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January 25, 2020

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Water Balloon Games for Your Children’s Birthday Parties

So you’ve finally decided to have your child’s birthday party at home and in your backyard. All of the planning is over and the birthday party is here. It’s hot outside, the birthday girl/boy has already opened their presents, and the children are getting restless. Now is the time to let the children go crazy, cool off, and have fun with one or more of these top three backyard water balloon games. In this case, you might need to find someone other than a premier casino-themed party planner in Denver to help you with the planning. All of these backyard activities require water balloons, a whistle, a referee, a backyard and adult supervision.

How to play Water Balloon War: Children are divided up by a referee into random teams with team captains. The teams should all have the same number of players. The teams are given one water balloon per person, but captains are given two. A battleground in the center of the yard is marked off using whatever the players would like. Teams then have to claim a section or corner of the yard. When the game begins the team captain of each team chooses one person from their team to go first. A referee blows a whistle and the chosen person from each team has to run into the battleground in the center of the yard and hit an opposing team member with a water balloon. Team players can not throw water balloons until they cross over into the designated battleground. Any team member that is left dry at the end of the first round can return to their team and get another water balloon. The wet players have to sit down in the middle of the battleground. The team captains can then decide to run into battle on the second round or choose someone else to run into battle. If a team captain runs into the battleground on a round and is left dry, he/she can choose any one of the sitting players to go back to his/her team. If a team captain is hit by a balloon during a round and is left wet, he/she forfeits their position to whoever is left on their team; the team must vote to decide who will take over the position of team captain. The game continues round after round until one team is left standing. The last team standing wins.

How to play Water Balloon Toss: Children should be divided up by the referee into teams of two. Each team is given one water balloon. Line up all of the teams in the middle of your backyard with each team member facing their other teammate. The team members should begin by standing only a couple of feet apart. The referee should blow the whistle and the team member holding the water balloon should lightly toss it to their teammate. If the balloon breaks or is dropped that team is eliminated. After the first round, each team member should take two steps back and away from their teammate. The referee should blow their whistle again and the teams should toss their balloons again. Repeat these steps of tossing the water balloons and then taking two steps back over and over again until only one team is left. The last team with an unbroken water balloon wins.

How to play Hot Potato with a water balloon: All of the children at the party should form a circle in the middle of the yard. They need to be standing for this game and the referee needs to be standing away from the circle with his/her back facing the circle, so that the referee cannot see the children. Only one water balloon is needed to start this game, and it should start out with the birthday girl/boy. When the referee blows the whistle the child holding the water balloon needs to pass the balloon quickly to their left. The next person passes the balloon quickly to the left, and the players keep passing the balloon until the referee randomly decides to blow the whistle again. The child that is holding the balloon when the whistle is blown needs to stop passing the balloon, and move to the center of the circle where they should sit down. The balloon should be given back to the birthday girl/boy or to the person that was standing to the left of the child who moved to the center. Everyone who remains in the circle needs to take a step back and start the game again when the referee blows the whistle. If at any point the balloon is dropped, then the person who was passing the balloon and the person who the balloon was being passed to must move to the center of the circle. The two children left at the end of the game have won their chance to get one water balloon each and throw them into the center of the circle to drench the children that are sitting.

A child’s birthday party can be fun and exciting with any of these top three backyard water balloon activities. Water balloon games are a simple way to help entertain and cool off the kids!