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February 13, 2020

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Tips on Efficiently Marketing Yourself for Jobs Globally

The นำเข้าแรงงาน industry is now a seen as a promising career opportunity for many. In a global economy, people no longer find competition for jobs just in their own city, they are competing for jobs globally as well. A call center in Des Moines may very well be recruiting in Pakistan or even China, and the opposite is just as true. 

For those who have already jumped on the Internet bandwagon and learned how to turn their skills into a marketable commodity online, they now need to jump out of the box even further and learn which tools to use to gain the attention they need to compete effectively. 

Everything is changing. Job hunting is now considered an ever changing live arena where just about anything goes. At least, anything that might work. It’s up to you the job hunter to figure out, and figure out quickly, what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Resumes have changed dramatically. Although there are many reasons to keep and use what we might consider an old fashioned version of a resume with a formal objective statement, career highlights, education and jobs, resumes now need to be 100% search engine compatible – especially for those who are indeed focusing on job hunting outside their geographic area. 

Resumes now need to consist of strong keyword phrases, short blurbs that describe skills, and job titles and duties rather than companies and locations. For many, something similar to a functional resume works better than a chronological resume. 

With many companies recruiting from virtually the entire free world, they need to find workable ways to read resumes and applications in a short period of time. The job hunter, in the same amount of time, needs to find a way to maximize his strengths and abilities to capture a recruiter’s undivided attention. 

In addition to learning to market your skill set and experience globally, you still have many opportunities to market yourself closer to home. Here are some tips to get you on the right path to success: 

  • Turn your resume into a streamlined bulleted list of skills and job titles. Forget the full sentences, and forget the awards, community service and the fluff. You have 10 seconds to make an impression. Your resume should include first initial, last name, email address. No other personal information! Learn how to encapsulate your experience into a few short words. How can recruiters find your resume in an entire group? They will search on keywords. Instead of saying, “Director of Marketing”, have bullet points that say “marketing collateral”, “multi mediamarketing”- this is what companies will be looking for. Everything else can be filled in later.
  • Instead of traditional business cards, give out mini resumes. Buy business cards that fold over and use an attractive template meant for this purpose. Again, keywords! Add contact info, your website, etc.

  • Forget the Facebook thing! Facebook is for social networking, not job hunting. Anyone who becomes your “friend” can see everything. You may be trying to find a job, but your future boss isn’t going to be impressed with photos of last week’s keg party. Same with Twitter.
  • You CAN set up a company site (yours!) on Facebook specifically for job hunting. Let’s say you are a web designer. Find a name for your “company” and develop a page where you can invite fans. THIS can work wonders! Again, same with Twitter. You can have multiple Twitter accounts; make one a professional job hunting account.
  • Maximize your email signatures. For job hunting you should have one professional sounding email account. When you use this, add a hypertext email signature to your outgoing messages. Have a link to your website, your online resume,your(professional) Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Remember – employers are already looking for people just like you. Make it easy for them to find you! 


Sweet Georgia Brown’s Delivers High-Quality Soul Food for a Great Price

Like any southerner, I have a special affinity for soul food classics. High fat, high cholesterol classics like anything deep-fried and collard greens and, you’d better believe, a nice heaping stack of warm biscuits and rolls. The kinds of dishes you can’t usually find done well in a restaurant because you necessarily can’t pull them off without the proper amounts of actual love. Food like this just isn’t found outside Sunday afternoon post-church potluck lunches hosted by the elder ladies of the congregation.

Which is why I’m necessarily wary of any restaurant offering to serve me comfort food at a reasonable price. I’ve burned too many times by promises of “just like grandma used to make” in the past and, like anyone suffering from a case of the “I can’t believe I just paid for that” blues, my choices in food consumption and restaurant patronage have become necessarily more learned and refined.

That being said, the fare at Sweet Georgia Brown’s in far south Dallas would make an entire room of grandmas and home-cooking’ artists equal parts hungry and envious. Not only is this food probably better than your grandmother’s cuisine, but it’s probably also better than her grandmothers was as well.

The food is served buffet-style, with generous portions all around. Traditional favorites dominate the menu: brisket, turkey legs, fried chicken, et al. I ordered the fried pork chops and received three huge, golden fried, bone-in chops with three sides (I went with mashed potatoes, greens, and mac and cheese) and a huge basket of bread.

At first glance, the prices might seem a little high. My meal cost approximately $15, but once I was handed my plate of food I understood. There were literally pounds of food laid out before me. More food than I could possibly manage in a single sitting. The point, in fact, my single meal from Sweet Georgia Brown’s fed me three times throughout the day.

As it is a buffet, the food is obviously batch cooked and hot held. Soul food is one of those types of cuisines that almost gets better with a little time though, and the food quality was absolutely unaffected by time spent in the hot well. The pork chops were fried to a perfect golden brown with a nice crispy batter. And this is definitely not a vegan-friendly place as there were chunks of pork in the greens and the potatoes had the definitive creaminess of chicken-stock in them. Sweet Georgia Brown’s is not a place that cares whether or not you’re watching your cholesterol or sodium intake. And chances are, if you’re eating there, you probably aren’t caring to watch these things anyway. Consider all this, there is one more thing that you should be keeping in your mind. You should learn more about your intolerances or allergies with an allergy test or intolerance test this will surely help you in making better choices in terms of food. Additionally, you can also avoid any food problems this way.