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Guide Security Software Technology

Monitoring Software And Your Privacy! Have a Look

For years, people around the globe have fought the intrusion of Big Brother and his fellow followers. To no avail, new softwares are being released that allows anyone who owns them to view every detail of activity occurring on the computers that are linked to its network. Shocking, but very true. Trial softwares are offered on hundreds of sites that allow you to demo the product before purchasing it. Has this gone too far, or should it be restricted to certain terms in order for purchase? These softwares do have possible potential in the work force and at schools, but when it is being released to any average Joe who can link up to any given computer in its close range of networks, this can cause very serious problems.

Products on todays market can monitor incoming and outgoing e-mails and instant messages. Encrypters can be activated to code messages coming into and leaving a PC to ensure that information is not being exchanged and landing in the wrong hands. Businesses can find this a useful tool as its potential for keeping company information where it belongs is very dependable. Type blockers can also be set in place to prevent any user on the network from typing certain key words. Along with these two useful features, these softwares also come with some very damaging bonuses that can wreak havoc. Programs that allow the software holder to view any and all passwords used on its network, along with absolutely anything typed into it, can and will prove to be a nasty downside for anyone on the network if the software lands in the wrong hands. Credit card information, personal history, bank account numbers, and any other multitude of private information can be seen through these products.

Firstly, this product does have its advantages when in the right hands. Businesses and schools can and do reserve the right to monitor activity on their network to ensure employee and student safety. For businesses, it can monitor its employees continuously to make sure that they are consistently working, and not sending useless e-mails, viewing non-company related websites, and instant messaging with no true purpose. This software can, perhaps, enhance the workplace and make it a more efficient company by ensuring that time spent on the job is accounted for and well implemented. Schools have numerous reasons of their own to install these types of software in their networks. Internet use in schools is mostly restricted to researching and teaching skills, but without the proper features in place, it is impossible to monitor every computer at one time to keep students from accessing sites that they shouldn’t be on. The pros that accompany these types of software can be highly valuable in the correct environment.

Monitoring softwares are also released to the public for private use. A grand idea for parents who wish to track what their children are doing on the internet while at home. All that they need to do to review the information is activate the software on one PC, and they can view any and all activity on another in its network in real time. So if a child is surfing websites that have been strictly forbidden, the parent can derail them immediately with the help of this type of product. But what happens when the software lands in the lap of someone with ill intentions? Being able to monitor absolutely any activity on a PC is not always a good thing. Case in point, college dorms. If an entire floor is using the same network for their computers and one lone little ranger with the proper motivation activates this software, these helpless students could be in for more than they bargained for torguard discount codes because they are even sold as the same price of an product and the reason is they have plethora of additional benefitts. And to top it all off, they wouldn’t be aware of it until it was way too late. This one person could obtain personal files to black mail with, they could access passwords to accounts that they have no right being in. And worst of all, they can gather financial information that can gain them access to credit cards and bank accounts that do not belong to them.

It seems that the best idea in the marketing of these products would be to only allow purchase by companies and schools that go through a rigorous acceptance application. The pros to these types of software can be very useful in the right hands. The software producers should be more concerned with the fact that their product can, and will in time, ruin the lives of many from misuse.


Valentine Coupon Cards For Kids

Supplies you will need:

*Pieces of construction paper or card stock

*Sheets of regular typing paper


*A pencil, pen, crayons, or markers

Optional supplies:

*Alphabet stickers

*A ruler


Coupon Card #1: A Valentine Rose

Step 1: Cut out a large square piece of construction paper or card stock. Any color is fine.

Step 2: Fold the paper in half. This is your card.

Step 3. On the front draw little squares all the way around the edge of the card like checkers. This will look like a frame. Color every other square red.

Step 4: Either place a rose sticker on the left side of the front of the card or draw one. If you choose to draw one make sure you color the rose red and the stem green.

Step 5: On the right-hand side write the words “Happy Valentine’s Day!” with crayons or markers. You may also use alphabet stickers if you have any.

Step 6: Make a coupon from regular typing paper. Just cut out a rectangle, making sure it is smaller than the card you made. Remember it has to fit inside. Decorate the coupon the same way you did the front of your card with the checkers and the rose. Instead of writing Happy Valentines Day write “For My Valentine”. Under that write “This coupon is good for:”. Finally, draw two straight horizontal lines (you may want to use a ruler to help keep your line straight). On the first line write what the coupon is good for. Here are some suggestions: Cleaning my room, Doing the Dishes, Breakfast in Bed, or Walking the Dog. On the last line sign your name. That’s it, your coupon is done.

Step 7: Cut out 4 small diagonal slits on the inside back of your card. Carefully place your coupon in the slits. This will keep the coupon from falling out. You can always tape the card inside if you are unsure of how to make the slits.

You will find that regular deals available as you click here. You will get the best material that you need to make these Valentine coupons for your kids. These 2 methods that are mentioned here will help your kids enjoy their valentine as well. 

Coupon Card #2: A Happy Valentine

Step 1: Cut out a large square piece of construction paper or card stock. Any color is fine.

Step 2: Fold the paper in half. This is your card.

Step 3. On the front of the card, you will need 4 small hearts to place in the corners. You can cut them out of either construction paper or cardstock. Once you cut them out, glue them to each of the Four Corners. If you have any small heart stickers you could choose to use them instead.

Step 4: You can choose to Write Happy Valentines Day on the front of your card with markers, crayons, or alphabet stickers.

Step 5: Make a coupon from regular typing paper. Just cut out a rectangle, making sure it is smaller than the card you made. Remember it has to fit inside. Decorate the coupon the same way you did the front of your card with the hearts. Instead of writing Happy Valentines Day write “For My Valentine”. Under that write “This coupon is good for:”. Finally, draw two straight horizontal lines (you may need a ruler to help you draw the line straight). On the first line write what the coupon is good for. Here are some suggestions: Cleaning my room, Doing the Dishes, Breakfast in Bed, or Walking the Dog. On the last line sign your name. That’s it, your coupon is done.

Step 6: Cut out 4 small diagonal slits on the inside back of your card. Place your coupon in the slits. This will keep the coupon from falling out. You can always tape the card inside if you are unsure of how to make the slits.

Gaming Guide

Fortnite Accounts- Popular Amongst The Players

Video games are a part and parcel of our lives and there is not a day that goes by when the children are not enamored by it and always engage in fierce competition in getting one up on their opponents. 

They are enjoyed by both masses and classes as they have not lost the old world charm in this new age of digital mechanism and social media, which has indeed made older forms of entertainment obsolete. 

The 90s generation were the last ones who were fortunate enough to relive the magic of video games, TV shows, comic books, etc. before the digital media revolution in the 21st century changed everything. 

Still, people of the old school, especially the last generation, continue to swear by it and don’t want to give up on it as doing so would also break them from the inside as a part of their childhood would be gone too and we all know that no one would want to afford something like that. 

New Game 

Fortnite was launched in 2017 and quickly became popular among people of all age groups with its innovative technique and new adventures that were never seen before in the previous games. 

It is quite similar to PUBG in comparison but far less harmful as people addicted to the former have quite a bad opinion about its nature. 

The fortnite accounts are purchased by the players as they have power and influence and have excellent battle royal games that have to be seen to be believed. 

Fortnite accounts are for sale and that alone is a big reason to purchase it as the game has limited items and resources to bank on as the renegade raider was sold off in the first season of the game.

The new players want them only to show off their credentials as they command a level of respect and business is booming in the current stages. 

Child Care

How to Prepare for a Babysitting Interview

Babysitting can be a great source of income. Whether you are a student, someone looking for extra cash, or you want to make childcare a full-time job, there are certain things you need to know when interviewing for a babysitting position. But first, you should also know that being in childcare services is not an easy task. It means that you need to take care of toddlers and kids on daily basis. They will surely put your patience to a test but if you are passionate about your job then you are definitely going to enjoy your time. 

As is important for any interview, show up on time. Or even better, show up 5 to 10 minutes early. Seeing that you are punctual will be a big relief to the parents. After all, the child needs supervision for a set amount of time and anything can happen in the time that you are late arriving.

Since this isn’t an office interview, you don’t need to show up wearing slacks and a button-down but do dress as neat as possible. Appearance is everything, and if you appear to be neat and organized in the way you dress they will assume that is how you will be as a babysitter.

While introducing yourself, eye contact and a smile are important. You want to show that you are confident that you can handle the job and come across as a fun, happy person. After all, if there is one thing children do best, it’s having fun! Their parents are going to want to make sure they are hiring someone who can be creative in the time they spend with the children and keep them happy and occupied.

When they ask you about past experiences with children, be honest and be specific. Don’t just say “I’ve babysat for the past 3 years.” Give examples of what you did with the children, how you deal with discipline, what kind of activities you like to have them do.

Do not be afraid to negotiate with pay. In larger cities, pay usually can vary anywhere from $10 to $20 an hour, depending on how far you have to travel, how many kids you are taking care of, and if there are any other requirements they ask of you (house cleaning, shopping, etc). Childcare is a tough job, so don’t deny yourself the pay you feel is right.

Make sure you are clear on your terms and that you ask them about theirs. Some parents don’t mind the TV on in front of kids, some do. Some will let you help yourself to their fridge, some would rather you pack your own lunch. Make sure there is communication between you about what is and is not allowed so this doesn’t become an unnecessary issue later on.

Make sure you have references in case they would like to contact them, and all of your own contact information handy. All you can do from here on out is hope for the best. And remember, if you don’t get this job, there is always a couple looking for some “we” time, so another babysitting job will be sure to spring up.

Good luck!

Guide Security Tips Website

4 Tips To Prevent Website Hacking

You might feel like the website of your company does not have anything that is worth hacking but this is a big misconception as websites are not hacked for only for their data but to serve as a source of illegal data transfer as well. Considering all this it is really important that you pay special attention to the security of your website while avoiding system errors like liutilities type32.exe as well.  

Here are the best tips that you can follow in order to prevent your website from hacking. 

  1. The easiest step to prevent hacking is that you keep your software updated. This is applicable to both the server and the operating system. As you get security updates at regular intervals of time it is a really good idea that you update your system to keep viruses and malware away.[Text Wrapping Break]Although if you are using hosting services then your service provider will do all this for you. Moreover, you can use third-party software to keep your system and website safe.  
  2. SQL is another thing that you should watch out for. As most of the hackers try to target that as they try to gain access to the database of your website. As they get access to this data hackers can delete and misuse that data that is there on the website as well. You can easily solve this issue by software like MySQL PHP as you parameterize the data there.  
  3. An XSS attack is another thing that you should keep in mind as you manage your website. As the hacker gets access to the javascript of the page they can easily change and delete the data that is there on your website. This attack on your website allows them to access all the accounts that are linked to the website and control them explicitly. You can prevent this attack with the help of CSP which is a tool designed specifically for this purpose only.   
  4. Using strong and complex passwords is another thing that you should keep in mind as you improve the security of your website. Moreover, you should update your password at regular intervals of time as well.  


Guide Tips

Tips on Efficiently Marketing Yourself for Jobs Globally

The นำเข้าแรงงาน industry is now a seen as a promising career opportunity for many. In a global economy, people no longer find competition for jobs just in their own city, they are competing for jobs globally as well. A call center in Des Moines may very well be recruiting in Pakistan or even China, and the opposite is just as true. 

For those who have already jumped on the Internet bandwagon and learned how to turn their skills into a marketable commodity online, they now need to jump out of the box even further and learn which tools to use to gain the attention they need to compete effectively. 

Everything is changing. Job hunting is now considered an ever changing live arena where just about anything goes. At least, anything that might work. It’s up to you the job hunter to figure out, and figure out quickly, what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Resumes have changed dramatically. Although there are many reasons to keep and use what we might consider an old fashioned version of a resume with a formal objective statement, career highlights, education and jobs, resumes now need to be 100% search engine compatible – especially for those who are indeed focusing on job hunting outside their geographic area. 

Resumes now need to consist of strong keyword phrases, short blurbs that describe skills, and job titles and duties rather than companies and locations. For many, something similar to a functional resume works better than a chronological resume. 

With many companies recruiting from virtually the entire free world, they need to find workable ways to read resumes and applications in a short period of time. The job hunter, in the same amount of time, needs to find a way to maximize his strengths and abilities to capture a recruiter’s undivided attention. 

In addition to learning to market your skill set and experience globally, you still have many opportunities to market yourself closer to home. Here are some tips to get you on the right path to success: 

  • Turn your resume into a streamlined bulleted list of skills and job titles. Forget the full sentences, and forget the awards, community service and the fluff. You have 10 seconds to make an impression. Your resume should include first initial, last name, email address. No other personal information! Learn how to encapsulate your experience into a few short words. How can recruiters find your resume in an entire group? They will search on keywords. Instead of saying, “Director of Marketing”, have bullet points that say “marketing collateral”, “multi mediamarketing”- this is what companies will be looking for. Everything else can be filled in later.
  • Instead of traditional business cards, give out mini resumes. Buy business cards that fold over and use an attractive template meant for this purpose. Again, keywords! Add contact info, your website, etc.

  • Forget the Facebook thing! Facebook is for social networking, not job hunting. Anyone who becomes your “friend” can see everything. You may be trying to find a job, but your future boss isn’t going to be impressed with photos of last week’s keg party. Same with Twitter.
  • You CAN set up a company site (yours!) on Facebook specifically for job hunting. Let’s say you are a web designer. Find a name for your “company” and develop a page where you can invite fans. THIS can work wonders! Again, same with Twitter. You can have multiple Twitter accounts; make one a professional job hunting account.
  • Maximize your email signatures. For job hunting you should have one professional sounding email account. When you use this, add a hypertext email signature to your outgoing messages. Have a link to your website, your online resume,your(professional) Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Remember – employers are already looking for people just like you. Make it easy for them to find you! 


Sweet Georgia Brown’s Delivers High-Quality Soul Food for a Great Price

Like any southerner, I have a special affinity for soul food classics. High fat, high cholesterol classics like anything deep-fried and collard greens and, you’d better believe, a nice heaping stack of warm biscuits and rolls. The kinds of dishes you can’t usually find done well in a restaurant because you necessarily can’t pull them off without the proper amounts of actual love. Food like this just isn’t found outside Sunday afternoon post-church potluck lunches hosted by the elder ladies of the congregation.

Which is why I’m necessarily wary of any restaurant offering to serve me comfort food at a reasonable price. I’ve burned too many times by promises of “just like grandma used to make” in the past and, like anyone suffering from a case of the “I can’t believe I just paid for that” blues, my choices in food consumption and restaurant patronage have become necessarily more learned and refined.

That being said, the fare at Sweet Georgia Brown’s in far south Dallas would make an entire room of grandmas and home-cooking’ artists equal parts hungry and envious. Not only is this food probably better than your grandmother’s cuisine, but it’s probably also better than her grandmothers was as well.

The food is served buffet-style, with generous portions all around. Traditional favorites dominate the menu: brisket, turkey legs, fried chicken, et al. I ordered the fried pork chops and received three huge, golden fried, bone-in chops with three sides (I went with mashed potatoes, greens, and mac and cheese) and a huge basket of bread.

At first glance, the prices might seem a little high. My meal cost approximately $15, but once I was handed my plate of food I understood. There were literally pounds of food laid out before me. More food than I could possibly manage in a single sitting. The point, in fact, my single meal from Sweet Georgia Brown’s fed me three times throughout the day.

As it is a buffet, the food is obviously batch cooked and hot held. Soul food is one of those types of cuisines that almost gets better with a little time though, and the food quality was absolutely unaffected by time spent in the hot well. The pork chops were fried to a perfect golden brown with a nice crispy batter. And this is definitely not a vegan-friendly place as there were chunks of pork in the greens and the potatoes had the definitive creaminess of chicken-stock in them. Sweet Georgia Brown’s is not a place that cares whether or not you’re watching your cholesterol or sodium intake. And chances are, if you’re eating there, you probably aren’t caring to watch these things anyway. Consider all this, there is one more thing that you should be keeping in your mind. You should learn more about your intolerances or allergies with an allergy test or intolerance test this will surely help you in making better choices in terms of food. Additionally, you can also avoid any food problems this way. 


RPG Maker VX Vs. XP

Yes, there are several two letter abbreviations, but that’s beside the point. There are significant differences between the two most recent versions of the RPG Maker series, each with it’s own very specific strengths and weaknesses for RPG Game development.

For example, both are nothing more than tile-based game development engines. They offer no specially three dimensional modeling for designing games that would keep up with the modern graphics curve. This isn’t like any casino online in Indonesia that runs on few smooth basic rules and tactics. Instead, RPG Maker has so far focused on a simple world make of 2D sprites and tilesets. Design is much easier as a result, however, and a quality storyline could potentially make up for the graphic shortcomings (compare reading a good book to watching a pointless television show). XP and VX are, however, the first two RPG Maker programs released for sale in America, each for $60.

The first major difference between the two programs is the differences between chipset expansion. VX limits game designers to no more than 5 chipsets, which can hinder the design of a long game with many different maps. With XP, however, game designers can make as many chipsets as necessary for their game.

Also of note is the fact that XP has been available for much longer. Most tutorials and guides teach advanced topics specifically designed for RMXP, making it harder to learn and get started with RMVX. Beginners are often more comfortable with RMVX, as it is designed to have a simpler interface and more of an easy to use design. RPG Maker VX includes some upgrades over XP, which makes game development faster in the beginning, though, which could be advantageous in a number of situations. For example, RMVX has upgrades to the scripting system that XP will never receive, and most program updates will likely be targeted to VX. RMVX also makes adding messages easier with the batch input command.

Many designers agree that VX also has more of a chibi-style look to their games (characters are smaller), which is not currently in style. XP uses larger character sprites, along with everything that goes with them (larger doors, for example), which makes a game seem a little more modern. Moreover, everything in rpgmaker vx has more of a blocky feel. Diagonal walls are nearly impossible (or at least more difficult) thanks to the auto-shadowing, and it’s even difficult to diagonal paths and patches of grass in the newer system. Artistic developers keen on making their own tiles, characters, objects, and resources are more likely to prefer XP’s design.

Overall, the best solution is to download the 30-day trial of each version, and decide which program will work best for your individual needs. Some developers who are not as skilled with programming and chipset design, and would rather focus on creating a fun storyline might be more suited to VX, while others may be more suited to XP. In the end, it’s up to the individual developer’s preferences and needs.


Photo Scavenger Hunts: Putting a Twist on an Old Game

Most everyone knows what a Scavenger Hunt is. You get a list of items, then set out, in teams or alone, to find said items. You expect it to be alot of fun, to have some difficulty finding items. Or have to do something silly to find them. But there is a new way to play the game. A way that means you don’t even have to be around the other people participating. People from all over the globe can join in. Photography scavenger hunts.

Now a Photo Scavenger Hunt is different in the traditional Hunts by a small way. Rather then collecting an item. You collect a picture. Say your prompt is an old family photo. Well in traditional hunts, you would get a photograph. Well what if the photo is very special, or its delicate. A photo of the photo is a perfect solution. But having your scavenger hunts as photo hunts has an unexpected benefit. You can offer up so many more prompts then ever before. Every theme, every idea, suggestion, emotion can be found and photographed. This leaves the world of scavenger hunts wide open.

There are plenty of ways you can start a photography scavenger hunt. Like me, you can join an online community and set one up. Others can join in, they leave links to their completed scavenger hunts. I post lists and provide positive feedback for their pictures. You can take a more personal approach. Perhaps you have a family or community get together and you want to host an event. A photography scavenger hunt could be a fun, easy, and family friendly event that everyone could participate in. Most everyone has a digital camera now a days. You could give prizes to completed hunts, or have a vote at the end to see who had the best over-all hunt pictures.

You can theme your hunt or you can think up random prompts. One of my hunts that was a huge hit was a color hunt. I posted a color and people had to find pictures that fit with the color. Something yellow, perhaps a bumble bee. The theme could be as in depth as all flowers, or as vague as my colors hunt. You could have a video game themed hunt, or a Disney themed hunt, a holiday themed hunt, anything you can think of. Once you have decided on your theme you can think of prompts. Again this can be as vague as find 10 Disney themed items. Or as in depth as find a purple pansy. Its all up to the Hunt Master.

Prompts are what forms the whole of the scavenger hunt. As i said before having a photography Scavenger Hunt opens up possibilities like never before. A prompt could be a hidden trail rather then bring back a pine cone. Find 5 different red cars, two children swinging, or best friends. Prompts that are detailed often prove to be more difficult to find so remember to fit the age groups to the level of prompts. Don’t have children out searching for a rock shaped like a Heart, although they might think its fun. Think easier like a red stoplight. If you are having people of all ages, it might be easier to keep a list of beginner, intermediate and hard lists.

You need to decide on a time limit. For this it depends on where your hunt is being held. Are you at an event? Then you want 10 easy items so people can get their pictures together. Or are you hosting online? I use a week for my online photo hunts and have had wonderful results. In that time frame, people have plenty of time to dedicate themselves to finding lovely pictures. It could be one prompt for a month, one for a week, or 10 for a week, 10 for a month, or more. Its all up to you, the Hunt Master.

One of the things Ive learned, hosting my own scavenger hunt, is to always have several lists ready and waiting. There are times i don’t have enough prompts for a list come Monday afternoon when it is time to post the next weeks lists; that I designed in a electronic format all because of provided virtual assistant which helped a lot in my concerns. As i go through my every day life, i keep a running list of all the things that pop into my head. For instance watching a movie, gave me the idea to have the prompt, a movie that starts with the letter Y. Out for a drive gave me the idea for a river with a bridge over it. Taking a walk with my children gave me the idea of a sidewalk with a drawing on it, or a plant growing out of the pavement. A drive to the store, as we passed a sign it gave me the idea to take a picture of your town or cities welcome to “name” sign. Keeping a long running list has made it easy to create multiple lists of 10 prompts for my weekly Scavenger Hunts. It also means i don’t have crunch time on Sunday nights.

All in all, reasons one might have a photography scavenger hunt vary, you might want some entertainment, or you might just want to have some fun. Or maybe you want the challenge. But it should always be something fun, enjoyable and safe for you to do. All it takes is a camera, some time, and a creative mind.


“Somewhere in Time” the Greatest Movie of 1980, Watch it and You Be the Judge

Great movies of 1980 were hard to find in retrospect; perhaps it is because the movies of today are so advanced in the technology. One movie that comes to mind as a fantastic Drama and romance movie combined is “Somewhere in Time” starring Christopher Reeve.

Made for the silver screen Somewhere in Time was taken from a written by Richard Matheson, who is also the screenplay writer of this wonderful heart-stirring movie. Nominated for an Oscar for “Best Costume Design (Jean-Pierre Dorleac) it was quite a movie in its day.

While new movies may be ahead of old ones in terms of technology and special effects with the help of cgi, the latter always have a timeless appeal that makes them popular even today and anything that unleashes a wave of nostalgia through old world charm, is something that will be remembered for eternity and ‘somewhere in time’ falls in the category of such films and cyberflix tv is still beseeched with requests by the film’s loyalists to make it available on their site.

Somewhere in Times, Costar – Jan Seymour as Elise McKenna who is an actress under the care of William Fawcett Robinson played by Christopher Plumber. Elise is young and beautiful but the movie begins in a theater, where Richard Collier (Christopher Reeve) is feeling the glory of his first play. Enter Elise McKenna who places something in his had and says a few short words, “Come back to me”.

Those words lead Collier on a quest to seek a means to travel back in time. He has found that Elise McKenna passed away on the night of her first appearance in his life. Saddened and curious he starts his quest. Eventually finding a way to travel back to the early 1900’s and actually meets the young and beautiful Elise McKenna at the height of her career and her play at the Grand Hotel. Since Collier had to travel to the modern day Grand Hotel in order to travel back in time he discovers that yes he was truly in the Hotel in the time he believes he met this beautiful actress. The plot continues to move forward with Elise’s instructor and manager William Fawcett Robinson appears to love this young woman and hold tightly to the chains of control. Robinson tries many ways to keep the two young lovers apart even going so far as to have Collier removed from the picture by force. But love prevails and Collier actually wins the heart of McKenna, only to be thrown back to the future because of a mistaken penny found in his suit pocket. I shall not give you the end of this movie as you may wish to purchase or rent it for your own pleasure.

You can find this “Somewhere in Time” for sale or rent at several online sites:

Take a moment and travel back in time while watching Somewhere in Time, but please be prepared to loose your heart to this movie as it takes you to one of the most romantic places in the world. Gives you both love and pain all in one.