Halloween party they will never forget. Here are a few ideas to consider so you no longer have to go to reviews of texascasinoparties.net where usual activities are quite expensive and not ideal if you have a limited budget.

Invitations for the Last minute Halloween party: Since your teen’s change of plans has put you in last minute party planning mode, put them in charge of invitations. Be sure they know how many attendees you are allowing and what length of time they are allowed to have the guests stay. Allow your teen to spread the word however works best for them, email, text, or phone work best with last minute party planning. Make sure the teen tells the guests to each bring a couple of bags of candy to the party.

Food for your Teen Halloween party: Since you don’t have a lot of time to spend planning food for the last minute party, plan a Monster Nacho Bar for your Teen Halloween Party. A Monster Nacho bar is simple to put together. For your shopping list you will need the following:

Plenty of nacho or tostado type chips

Ground Beef, plan ¼ lb per teen attending

Taco seasoning mix

2 large blocks Velveeta cheese, one regular one Mexican style

Chopped tomatoes

Chopped onions

Chopped green chilies

Halloween plates

The afternoon of the party, place the Velveeta cheeses in a crock pot together. Set the crock on low for several hours so they melt before the party. Brown the ground beef, season with the taco mix and place in another crock pot to keep it warm until the party. Just before the teens are ready to eat, heat up the chips. Place the chips in a large bowl, so teens can build their own monster nacho plates with the toppings of their choice.

Make sure to have a selection of drinks available to include something for any teen which may be diabetic. Water bottles are good to have on hand also.

Halloween Party Decorations: While you are planning food and favors, have your teen make some Halloween music CDs and choose a few scary movies to play during the party. You may have music of a movie playing in different rooms of the house. If you have some pumpkin scented candles, burn them in the house to add a fall fragrance. Use whatever decorations you have in the house, and possible add a few stuffed costumes hanging around the house.

Last Minute Halloween party activities:

The party activities can make or break your teen’s Halloween party. Even though it is last minute, try to plan activities which will entertain the teens. Here are a few to get you thinking of games your teen may enjoy for the Halloween party.

Have a Mixed up Holiday Hunt: Hide plastic Easter eggs in the house. Inside each Easter Egg put a portion of the Lyrics to the song Monster Mash. If you have a large number of teens you want to be sure you have multiple sets of the lyrics in eggs and enough eggs for everyone to find some. Teams of Teens try to find as many eggs as they can, and then try to piece together the lyrics. The first time to get the song together and sing it/do the dance wins.

Party Favors for the Teens:

Using the candy that the teens brought with them, make up goodie bags for each teen to take home. Plan on having a prize for the monster mash holiday hunt. Something simple like extra snacks, or a creepy decoration will work fine.

Even with the planning having to take place at the last minute, you can pull off a fun teen Halloween party for all involved. Just keep your teen in the loop and get their opinion and help on the things that need to be done.